Hi, my name is Kikyoinu17! Not really, but still. . .Being around a lot of authors, who write fanfictions on a daily basis. . .weeeeelllll, I guess I caught the bug! I hope every one enjoys this. Be warned, I am an amateur! So be nice! All SM characters belong to Naoko Takeuchi, but the OC's and the story belongs to me. Haruka is a little bit OC right now, but she will pick up, I swear! Enjoy and Review! Please!


Bright aquamarine hair could be caught in flashes as a young girl of ten ran through the forest until she reached a clearing that overlooked a small ravine. Seeing that her best friend had not arrived yet, she thrust herself to the ground, and waited.


In all the interviews that she had ever been scheduled to do, Haruka could never express to the world how good it felt to be famous. How great it was to be on top, knowing that with all the adoring fans down at the bottom, she could never fall. A smile caressed her handsome face as she stared down at the fans that crowded the hotel that would be hosting her best friend and manager's birthday party. Haruka had to admit that she had gone all out for this one. All the top celebrities in the world would be there and Haruka planned on getting trashed. Just so Hikari would have something to clean up. . .

The sound of her phone snapped her out of her thoughts. Walking across the room to retrieve it, she picked up the small vodka bottle she had been nursing since this morning and took a swig.

"S'hello. . ." Haruka slurred.

"Oh!" answered an angry voice on the end, "Of course, you are drunk! I would expect anything less!"

"Kari! Happy Birthday, Buddy!" Haruka exclaimed, throwing her hands in the air, "How ya feeling? You excited for the party!"

"My birthday AND birthday party were yesterday, you idiot!" Hikari screamed through the phone. "You have fucked up before, but this time, Haruka, you have gone off the deep end. HOW did you MISS a party that YOU planned for ME! You know the press is eating this up right now! You are just giving them ammunition! And guess who has to clean it up? Me! Look, I am sending Diasuke over to check on you tomorrow. Could you please be sober? Okay?

Only half-listening to her manager, Haruka gave her promises of being sober and hung up. The party was yesterday? What had she been doing yesterday? She remembered a bar, then a woman, and then nothing! That seemed to be how all her nights had been going lately. Why couldn't she straighten up? She was gone, out of her life. Haruka would probably never see her again, but yet she still controlled every aspect of Haruka's life. Twisting and bending it to her will! With an anguished cry, Haruka threw the bottle across the room and curled up in her sheets. Why couldn't she just forget? With a strangled sob, Haruka begin to weep.


Michiru sat on the couch, looking at stars that could not even match her beauty. With a sigh, she picked up a newspaper that read in bold letters, "Superstar does it again! Haruka Tenoh, has she hit the bottom?" It was a bad shot of Haruka, but even then you could see how handsome she was. Michiru stared back up at the stars, and begin to think of how she could save her beloved from crashing and burning.