Equestria's final haven

Written by HunterOnToast

Chapter 1

Skylight awoke to the sound of an armored hoof pounding on the door of her cramped haven apartment. She rolled over in her bed, looking to the clock on her wall, its was 5 AM, and the sun had yet to filter through her dusty windows.

The pounding continued, and she heard a vocoded voice begin shouting. Perfect. She thought to herself. Another raid, bloody perfect! She rolled over and tossed the blanket off her body, then stood before shaking her head and walking into her kitchen.

The kitchen was a dimly lit box, connected to her smaller bedroom box and featuring a small door to the rest of the slums. She walked across her kitchen in a few steps, magically levitating her pass card to her door before sliding it into place in her door.

Skylight frowned as her card stuck in place, she had needed to get her door fixed for a while, but had lacked the bits to purchase a new door. She moved her hoof to the reset button, before withdrawing her hoof as soon as she saw the button had turned red.

She began to back away, as she noticed the vocoded voices had quieted down, to be replaced by a beeping sound. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. BeepBeep. BeepBeep. BeepBeepBeepBeepBeep.

Skylight was shot backwards as her door was blasted inwards in a flash as the eco charge exploded with a discharge of orange light. She was knocked against the wall before sliding down her wall and landing on her table.

As the smoke and light dissipated a grey coated stallion with a silver mane walked in, his crimson dustcoat shining a red reflection against the dust in the air. He was flanked by two other ponies in full crimson and white power suits.

He cleared his throat before looking about the room to find Skylight. He noticed her slumped onto her back staring at him. He coughed again before levitating a piece of paper in front of his eyes. "Citizen of Haven City, you have been charged with harboring of possible criminal members, allowing these Krimson guard members to deal with you will make it quick, resistance will make it worse. He gave a salute to the members of the Guard beside him, before walking back out the door.

One of the armored ponies stepped forward before raising his hoof mounted energy rifle towards Skylight and spoke in a heavily vocoded voice. "Surrender and die!" He stepped forth again before he was called back by the other armored stallion. Guard 2 began speaking in a higher pitched voice, as he was much younger. "Mate, this one don't look to bad, how about we 'ave some fun with 'er?"

Guard 1 nodded, and snickered through his vocoder before they both moved towards Skylight. "Citizen, prepare to receive civil judgement!" Skylight looked about her kitchen, she was panicking, she knew well what a guard could do, she knew well what these guards where going to do. Her eyes focused onto a bottle of Pinkie-Pop, which pink liquid bubbled as she telekineticly lifted it into the air.

The bottle connected with the side of Guard one's helmet, sparks erupting from his vocoder as the light armor he was wearing stiffened up, and he was electrified inside. Guard two moved quickly, raising his stun prod, who lifted it in his mouth, ready to strike. Skylight thought quickly, adrenaline fueling through her veins. She looked down at the spot below the guard, hoping to trick the guard into following her gaze.

The guard looked down too, his stunprod's electrified end dipping into the Pinkie-Pop which he was standing in. With a jolt, his armor stiffened up too, and he fell on top of the other guard. Guard two, how only had his armor frozen, began shouting into his vocoders attached radio.

"This is 66270! We have a code 11-99, officer needs assistance near Luna gate!" Skylight quickly hopped from the table and looked about the room, it was destroyed, papers across the floor, picture frames cracked against the floor. She grabbed her saddlebags before sprinting out the door towards Luna gate, she needed to get through before it closed.

Celestia help me! she thought to herself, as she ran down the one of the avenues of which the slums where made of, attracting glances from various downtrodden ponies going about their own suppressed lives. She heard a siren sound as a beam of yellow eco shot pass her head.

She began moving in zig zags, yellow eco striking the ground all around her as guards on the roofs shot. Luna gate was appearing just down the road, but it was closing. She began to panic, her hooves where pelting the ground, but she wasn't fast enough, she wasn't fast enough to make it to safety, and she wasn't fast enough to make it to the Golden Apple, where she could hide in the basement of the local tavern and Smuggling den.

She turned, looking for another means of escape, and as she turned her back to the wall she saw she was cornered by several Krimson speeders, there guns pointed squarely at her. Time seemed to slow, in fact, it did. One of the pipes powering the eco matrix connected to the gates had been shot, she didn't know by who, but it had.

The light eco blasting from the pipes hit her square sideways, and the effects immediately took place. the world turned slightly blue, and she felt energy surge through her veins, and the adrenaline, which had wore off moments ago, returned, renewing her strenght. She looked to the side of the avenue, seeing an open sewer gate, she sprinted towards the gate, and barely dodged several shots of yellow eco.

She bounded inside the tunnel, slamming her hoof down on the 'Close door' button. She looked back to see guards running towards her, and another raising a hoof rifle to a young colts face, who was clutching an empty eco cutter in his mouth. that colt had taken a risk to save her, and the risk bit him in the ass.

She bit her lip, looking down the tunnel, she had to go, no matter what escape was her priority now. The door locked behind her with the grinding of locks going into place. She turned togo down the tunnel, but immediatly tripped on something hard. She rolled, her head turning towards what she had tripped over. It was a dead krimson guard, his armor had been torn in half, and he lay splayed. Skylight turned her head to see the yellow light in the darkness of a metal head running towards her as she lost conciousness. She blacked out.