Elizabeth (Buffy) Anne Summers is the stereotypical teenager: blonde, loves to shop, is a profusely popular cheerleader. She leads a normal life and moved to Sunnydale, California with her recently single mother to escape her temperamental father. But Buffy has a secret that she's afraid that might ruin her social life. Every night she dreams of a dreary hellworld full of vampires and demons that she must kill to save the world. But she would never tell anybody about those dreams, because she assumes that these dreams are just a figment of her imagination. This is where the story of death, betrayal, and romance begins.

. . .

Buffy walks through the dimly lit cemetery and looks carefully at each of the names on the headstones carefully. She has been assigned an art project where she has to sketch a statue of her choice in the Sunnydale Cemetery. Now, she was doing this under duress for she was failing Art and needed the Fine Art credit to graduate. Otherwise, there would have been no force on the planet that would cause her to traipse through the cemetery with her backpack in the middle of the night instead of hanging at The Bronze with Cordelia and her troupe.

Finally, a glowing gothic style angel catches Buffy's eye from across the cemetery. She begins to head toward the dull marble with a tentative walk. Ten feet away from the mystic angel, Buffy trips over a headstone and falls into an empty grave awaiting a casket. And all hell broke loose.

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