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Blaine's apartment may not have been the pent house, but it wasn't small. Mr Anderson believed that for his son to gain the most from his education he must have an appropriate space to live whilst studying. When they had first given Blaine their New York apartment, the one Mr Anderson had previously used during business trips but otherwise stayed empty all year around, they had planed for the second bedroom to become a study for Blaine. However Mr and Mrs Anderson only had limited time, of course, and by the time the weekend they had allocated to help Blaine move was up they had not changed the spare room at all.

At the time they had told Blaine they would find another weekend in their schedules and he would have his own study before the semester started. Sebastian dropped around the second weekend Blaine had been living there, and the room was never converted.

The rest of the apartment was fairly open-plan, with no walls separating the kitchen and large living area. Blaine had put a desk in the corner, but more often used his laptop in his lap, on the couch. The area was stylishly decorated -Mrs Anderson's influence- with an exposed brick wall and navy accents. It was usually kept fairly clean for a place with two boys living in it, and now was no exception. However usually Blaine kept the place neat, but now he barely left his room at all, leaving Sebastian to clean up after himself mostly out of guilt. He had tried leaving dishes in the sink in hopes of luring Blaine out to clean them up, but they had started to smell and he had no choice.

Sebastian had no idea what to do. He had thought that after the first night Blaine had been home from his trip to Ohio everything would be fine. They had talked, Blaine had gotten angry, there had been ice-cream and a movie, that should have fixed it right?

But it had been a week and he had only seen Blaine on the times he made a trip to the fridge, even those were rare. Sebastian knew he was just sulking, but he really should have gotten it out of his system by now. He had given Blaine his week and now it was time to do something about it.

'Blaine!' Sebastian knocked on Blaine's bedroom door.

'Sleeping.' Came the muffled reply.

'Blaine, its two in the afternoon. I know for a fact you hate naps, which is really weird but I let it slide. In any case, I know you're not asleep.'


Sebastian took that as an invitation, turning the brass doorknob and letting himself in.

Blaine was simply a mess of black curls poking out from under the covers, it looked like he hadn't touched his hair in days; things really were dire. Sebastian was right, he wasn't asleep, he could see the screen of Blaine's phone in front of his face, Temple Run on the screen. God, he was pathetic.

'God, you're pathetic.'

Blaine reached out blindly to slap Sebastian where he had settled on the bed next to the best-friend-shaped lump.

'We're going out.' He was determined to get Blaine out of this slump, not matter how much he protested.

'Noooo.' Blaine whined sounding like a petulant child.

'Yes. You're getting dressed and doing something to that god-awful hair and we're going to get coffee.'

'Can't you just bring me some?'

'Well, that would defeat the purpose of me getting you out of the apartment.'

'Why are you doing this?'

Sebastian sighed. Why was he doing this? Because he cared for Blaine, because it hurt him to see him in pain. Because maybe a very small part of him still felt a little guilty at having set this whole thing up in the first place.


Blaine grumbled and Sebastian heard the muffled scream of an avatar dying. 'Fine. Give me fifteen.'

'Make it twenty.' Sebastian said as he closed the door of Blaine's bedroom.

Forty-five minutes later they were sitting in the corner of their favourite coffee shop, chosen not for its beverages but for its equal distance between Blaine's apartment and campus. Though the coffee was quite good, too.

'See, isn't this nice?' asked Sebastian.

'Mmm, I suppose so.' Blaine would never admit Seb was right, his friend's ego was big enough as is. He was kinda glad to have washed is hair, and fresh air, well as fresh as you can get in the city, wasn't a bad thing.

Blaine looked around the café, filled mostly with students on their summer break, and sighed. He knew he had been acting childish by hiding in his room all week, but he needed time, he reasoned with himself. Blaine wouldn't go so far as to call it heartbreak, but the rejection hurt all the same, not one ever likes to know they're unwanted. It was time for him to move on, not in the sense of finding another guy, he didn't need anymore of that, but simply being, living, distancing himself from the whole scenario.

Blaine stared down at his coffee, picking at the lip of the plastic lid. Sebastian just sat opposite him, happy enough to just sit there and let Blaine think.

'Thank you.' It may have been a strange friendship, but Blaine was grateful for it. He would have been so lost without Sebastian, not just the last week, but the whole time he had been living in New York. Sometimes just a familiar face was comforting, even if they ate all your food.

Sebastian seemed to sense the sincerity of the moment, replying with a simple, 'You're welcome,' before he looked over Blaine's shoulders and his eyebrows pulled together just slightly. 'Hey, isn't that the girl from your art history class? The one with the notebook.'

Blaine turned around in his seat to find Kurt's friend Rachel turning away from the counter, coffee clutched in her hand. He couldn't believe he hadn't recognised her sooner, he had sat next to her for a whole semester after all. True, he hadn't noticed much beyond the sparkly notebook, but still.

'Shit.' Quickly Blaine turned around hoping she hadn't seen him.


'Shit.' Sebastian just looked at him half way between confused and amused.

Rachel appeared at his side, her eyes wide in an expression Blaine didn't quite understand. Surprise? No, it seemed more like excitement, if that was possible.

'Uh, hi Rachel.'

Always in his element when Blaine was most uncomfortable, Sebastian chose that moment to speak up, 'So Princess Sparkles has a name.'

This time it was easy to read the bewilderment on Rachel's features. 'What?'

