Skylight opened the side of the buggy, its door squeaking as it opened. The inside was all hide of some sort, what wasn't hide was bare metal. She crawled into the drivers seat and fumbled with the keys, eventually putting them in the ignition. "This looks easy", Skylight thought out loud. "Just like the speeders back... home". Skylight looked down for a moment, she never realized that she was never going to see her friends or family ever again.

Skylight bit her lip and looked up. I have to be strong, there is no point in crying! She turned the keys and the engine thrummed to life, spoke jetting from the back end, startling Skylight. She put her two fore hooves on the wheel and slowly put her foot on the ignition, or what she thought was the ignition. What first alarmed her was the sound, a dry scraping sound, but not scraping, it was a rough sound, like a malfunctioning speeder. That was when it hit Skylight, the buggy was going to explode. Skylight screamed, but before she could reach to open the door of which she had foolishly closed the car rocketed forwards, pushing Skylight backwards on into her seat.

Skylight struggled to peel her hands away from the seats as the G-Force overtook her, she placed her hooves on the wheel, and attempted to straighten out the car, and she managed to change course towards the opening in the arena. The car was beginning to already slow as it flew along a thin bridge leading back towards the sand. Skylight swallowed and began turning the wheel as the car hit the sand, her foot placed on the right pedal. The little buggy moved quickly across the sand, and she saw smoke rising up in the distance, of what she hoped would be the green maned stallion.

Skylight had begun to relax as about ten minutes had past, she was going faster in her new buggy, and was beginning to enjoy the thrum of the engine. The engines where very loud, she had been scared at first but then realized it probably had something to do with whatever eco these bandits used to power their vehicles. Skylight straightened up, she felt a strange vibration coming through the tires, overpowering the engines. It felt like footsteps, but from something huge. The vibrations grew in power and Skylight was beginning to panic, she hit the thruster again and the car lept over the next dune, and over what was making the footsteps. The creatures was huge, it was greyish purple with a large head, scales, and what terrified Skylight the most, a large yellow glow in the middle of its forehead. "Well so much for a good luck streak!" screamed Skylight as the beast turned to pursue. "It was bad enough there are raiders out here! But Bloody METALHEADS TOO!" The beast was catching up, and soon it would be upon her. Skylight refused to look back, fearing terror would take her foot from the pedal, and soon complete and utter terror struck Skylight as the felt herself being lifted into the air. Skylight thrashed and she heard a roar coming from below her. Skylight gasped as she continued to lift above the buggy, and above the metal head. She looked up to see a cyan stallion looking back down at her. "Hi there!" the cyan stallion yelled. "Welcome to premium eco flight! With yours truly Solar Flare at the wings!"

Skylight was a bit overwhelmed as she lifted higher and higher above the sands of the desert. The ascension evened out and Skylight was still lost for words, they where heading towards the top of a cliff, which looked unreachable by any other means. The began their descend onto the cliff face, and skylight was released just above the ground, which caused her to roll as she had never before landed going at any forward velocity besides zero. Solar flare, as Skylight believed him to be named, alighted beside her, his 'Wings' folding into his back. His wings where made of an orangish brown metal, with other bands of silvery metal holding it together. He walked over to a side of the alcove that made up much of the cliff face and slammed his hoof on the stone. A good section of stone crumbled, and he gathered up a few pieces and placed them on the floor in a small pile. He raised his hoof, which had attached a small blaster made of a similar orange metal, and fired on the stone. The stone burst into flame causing Skylight to gasp again. "What?" Solar questioned, "Its Phoenix Rock, lights up when ya blast it!" Skylight continued to stare. "Well it IS getting dark, y'know how cold it gets 'round here?" Skylight looked around, it was getting dark, and getting cold, so she sat down beside the little fire, staring into the flames. Alot had happened today, and before she was going to talk to this strange pony she needed to think for a while. Sparks from the fire circled up into the sky, and Skylight just stared.