Here is the first chapter of a story I am considering writing, please let me know if I should continue or try to think of something new.

_Line Break_

Danny Fenton was in a full out sprint, if he was late one more time Mr. Lancer would freak. Lancer would also call his parents and the last thing Danny needed right now were his parents trying to "understand" him more, or whatever Jazz had said. Let them help more in his life, sure, yeah, might as well have given Vlad a sample of mid-morph DNA or just hand himself over to Skulker to have his pelt taken or what not. Seriously, the girl needed a life different from trying to "help" his.

Danny ran into the class just in time for the bell to ring, but as he got in his seat, he bumped his side into the corner of the desk. He hissed in pain.

"Danny, are you alright?" Sam Manson, Danny's best friend/secret crush, asked. She reached forward to put her hand on his shoulder, but ended up touching his well-toned chest. Sam quickly pulled her hand away, blushing furiously.

"I'm fine," Danny, who was also turning bright red, replied; though he was, in fact, not fine. A little over an hour ago, he had been fighting a ghost, whom was handy with a whip. The ghost got a lucky shot and had hit him in the side. Danny had been forced to use his Ghostly Wail to get him out of that pickle. Besides from being completely drained of energy, Danny was pretty sure about swelling and a nasty bruise on his side, along with two broken ribs, all things that would heal by the day after tomorrow. But, for now, Mr. Lancer decided to start his lesson on Shakespeare, and Danny's vision began to blur.

Unbeknownst to the dozing halfa and the rest of the class, right outside the window, was the Whipping Ghost, standing in amour similar to that of the Fright Knight( A.N. Imagine the Fright Knight but replace the purple with green). Lifting an object to his lips, he spoke,

"I fought him at dawn, and he would make a fine heir, my king, but he will not do it willingly from what I've seen, but," the ghost eyed the Goth, who was staring half-worried, half-admiring at the sleeping ghost hybrid, "I think I know a way to… convince… him to join us."

_Line Break_

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