To want your dream is to want a hard life of pain, happiness, and fear. It wouldn't be a dream at all if it didn't have a struggle.



In her studio, Michiru paced back in forth. So this was the life of musician. . . She had never known how difficult it was. She hadn't tried to write a piece in years but while she was modeling sometimes a note would pop into her head followed by another. And before Michiru had known it, she would have a fully furnished piece of art blasting in her head. But the moment that she had to actually TRY to, she had writer's block.

Murmuring an unladylike curse, Michiru collapsed into a chair. But within a minute, she was up and pacing again. That wasn't the least of her problems. It had been two weeks since her last charity banquet. As she had suspected, people were getting tired of hearing the same thing and her sponsors had closed their wallets tight, demanding to hear more.

But that still was not the least of her worries, in those two weeks, Haruka had somehow managed to start dating someone. The thought of it sent Michiru flying all over the room again. She felt like such a teen but no one should have been allowed to touch or kiss Haruka. No one except her. It was so unfair.

Sighing she sat down again, she was starting to get depressed.

This was not the way she wanted everything to turn out. Grabbing her violin, she began to play a soft melody. It was one her dad used to play for her when she was younger and it had been the first piece that she had learned to play. It had always soothed her.

As the song begin to reach it's climax, Michiru felt her shoulders relax. She couldn't really be that mad, could she? She had had her chance and she had blown it. And Michiru loved Haruka so much that she wanted to see her smile the way she had been smiling since she had started dating her new girlfriend. But still. . .

As her emotions warped again, Michiru begin to steer her violin until her Marine Cathedral screamed her unrest. This was maddening. Why did it have to be her though? Another scream, another cry. Haruka could have chosen anybody! Her violin cried in anger and anguish. Finally, Michiru couldn't take the emotional distress and dropped her violin with a sob. As she opened her eyes, she flinched at the newspaper that sat across from her. Staring back at her was the handsome face of Haruka and the gleaming face of Michiru's enemy, Anya de Burge.


It had been an exciting two weeks for Haruka. Or should she say a busy one? Her grandma had told her that if you are desperate, no matter how well you tried to hide it, it would show in your words or in your actions. And wanting to be as honest with herself as she possibly could, Haruka was past desperate. She was the embodiment of desperate. She had pinned for Michiru her whole life and had never really had a serious girlfriend. Until now!

Haruka grinned to herself as she thought of Anya de Burge, a phenomenal woman who was funny, sweet and sassy. And Haruka begin to drool when she thought of the Russian beauty's raven black hair, her piercing green eyes, and not to mention, her heartbreaking curves. Looking at Anya, Haruka could actually believe there was a god.

Her past two weeks with Anya had been heaven. They had gone to a carnival, where Anya had proven to be a worthy opponent in both bumper cars and laser tag. Then Anya had taught her how to fish on Anya's own private yacht. It had been admittedly the best time she had had in years.

She had laughed until she cried with Anya and it looked like this relationship would be able to last. Haruka felt like she was in love again and that idea made her even more giddy.

Not once had she been with Anya and thought of Michiru. There had not been those irksome comparisons that had originally drove Haruka from women. It had been Anya that she saw and continued to see every time she looked to Anya.

She also had a feeling that her (completely unintended) celibacy was about to end. Even though, Anya had said that she would prefer them to wait, the more time they spent together, the more they begin to make out and it tended to get hotter and hotter. It made Haruka excited, knowing that soon her desperation streak would end. She would start to have sex again. She would get into fights with Anya, make up with her, and then have make-up sex with her. And if things got bad, she would break up with Anya. Would it break her heart? Yes. But what made her happy was the fact that she could feel again. She was done with being hollow. She wanted to start living life again.


Hikari watched from the couch as Haruka bounced around like a love sick anime character on crack. It endearing and annoying at the same time. Haruka was so happy that it made her happy but it alarmed her how quickly it seemed that she had fallen for this Anya woman. She didn't want to see Haruka hurt again, not when she was finally given an adequate chance to make peace with Michiru.

"Pay up."

Turning to grin at Diasuke, Hikari said, "Not yet."


Michiru looked proudly at her finished product. While pacing, she had decided to just start her album off with a single that she was familiar with. Her dad's song would be her first single. After tweaking what she had recorded before earlier in the day, she submitted to Okasawo-san, who had literally squealed with glee. She promised that she would have forwarded to the agency tommorow. Now all Michiru had to do was wait for the agency apporval. She felt good. Her dad had loved that melody and Michiru was happy that now the whole world was going to get to hear it and know the story behind it.

And now it seemed that she had one problem out of the way. Crashing on her suede couch, Michiru let out a satisfied sigh.

She hadn't realized she had drifted off until she felt her phone vibrate on the coffee table. Picking it up, her eyes rose in alarm as she read the message.

He had found her again.

Michiru swallowed the lump in her through as she reread the message.

"Did you really think you could hide from me, you bitch? I will always find you! I love you!

Putting down the phone, she shakily went to lock the door.

Feeling tears trickle down her cheeks, she remorsely lamented on how it seemed her life sucked at every turn. Who was she kidding? She would never be able to escape her past.