'Um, I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but we have an art history class together.'

'Oh my god.' Rachel slapped a hand to her mouth, her eyes flickered between Sebastian and Blaine, processing the news. She removed her hand and said in a rush, 'Well, it was very nice to see you Blaine, but I really must go now. Goodbye.' And with that she left the shop with surprising speed for someone so small.

Sebastian swallowed his last sip and put his empty mug back on the table. 'That was weird.'

Blaine's eyes stayed on the door Rachel had exited from. Something about Rachel's reaction made him uneasy. He had no doubt that she would tell Kurt she had seen him. And what then? Did this change anything, or did it make no difference? After all it was unlikely he would have another class with Rachel next semester, they wouldn't see each other again, unless they bumped into each other on campus, or at the coffee shop again. How likely was that in a city of eight million people?

Blaine groaned and let his head fall down and bump lightly on the table.

'Oh no you don't.' Blaine felt a tugging on his hair and allowed Sebastian to lift his head. 'I've just managed to get you out of this slump; you're not going to slide back into it because of some girl. Since when did you care about girls anyway?'

'She's Kurt's friend.'


'Mmmhm.' Blaine sat back in his chair, this time his head tipped backwards and he stared up at the roof. He could feel Sebastian's shoe tap against the side of his own boot. It was comforting, a steady rhythm of support letting Blaine know he would wait until he was ready.

Straightening up again, Blaine began his story. 'She was with him when I ran into him at home. It was actually in a coffee shop, funnily enough, the Lima Bean. I don't know why I didn't recognise her.' It was because of Kurt, you didn't notice anything but Kurt. 'No doubt she will talk Kurt, tell him she saw us.'


'So, now she is around. She comes here, she's on campus, she's around. And she is like this- this lifeline to Kurt, this constant little reminder he exists. I can avoid Richard's, I can avoid Porcelain. But how can I avoid accidentally seeing her. What if we share another class together?' Blaine's chest was tightening. He was getting over this, or so he had thought, and suddenly it was like he had been thrown back in the deep end.

Kurt had put this spell on him and he couldn't get away. He had heard people say you always remember your first love, but this wasn't even love, it was just a little taste and now he couldn't get it out of his mouth.

'He's Dapper Prince.'

'What? Rachel what are you talking about?' Kurt was sitting on his two-seater couch, hunched over the bank statements and bills that were spread out across his coffee table.

'You know, from my art history class? The one who looks like he models for Brookes Brothers? Dapper Prince, come on Kurt, you know.' He could hear the sound of traffic from her end of the call.

'Ah, yes, of course. From the elective class Tisch makes you take? I'm aware.'

'It's Blaine.' She hissed.

Kurt almost dropped the phone. 'What?'

'You heard me.' A horn blasted somewhere in the background, followed by a distorted shout.

'Are you seriously telling me, Rachel Berry, that the very handsome boy you have been sitting next to all semester is Blaine and you have only just figured this out?' Kurt threw his glasses down on the table and rubbed his eyes. He could feel the sweat forming along his hairline, there was no way he could afford air conditioning, his heater had broken during the winter and he couldn't even get that fixed, so he had to make do with the lazy breeze coming through the open window. It was too hot to do much of anything and he had been struggling to concentrate on the bills in front of him, but suddenly his attention was very much focused, even if not on the more pressing task of keeping his electricity going.

'Well he didn't have his hair gelled down in Ohio and I'm usually too busy with my studies to pay too much attention beyond the chiselled jaw and appealing complexion. Besides, it was quite clear he was gay so there was very little use in me paying any more attention.' He voice became clipped, clearly on the defensive.

'You call him Dapper Prince.' Kurt pointed out.

Rachel sighed, 'Well, he is very dapper.'

'God, you're hopeless.' Kurt paused, taking a moment to fully take in the information he was being given. 'Why are you telling me this?'

Rachel took a sharp breath in, 'I'm not sure. The first thing I thought of was to tell you.'

'Rachel, I told you, nothing is going to happen with Blaine and I. We're just- we're not right for each other.' That hurt a little to say. Kurt had spent a lot of time thinking during his last week at the Berry's. He and Rachel had only got home the night before and he couldn't help but wonder where Blaine was, if he was back in the city, would he come back to Richard's? Because after all of his thinking he had come to the conclusion that maybe they weren't so wrong for each other, maybe if Blaine gave him a chance there could be something there. It was just getting Blaine to give him a chance that was the problem.

'Okay, okay, whatever you say. But just so you know I now know where he gets his coffee. I also know he attends NYU. So if you ever need me to drop in a good word…'


'Fine. I have to go anyway. Talk soon.' She hung up before he had a chance to reply.

Kurt tossed his phone onto the table in front of him, wincing when it's scattered along the surface and fell off the other side, taking several pieces of paper. Leaning back into the couch he ran a hand through his hair, knowing he would have to wash it again if he kept that up.

It would appear he was at a cross roads of sorts. After weeks of contemplation (how was it not months? Years?) he had to make a decision , there was no point in deny it, putting it off longer, he would only be stuck in limbo until he did.

So Kurt had two choices. Did he seek Blaine out, give him his heart and hope he survived? Or did he protect himself and forever wonder what if?

Kurt grumbled and let his body fall sideways along the couch, all thoughts of financials gone out the window. It looked as though he had a long night ahead of him.

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