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Kurt held Blaine's hand over the console still tickled pink about his surprise appearance. Blaine had later pulled him out and to his car asking for his keys. Kurt had handed them over with a confused smile that received a quick kiss. Blaine had a surprise for him. His valentine's day gift. For a whole week he had received cards and gifts from a secret admirer and thought it was Blaine. Instead it had been Dave sweet, repentive and scared Dave. Dave had looked so crushed and Kurt had a bad feeling about the run in with the blond guy. Poor Dave wasn't ready to be out. "Kurt you alright?" Kurt blinked and turned to look at Blaine.

"Yeah just…I have something to tell you." Kurt spoke slowly. "But I really don't want to ruin your surprise. It's nothing bad I just…it's bothering me and I'm really worried."

"If you're that worried maybe you should tell me." Blaine frowned a bit and pulled into his driveway.

"I could have driven here." Kurt said with a small frown.

"Ah but half the fun was you not knowing where we were going and you still don't." Blaine shut off the car and turned to Kurt. "Do you want to tell me?"

"Not now later." Kurt leaned over and kissed him softly. "I missed you."

"I missed you too." Blaine smiled. "Come on you have to put on a Blindfold after we get to the front door." Blaine hopped out like an excited puppy and ran around to the other side just as Kurt was stepping out. Blaine took his hand and led him up the steps. "Alright now." Blaine pulled a scarf from his jacket. "Um lean down a bit for me babe." Kurt smiled and did so not even bothering to worry about his hair. It would just get messed up later, he hopped. Blaine led him slowly through the door and through the house.

"I needed a Blindfold to go to your back yard?" Kurt asked in amusement.

"Yes now keep your eyes closed and don't take the scarf off till I tell you." Kurt stood with an amused smile and a rapidly beating heart. "Alright now." Music began to play and Kurt lifted the scarf from his eyes.

"Oh Blaine." Kurt couldn't believe the little display. Hear shaped balloons and streamers lit by only a few torches.

"I borrowed some of the left overs from Suggar's deal but I doubt she'll miss them." Blaine held out his hand for Kurt to take down the two stairs to the grass. Kurt pulled Blaine into a hug and just held on.

"I love you Blaine Anderson." Kurt sighed. Blaine hugged him back just as tightly.

"I love you too Kurt Hummel , now." Blaine pulled away a bit and moved them more toward the center. "I know we've been dancing with our friends all evening but I thought a few romantic slow dances were in order." Blaine settled his hand on Kurt's hip and took his other. They danced one song before just holding each other close and swaying to the music. "I'm so glad I could surprise you tonight."

"I am to and the heart shaped eye patch was just too cute." Kurt smiled and kissed his healed eye.

"Want me to wear it later? We can play pirates." Kurt laughed and Blaine joined him in the ruckus sound. "Alright that was a bad one." Blaine chuckled. "So do you want to tell me what was bothering you?"

"Oh well." Kurt bit his lip. "I've been getting valentines gifts and cards all week and I thought they were from you."

"Kurt I didn't.." Blaine had stopped and was frowning. Kurt gently put his hands on Blaine's shoulders.

"I know that now. It was David. He….I told him I was flattered but I have you. He was upset and…I felt so bad because he looked so crushed when I told him he wasn't really having feelings for me. Then I guess it's some guy from his school saw us as he was leaving and I think he accidently ousted himself."

"Kurt baby breath." Kurt took a shuddering breath. "I know what it's like to be him. Alone with only one obvious option." Kurt looked at Blaine lovingly. "I've been worried he's going to do something."

"Do you think he's suicidal?"

"Oh Prada I hope not." Kurt pulled away.

"Oh shit no Kurt it's alright he's probably at home just feeling lonely."

"I just feel so bad for him. I kind of know where he's at. Blaine the way he said he wasn't out yet when he was asking me out sounded like he wanted to come out for me." Kurt looked around and then at the grass. "I ruined our evening."

"No you're worried about a friend who having a really hard time. That's one of the reasons I love you. You act selfish but you really are always worried about other people." Blaine pulled him into a slow deep kiss before releasing Kurt. "Let's put out these torches and go inside before it get colder." Blaine capped the torches and put his arm around Kurt.

