Chapter 3

The dust swirled around Skylights hooves as the speeder blasted through the air into the distance. Skylight just stood there, watching it until it disappeared on the horizon. After the speck disappeared Skylight looked from side to side, all she saw was sand, stone and cacti, no people and no water.

Skylight took a step forward, then another. 'Water', she thought to herself, thinking back to the smuggler's guide she had once read at the golden apple. 'The first step is water'. She took another step, then began walking, following Celestia's day star as it began to dip towards the horizon.

Skylight had been walking for almost twenty minutes, but the wasteland is already taking effects on her poor civilian body. Her vision had begun to waver and her tongue hung limp from her mouth. Skylight straightened her neck, her eyes bolting open. "Water!" she yelped out loud, her voice croaking with dehydration. She began running forward, stumbling repeatedly, but every time moving ever faster. The small pool of liquid was only a few meters in front of her now, and she closed the gap quickly. She knelt and began filling her mouth with the liquid.

She raised her head from the pool, a look of disgust on her face. She spat the sand from her mouth, and fell sideways, crying. I don't want this, I don't deserve this, I am a good pony, I may not be a clever pony but I am a good pony, I didn't mean to hurt that guard, it was self defence, I didn't want them to do anything to me, oh my gosh I am going to DIE! Skylight rolled over onto her back, sniffled and closed her eyes, giving up.

Skylight awoke and saw the landscape moving in front of her. Her brain began going through boot up as her senses began working again. The grey washed from her vision and the sent of gasoline filled her nose. The high pitched buzz left her ears and she heard a the thrumming of the engine, and she felt the vibrations through the cold surface she was laying on.

She tried to stand up, but she was tied down, thick roped were keeping her stuck against metal. Skylight turned her head and saw a strange looking pony piloting the vehicle she was tied to. Skylight coughed and the pony turned around, he was wearing a skin tight fire suit, its black surface reflecting in the sunlight. "Mmmphmmphm", the pony spoke. The vehicle lept off the ground as it cleared a dune and began down the hill towards a large river, a structure floating atop. The vehicle skidded across the sand and turned into a road into the complex, bridges closing behind it.

The vehicle stopped ass it entered that appeared to be an arena, where the pyro pony dragged her off the vehicle and began hauling her into a room off from the arena. She was dropped there into the dark, and the pyro pony left the room, shutting the door behind itself. Skylight struggled, but realized she was firmly tied. She just lay there in the dark. Skylight began listening, and she heard the sound of an engine, and it was getting louder.

The sound of an explosion echoed throughout the complex as the wall in front of Skylight cracked, light filtering through in small spaces. Gunshots sounded as the light filtered red and yellow and the door fell forward. Skylight thrashed to roll herself over, looking out the door, just in time to see a pony in spiked armour levelling an eco rifle at her. A streak of blue eco went through his head, and his shot went only just above her, missing by a hair.

She saw the pony who saved her life run past, a stallion, with a bright green mane and goggles covering what was not covered by a red scarf. He fired a shot in her direction, which severed some of the ropes. He nodded then continued running. Skylight lay there in shock for a few seconds until she saw a set of keys drop in front of the door, then she heard the sound of an engine starting. A strange vehicle drove past, its wheels extended in front of itself.

Skylight rolled over and struggled as her roped loosened, and the ropes eventually loosened and Skylight stood, running out into the arena, but the stallion was gone in the strange vehicle. That was when she saw it, a vehicle in the middle of the arena, and the keys tossed infront of her. She grabbed the keys and stepped inside the vehicle, it was TIME TO RIDE.