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Chapter 1: Question and Maskless

"Robin? What's under your mask?" Beast Boy asked.

The question caught Robin so off guard, that he crashed his car into the wall, in the video game he was playing with Cyborg.

"Booyah!" Cyborg shouted. "I win again!"

"Beast Boy's question caught me off guard." Robin said, putting his controller down on the table.

"Doesn't matter. I still win." Cyborg said, smirking.

"Whatever." Robin said, rolling his eyes. "I going to train."

"You never answered my question." Beast Boy complained.

"Er . . . I have eyes under my mask." Robin said.

And with that, he left to go to the training arena.

"Ya know, Beast Boy? You might have a point." Cyborg said.

"That's a first." Raven said.

"What about you, Raven?" Beast Boy asked. "Do you have a problem with Robin's mask, and him constantly wearing it?"

"He respects my personal space. So I respect his." was all Raven said, before burying her face back in her book.

"Whatever." Cyborg said. "Do you think Starfire knows?"

Beast Boy shrugged.

"Let's ask." he said.

In Front of Starfire's Room~

"Star?" Cyborg said, knocking on her door.

Starfire opened her door.

"Yes, Cyborg?" she said.

"Do you know why Robin always wears his mask?" Beast Boy asked.

"No, Beast Boy. I do not know why Robin hides his face in black and white cloth."

"Oh. Do you want to help us find out?" Cyborg asked.

"Oh, that would be glorious!" Starfire said, clapping her hands..

Then they heard something.

"What was that?" Beast Boy asked.

Then Robin came down the hallway, towel around his neck, hair drenched with sweat, and his hand over his eyes.

"Hello, Robin." Starfire said.

Robin jumped up in surprise.

He hadn't seen them yet.

"Oh. Hey Star, Cyborg, Beast Boy." Robin said, walking towards his room.

"Why is your hand over your mask?" Beast Boy asked.

"Um . . . It's a new training form I thought of."

Robin then opened his door and slipped inside.

"Another one?" Beast Boy said.

"Seems so." Cyborg said, shrugging.

"Maybe Robin is not wearing his . . . mask." Starfire suggested.

"Ya think?" Beast Boy asked, eagerly.

"Maybe." Cyborg said.

The 3 looked at each other, before descending up the stairs.

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