"I wish I could do something. The only other gay guy I know is Sebastian and no way in hell am I letting Dave got through that. Though he might just beat him to a pulp." Blaine tried not to laugh as he led Kurt back inside.

"Go warm up the car."

"We're leaving?"

"We're going to check on Dave. I have a thought on where he might be."

"Oh Blaine no I'm sorry."

"Don't it's fine go I'm going to grab our fake IDs." Blaine handed Kurt his keys and ran upstairs.


Dave was seated at the corner of the bar slowly picking the label of his beer off his bottle. He felt like such an idiot. He knew Kurt was with the prep school guy but last time he'd looked things weren't all good in the relationship. He'd seen Sebastian break up more couples then men he slept with. Thankfully the home wrecker wasn't showing his face. Dave had been approached a few times but he had turned them away as nicely as he could content to take up a chair and shred the label on his beer.

Seeing Kurt's eyes light up had been electrifying. For all of the five seconds till Dave had pulled off the mask. At least he hadn't looked disgusted. Dave had let his crush take control of him and he'd gone all out. Where had his boyfriends been? If Kurt was so happy to get his gifts obviously that Bland guy hadn't done anything. Sure he wasn't out but with Kurt at his side he could, or at least he'd fantasized he could. Like he'd fantasized Kurt would have been so romanced he would have jumped into Dave's arms happily.

And that guy from school. Dave had back pedaled so fast when only a moment before he'd been willing to throw open the closet door for Kurt. At least Kurt had help cover for him. The damage done remained to be seen. The only other option he had was Dalton academy and they just couldn't afford it.

"Hey this seat taken." Dave sighed.

"If you don't mind I'd rather…" Dave had looked up to see a softly smiling Blaine next to him a worried looking Kurt behind him. "fuck." Dave turned and his behind a hand. "You didn't get enough in this afternoon brought your boyfriend to rub it in."

"I'm so glad you're alright. I was worried about you." Kurt breathed out and Dave wanted to cry.

"Just fucking leave me alone."

"Look Kurt told me what happened. He was just worried you'd hurt yourself."

"You're not worth it." Dave bit out nastily.

"Fuck you Karofsky. I was worried because you seemed so stressed out. If you had ended up in the headline tomorrow I…" Kurt choked. "You're my friend I don't want you to become another suicide."

"Kurt!" Dave looked up to see Kurt running outside. "Shit." Blaine rubbed his neck. "Look Dave. I brought Kurt here so he could see that you're alright. Also I have a proposition for both of you. I'm going to do find Kurt and calm him down. If you don't join us in…five minutes we'll go home and I'll tell him he can check on you tomorrow. " Blaine left and Dave turned back to his half empty bottle from hours ago. He left the bar tender a big tip for letting him mope there all night and followed them out. Kurt and Blaine were by Kurt's car and Blaine seemed to have calmed him down. Kurt was drying his eyes and Dave felt a little bad for making Kurt worry. Sure he was hurt, very confused, and terrified he'd be ousted at school but Kurt had been afraid he would do something drastic and his boyfriend had driven to Scandals on Valentine's day just so Kurt could see he was alright. Dave walked up to them hands in his pockets.

"Well?" He decided it would do him more good not to make scathing remarks.

"You want to sleep with Kurt right?"

"i…thant's not…that's not what I said…I've never…even with a girl and…" Dave felt his face burning. "Fuck this I'm leaving."

"What if I told you that if Kurt's alright with it you could?" Dave grit his teeth and spun on Blaine ready to beat him up. Kurt was more important then that. Kurt pulled Blaine behind him a hand over his right eye.

"Blaine that's not fair to either Dave or myself." Kurt looked at Dave who just huffed and threw up his hands.

"I could be still warm and in the bar." Dave growled.

"Peeling the label off a beer that looked like it had been there a while."

"What's it to you!" Dave snapped turning on them again.

"Damnit stop goading him you just got over a surgery." Kurt snapped a Blaine. "What's suddenly gotten into you? I think they messed up your mind or something."

"Well you said you wanted to be able to do something but you couldn't. You said you were flattered from his attentions but couldn't return his affections. The only factor in there is me. So if we add me in as a participating factor…"

"That's it I'm taking you to the hospital and demanding you have your head examined."

