He swatted her away as one might a fly.

"Hey!" the little fairygirl (loudly) protested. "What was that for?" she demanded indignantly, her hands on her hips as she hovered in the air right in front of his face, her wings a constant blur of motion.

"Because you're a nuisance," he answered automatically, then inwardly regretting it just a little before deciding her feelings be damned he wanted time to himself. And she wouldn't let him think. Everything she did was loud as that scarf she wore.

She pouted. "I'm serious, why don't you like me?" she insisted her voice a full whine now.

"Well, first off, you're smaller than the palm of my hand..."

"-So what if I was normal height? Like you... only shorter. Then would you go out with me?" she interrupted eagerly.

"Yeah sure," he agreed swiftly, eager to get rid of her. "But not until then," he hastily added, figuring that now he'd be free of her.

Her head bobbed quickly in agreement and she grinned from ear to ear. Why was this making him feel nervous? It wasn't like she could possibly...

Her eyes twinkled happily and her grin turned to a smirk as she watched him twitch just a little. So he was nervous. Hehe. "Ohhhh Merlinnnnnnnnnn!" she chirruped happily. She could tell as the implications of her call sank in and wanted to giggle as his face paled slightly and his eyes widened, again just a little but with him it was a big deal. Oh she wished for a camera even though if she thought about it the idea did hurt a little. After all was it such a scary idea to go out with her? Really, men. She huffed and flew away. She was not passing up this opportunity up either way.

At the same time his initial shock was wearing off and giving way to just a little hint of admiration because damn she was good. He was well and truly trapped now...


I might continue this story mainly just because it has the potential to be cute and funny and a break from most of the stories i do. i want input though.

originally i had it in mind to be cloud but he's so much harder to get a reaction out of. Ohhhhh i haven't even gotten into the squall/leon bit and her and yuffie together. XD yes i may continue this