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Present Day


That was a feeling Haruka hadn't woken up feeling in a while. At first, when the first early morning rays of light had kissed her eyes, she had woken feeling very relaxed and . . . satisfied. A slow smile had spread across her face as she had realized that she had had sex last night. That was a fact of which had been verified by the stickiness that she could feel between her legs.

Her body felt lax and she felt as if she could melt onto the floor. But the buttery feeling had disappeared as soon as she had turned around, facing her bedmate. Instead of the jet black hair of her new Russian model girlfriend, she was met with the shocking sight of aqua green locks.

Two weeks before. . .

She could have scream in horror if it hadn't been for the fact that someone would have come rushing in and she would have been forced to explain. Trembling, she began to dial a number. She had a situation and of course, she felt that her new agent, Okasawo Akio, deserved to know about it.

"Moshi Moshi."

"Akio-san, I have a problem."

Alarmed by Michiru's shaking voice, Akio immediately sat up, "Michiru? What's wrong? You sound distraught."

"I am a little frightened, Akio, you see, when I was a model starting up, I dated a guy. Just a simple guy, someone I had met in college, but well, he became more serious about me then I was about him and since my break up with him, he has since been stalking me. He has done it on and off for a couple years. And once, I contracted with Victoria's Secret, they encouraged me to take legal action . . . but, he disappeared before anything could happen . . . and now. . . "

Michiru's voice was breaking with the sobs that raked her body. "I am terrified. He just sent me a text . . . and I know it's him. . ."

Akio's heart fell as she listened to Michiru sob on the other side of the phone. "Say no more, Michiru. I will get a personal friend from the Kyoto police force to help. In the meantime, try not to go out alone. Where are you now?"

"I am at the Shibaya studio. "

"Well, stay there. I will come escort you home. Be sure to warn the desk assistant of any intruders. I am leaving now. Stay safe Michiru."

By the time, Michiru had made it home, Akio had already arranged for a new alarm system to be installed and she had already alerted her friend of the situation.

Before checking all the doors and every room in the apartment, Michiru had almost forgotten her father's track.

"Akio, here, this is something I whipped up today. I am sure that you and Hariati-san will enjoy it very much. Thank you for helping me today." Bowing to Akio, Michiru double checked the locks and then went to run herself a much needed bath.

Michiru had decided after the scare yesterday that she should just take it easy, so she tied her hair in a bun and threw on sweats. After scrubbing all corners of the house and watching the alarm guy install the alarm, she was left only with entertaining herself.

She didn't own a television set because she thought it was distracting or at least, that was her dad used to say. After some thought, she decided that taking a nap might help. She had learned during the modeling biz that you should always take a nap when you could because you didn't know when you'd get the chance to next time. But as she was finally beginning to drift off, a rapid knocking snapped whatever tiredness that she may have had.

Stepping tentatively to the door, her heart nearly stopped as her cerulean eyes focused themselves onto the form Haruka Tenoh.

"Haruka! Come in! Come in! Please, come in! I-I-I just finished cleaning. "

Haruka step into the apartment, eyeing her surroundings. Michiru's apartment was quaint and comfortable, styled to be simple. Haruka could place a bet with full confidence that Michiru hadn't chosen any of the furniture in the house, but instead, she said, "Nice place."

"Thank you, but it is only temporary until I can find a new place. You know, I just moved back to Kyoto this year from Tokyo. Would you like some tea or water?"

"Water would be fine, thanks."

After serving Haruka with a glass of water, the two sat there awkwardly, silence enclosing the space around them. Michiru drum her fingers on the Formica counter, trying to think of something to say to Haruka, but the blonde's presence piqued her curiosity, silencing any voice that she had had.

Knowing that she would have to speak first, Haruka said, "So I have been thinking a lot about what you said and I've come to the conclusion that you are right. I shouldn't hold on to something that happened so long ago. It is going to take a while to fully forgive you, but I would like it if you and I could hang out sometime."

Sinking in her seat, she chanced a look at Michiru, who was sitting entranced in her seat. Haruka had only opened her mouth half way before, she was engulfed in a wave of floral scent that was Michiru.

Pulling back from Haruka, Michiru exclaimed, "Thank you, Haruka. I know you and I will be as close as we were before, once you start to give me a chance. Actually I have nothing to do today, so maybe we could start bonding now."

"Well, actually, Michiru, I have a date with my girlfriend Anya tonight that I have to prepare for, but Anya is having this party in a couple of days that I was really hoping you could attend."

Upon hearing Anya's name, Michiru's happiness deflated, "Oh, Anya. Yeah, I know her. Sure, I would love to attend."

"Cool!" Haruka said, as she got up to leave. "Look, I gotta go. But I will text you the details, ok?"

"Yeah, cool. Good-bye, Haruka."

"Good-bye, Michiru."

Even though she had said her good-byes, Haruka lingered a bit before finally walking out of Michiru's apartment. Walking to the elevator, she marveled over the strange feeling that she was feeling or the lack thereof. Back in that apartment, she had looked at Michiru and felt nothing. Zip. Nada.

But as she stepped into the elevator, she couldn't wonder if that was a bad thing or a good thing?


Michiru opened her eyes slightly at the of the hotel door closing ever so slowly. As soon as she was sure that Haruka was gone, she sat up. She had been awake the whole time Haruka had been dressing frantically to leave the hotel room. To leave her.

It hurt to know that Haruka was probably about to go back to Anya and pretend that their steamy night hadn't happened, but Michiru knew that Haruka knew that she couldn't hide anymore.

Haruka loved her and there was no way that she could run anymore. So she could run to back to Anya, it didn't matter anymore, because she would be back.

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