"Fine." Kurt stopped and gave Dave a sharp look. "What when the school hears about the incident at breadsticks I'm going to get my ass beat. I'd rather not die a virgin." He was joking but the hard set of Kurt's jaw and the fire in his eyes told him it wasn't funny.

"In the car." Kurt demanded jerking the driver side door open. "Now or I'll leave you two behind." Kurt snapped slamming the door closed. Blaine jogged around to the passenger side and tentatively got in the passenger seat. Dave hesitated until Kurt started the car and revved the engine. Kurt's house was closer walk then Scandals anyway. The car was silent even the radio was off. Blaine looked like a kicked puppy and Kurt looked pissed. They pulled up in front of a house he didn't recognize and Blaine scrambled out of his seat to run up to the front door. Dave recognized the neighborhood it seemed Blaine lived even closer then Kurt. Dave followed carefully both taking their cues and direction from an angry Kurt. "Sit." Kurt ordered pointing at the couch in the living room. Blaine and Dave sat on either end. Kurt kicked off his shoes and loosened his cuffs.

"Kurt?" Blaine asked looking worried.

"Hush." The order was firm but not harsh. Kurt unbuttoned his vest and folded it before setting it on a chair.

"Kurt." Dave shifted uncomfortably ready to leave until he had a lap full of Kurt. Dave looked up at Kurt in shock. They stared at each other and he could feel the trembling of Kurt's body. With shaky hands Kurt framed his face and leaned forward. "Kurt stop." Dave gave him a sad look and slowly reached up to pull his hands away.

"I'm not afraid of you." Kurt growled. Dave tried not to let his amused doubt fill his expression but apparently he failed. "I'm not!"

"Kurt baby enough." Blaine reached for him and Kurt turned on him.

"Isn't this what you wanted? As long as I was alright with it too. Give David one night of pleasure just so he won't be alone on valentines. Because I want everyone to have what I have?" Tears were filling Kurt's eyes again and he was shaking all over.

"Alright. Alright Kurt we get it." Dave said softly easing Kurt's hands away and to his side. "Jezze I'm not even bullying you and you're crying."

"I don't want you to become another statistic." Kurt said voice shaking. "just like Santana and Brit I can't…"Kurt swallowed hard.

"This may all be hard but I'm dealing with it now. I've accepted that I'm gay. I'm just not so sure I can handle shouting it from the rooftops by myself. I'm not brave like you and Blaine." Dave gave Kurt a small grin. "I just let a little crush get out of hand." Kurt gave him a small frown. "I've been at that bar since after I left you at Breadsticks. Well I drove home and walked there. I was thinking for most of the time." Dave realized what he had was a crush and that it was one sided. "Now I'm going to leave you my new number and I'm going to go home." Dave swore he only had a hand on Kurt's hip so he could move him to the cushion next to them. Kurt tensed knees hugging his thighs. "Kurt please."

"I don't want you to go." Kurt said softly.

"You're not helping me by trying to make me stay right now. " Dave felt his voice tremble. He really needed to go. He was going to go home and take a long hot shower and lose himself in some video games.

"Stay." They both jumped hearing Blaine next to them. "Would it be so bad?"

"Seriously? Yeah it would be because in the morning you're back to being a couple and I'm back to being alone." Kurt leapt off his lap then looking all sorts of guilty. It seemed his anger had faded completely. "Not that it isn't tempting but I didn't even think of sex when I was after Kurt. Kind of not there yet in general." Dave picked Kurt's phone up from where it had slid out of Kurt's vest pocket. He dialed his number his own phone buzzed a few times. "Maybe another time. I'll text you tomorrow so you know I'm alive." Kurt took his phone looking really small. "Take care man cause I'll be waiting for my chance." Blaine snorted with an amused half smirk and Dave let himself out. Kicking and praising himself for not giving in.



"It's be a really weird day." Kurt sighed looking at him finally. "Did you really mean it?"

"I just wanted to make you happy." Blaine shrugged. "I think I might but we won't know now."

"No. Let's go up to your room. No point in wasting an empty house." Kurt leaned over and kissed him breaking it as he stood up. Blaine followed leaving his hat and Kurt's vest on the coffee table.

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