Trying my hand at a new genre, Doctor Who * cue head scratching and WTF looks*.

Not sure if I'll ever find enough willpower to finish my other stories, consider them semi-permanently stalled until further notice.

Also, none of this is beta'd, so any mistakes are on me.

Snicker, snort, kill your monitor, but know that flamers will be laughed at before being assaulted by catnip intoxicated cats and psychotic ninja elves.

Insert witty disclaimer here since we all know that the BBC owns all things pertaining to the Whoverse, including some of the dialog I snagged.

"No, I don't want to go!" the man cries, feverishly clawing at the golden light enveloping his chest. His intense gaze, filled with pain and sorrow, settles on his friend, partner, and eternal plus one, and he forces his body into stillness.

"I'm so sorry Rose. So, so sorry. I love you."

In the blink of an eye he dissolves into a cloud of gold dust that is immediately absorbed by the heart of the young TARDIS.

"Sean, no!" the woman he had called Rose wails as she falls to the grating where his prone form had lain seconds before, "Don't leave me..."

"He needs you, that's very me."

"I've only got one life Rose Tyler. I could spend it with you...if you want."

"You'll grow old at the same time as me?"


First part done. That is just as nerve-wracking as I remember lol.