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An ominous silence surrounded the hotel room with dread. The room was occupied by three people. All in their late teens. Two males, one female. Every so often the dirty blond boy would glance at the digital clock sitting on the nightstand that separated the two matching queen beds in the room. Next to him, a similar looking blond sat silently. His face had an unreadable frown etched into it. He had been still for quite a while as he leaned against the wall that the bedside was against with one of his knees tucked under his chin. The girl with dark raven hair that had grown over the past years had it uncharacteristically pulled back in a messy bun unlike how it usually was cascading down her back and in her face. She was pacing all directions only stopping to worriedly look at the clock.

The door opened, and all three heads snapped to see who it was. Their shoulders sank when they realized it wasn't the person they were waiting, just two other occupants.

"You guys need to calm down," the girl with wavy purple streaked hair said setting a bottle of coke to her boyfriend who made no move to get it.

"Calm down!?" the other boy snapped, "For all we know he could be..."

"He's not," the pacing girl said firmly, "He can't." The last statement wasn't as confident. She stopped pacing to look out of the hotel window to the busy night street of New York City.

"Snow," the boy started again, "He can't get out of it if he's sentenced to de-"

"He can't die!" she shouted now. She spoke again her voice cracking, "He's special..."

"That won't stop them."

"Whose side are you on? The council or Vlad's?" she snapped.

"It doesn't matter whose side I'm on," he replied bitterly. The room fell quiet after that. Snow returned to her pacing, and Joss clenched his fist glaring at the clock.

"How long has it been?" the last of them, a brunette girl, who wore a worried crease on her forehead asked timidly.

"Four hours," Joss said dejectedly, taking the girl's hand in his.

The girl turned to Snow, "Can't you reach him from here?"

"My range doesn't go that far yet," she muttered slamming her fist on the desk making Meredith flinch, "And, plus, right now their blocking any telepathic connection since it's illegal during a trial."

Moments went by, and no one did anything.

Complete, deafening silence.

And then.

Suddenly, the door swung open.

In came the man they'd come to know as Otis Otis. All of the teen jumped up excitedly except for one, the boy who had not moved or spoken since Vlad left the hotel that morning.

Otis looked at them seeing their expectant faces. When he said nothing just gave a deep frown at them, a sickening feeling replaced their anticipation. One after the other, they all sat down on one of the two beds' sides.

The first sound to be heard was Snow's sobs as she buried her face into October's shoulder. Then it was Joss's muttered curse.

Otis took a moment to look at the bunch before setting his bag down.

"I guess Vlad wasn't able to text you?"

All the heads snapped to him. This time, his words were able to get to unmovable boy to move only to glance up at him. Snow looked up at Otis, not wanting to believe it, "What are you-"

"Vlad went to get lunch. He said something about how you lot would be too much of a nervous wreck to care about eating all day. He did say something about his phone dying, and that he'd to text you guys if he was able to..."

Otis was then met with cheeky grins and heart grasping. Not a second later, a certain dark haired boy walked through the door holding a bag of Popeye's Chicken. He didn't have a fraction of a second before getting tattle by practically everybody.

October of the first to glomp him, being that she was closest to the door.

Right after Snow got him, planting a well awaited kiss square on his lips.

Joss came next. Though it was more of a manly hug.

Meredith gave him a sweet friendly hug.

"Henry..." Vlad said softly, seeing his best friend-the hermit who hadn't been moving all day. Henry had his face down as he stood apart from the group shaking. Vlad walked up to him as everyone gave them space and recovered the forgotten food.

Finally, after everyone went to the neighboring room to eat leaving the two boy alone, Henry sucked in a breath and looked up at Vlad. If it was any other non-serious moment, Vlad would have laughed at Henry's tear streaked, snot nosed face, but at the moment, Vlad just smiled softly bringing his best friend into a well needed embrace.

They didn't stand for long as Henry's knees gave way causing them to sit on the edge of the bed. Vlad patted Henry's back as Henry gripped the back of Vlad black hoodie tightly as he shook and cried into Vlad's shoulder.

When they finally made it to the other room to eat, both boys had red puffy eyes. All six teens sat in a circle. Snow and Vlad sharing an aluminum bottle filled with blood. October patting Henry's back as he ate. Meredith watching as Joss silencing crying. Vlad looked amongst them and smiled.

"Group hug?" All nodded to the question. All came forward for one six way hug with tangled arms and random heads resting on random shoulders.

"I won't tell anyone you were crying like little bitches if you don't."


Vlad had to be honest. He felt a little guilty cheating in that poker game against Henry and Joss on who could sleep in the single bed room, but now, he had no regrets. He and Snow were laying a bed together. Him only in his pajama bottoms. Her only in one of his t-shirt that fit her a little big and panties.

Snow was leaning over him covering his face with flutter like kisses with her hands roamed over his chest. After a while, he pulled away enough to look at her face while he cupped her cheeks running a thumb over a slight puffiness over her eyes.

"You were crying before I got back..." he said softly.

"Otis kind of scared us," she whispered, her voice still cracking a bit from the stress of the day.

Vlad sighed through his nose bring their foreheads together. Snow bent down to kiss him on the lips again. She looked him straight in the eye as she said, "I love you..."

Vlad shifted them so that he was on top now, "I love you, too." His breath sent tingles down her spine as it brushed by her face. He went down and kissed her again, deeper savoring the fact that he didn't in fact die-or whatever the council came up with that equivalent of a death sentence to someone who can't die- today. Savoring that fact that he had her, period. They had almost lost each other three times already. He wasn't going to let that happen ever again.

Vlad wrapped his arm around her waist pressing her up against him lifting them slightly off the bed as Snow's hands ran through his hair or her nails ran down his back making his stomach curl and her other hand eagerly going to his abdomen to feel the muscles.

He caught her eyeing a well-toned torso and smirked, "Like what you see?"

Other than blushing a bit she didn't hide her embarrassment as she continued to roam over his body. He didn't stop smiling as he went down to neck to kiss a familiar place, and he heard Snow's breath hitch when his tongue ran over the pulsing vein on her neck. Her hand found his face and brought it up to hers.

Looking into each other's eyes, they didn't need to say 'I love you' they knew it.

After then, they gave each other to the other. Neither giving too much or too little, neither receiving too much or too little.

Afterwards, they laid there, sheet ruffled profoundly, tangled with each other. And a smile plastered on their faces.

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