Equestria's Final Haven

Written by HunterOnToast

Chapter 2

Skylight awoke with a jolt, and unaware jolt that sent her head into a low pipe, she was still somewhere in the sewers. As the stars cleared from her vision she began feeling the pain of the gouges in her side, 'The metalhead seemed to have gotten a few good strikes in before- wait... where is it?' Skylight looked around to see the body of the creature slumped against the wall, a whole burned through its chest ringed with yellow light.

She looked around the room but saw no trace of her saviour. She new it was a saviour because the rumoured turrets in the sewers used blue eco, and that the skull gem had been removed from the creature. 'OK, I guess we press on.' Skylight thought to herself as she got to her feet. She dusted herself off before looking around once again. She did see a faint bobbing light farther down the tunnel, a yellowish light. I should go thank him for saving my LIFE! Skylight thought to herself once again as she bounded down the tunnel.

She ran down the tunnel, hoping that the light would be her guide out of these metalhead filled sewers. She nearly ran right off the edge of a platform as the tunnel she was in opened up into a large room. The light she saw was another metalhead, clawing into some poor civilian who must have also tried to make escape. The metalhead looked up from its grim task of eating the civilian and looked to Skylight. With a growl it bounded into the air, only to fall just short of the platform she was standing on.

Skylight was lucky the creature fell, she had been frozen in place, adrenaline failing to take effect. She began to slowly walk down the railed walkway which offered a roundabout route to the other end of the room, and the civilian. Skylight stopped when she was over the civilian, it was a young filly, to young to have her mark yet, to young to understand she couldnt escape on her own.

Skylight decided to give this young pony the best she could offer, she brushed the hair out of her eyes, then pushed the pony off the platform, so another of the beasts could not devour her. As she watched the filly plummet, she noticed a small object out of the corner of her eye, an eco cutter, one of the small tools given to working class families, people who lived outside of the slums, the people with good lives.

Skylight picked up the eco cutter in her mouth, she had never used one before, but it seemed simple enough, bite down on the little plate and the eco shot out the front. She had no idea what type of cutter this was, but she new it was her first line of defence against whatever creatures lay ahead.

She proceeded down the tunnel, it it started to get darker, in fact, it was very dark, all she could see was the little light from the front of the cutter, and a few bouncing yellow lights up ahead. Not AGAIN she thought to herself before she swore out loud, which had little effect due to the cutter in her mouth.

With a growl a metalhead launched itself out of the darkness, only to be killed by a shot from the cutter, again Skylight was lucky, she had not shot out of reflex ,but a shot of fear had made her mouth clench, firing the cutter. The skull gem rolled lopsidedly towards her, and she picked it up and placed it into her saddlebags.

The tunnel began getting brighter, and as she walked down farther into the tunnel she saw a split. To the left the tunnel continued, and to the right was a maintenance closet, she decided to go into the maintenance closet. Inside was a red eco flare gun and a few red eco charges, which would help. She continued down the tunnel after, and she soon found herself at the end of the sewer junction, the gate into the water district. She walked out into the light of the water district, civilian speeders buzzing past her as well dressed civilians made there way about there lives.

Skylights wonder had been cut short, as an alarm went off, one of the cameras had detected her and before she could react several speeders had cornered her, and with a whistle a dart of green eco shot down and struck her in the side. Her wounds immediately healed, but she was overpowered by the healing potency and lost consciousness.

Eco, eco is a curious thing. Take the green eco that makes us feel so much better whenever you fell off your bike and scraped your knee, it healed that right up. The red eco, which is mixed with blue eco to create the energy on which our speeders run, making us get places faster. Eco, is a curious thing indeed, and even green eco, can be used for dastardly things. We can use green eco to assist our officers, by outfitting their speeders with a dart gun, which will take healthy prisoners and knock them out cold. If they don't feel the pain, civvies wont interfere as much.

Skylight awoke, she was tied, and she was in a transport speeder. The air was dry, so she wasn't in the waterworks, in fact the air wasn't even this dry in the slums. As she turned her head to get a look at her surroundings, she saw the same grey coated stallion that had warranted the raid on her apartment. "Sir?" Skylight asked, forcing her voice to be higher in pitch than usual, hoping that it would put her in a position of doubt. The stallion turned around, is crimson coloured duster coat reflecting light coming in through the windows.

"Ah", started the stallion, "I see you are awake." The stallion levitated a piece of paper in front of his face and began reading it, his haughty taughty voice complementing his obvious feeling of superiority. "By order of Haven's guardian counsel, you have been defined as a member of criminal activities, including assault, resisting arrest, trespassing, thievery, and smuggling. For these crimes you have been deemed unfit to have place in our fair city. You are being banished to the wasteland, for life." Skylight blinked a few times as his words sank in, she was going to die, no one survived outside of Haven's walls, except the marauders, who would treat a young mare such as herself in a way that gave her no hope. "And by special request of Guard Captain Morris, you shall be given a beacon, so that". He cleared his voice, to state he was quoting, "You can go to hell even quicker".

After a few minutes, the speeder landed, and the door opened and light flooded in, along with a wave of heat, Skylight was untied, and thrown into the sand, before the speeder began to lift into the air. As the speeders door began to close, the silver maned stallion spoke in a barely audible tone, "May the precursors have mercy on you." 'I,' she thought to herself, 'Am going, to DIE!'