I do not own anything by IS: Infinite Stratos, all rights belong to Izuru Yumizuru, the original creator of the light novels of Infinite Stratos, the studio 8-Bit for the creation of the anime series, and Kenji Akahoshi for the creation of the manga series.

So before the start of this fanfiction, I will start to say that it will be slightly darker and realistic version of Infinite Stratos, (So yes, no lasers and the ISs will have thrusters) but there will still be humor and the funny interactions with Ichika and the harem. Also this will be a hybridization of the manga, anime and light novel series.

This is the introduction to a new character, an original character that...well I won't spoil it this earlier! Read and find out!

Location...Unknown...Time: 0215 AM ET. March 21, 2022

(Main theme for the new character, Heaven's Divide, from the Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Soundtrack...trust me it will make alot more sense later in the story).

Lieutenant Colonel Cody Sanders sat patiently in his chair. A chrome color of white painted the room, with a large black table, surrounded by similar black chairs. A sealed door was directly in front of him. Time seemed to have froze in this room, despite the numerous creaking sounds of the water pressure against the hulls of the ship.

The Captain of the submarine knows how to keep the privacy. Thought Sanders.

When the door closed, the room was created to have a faraday shield, locking any and all electromagnetic waves in the room, keeping whom ever inside imprisoned from the outside world. Or creating the perfect area for black-op discussions.

Sweat trailed down the Admiral's neck, this announcement could shake the entire world with modern day weapons and analysis. The past 10 years had been a blur of events with the invention of the prefect fighting machine, the Infinite Stratos. Multiple nations had switched to these battle mechs to create the greatest fighting force in the world, or the ultimate tool of destruction for neighboring countries.

After the famous "White Knight" IS defended Japan against thousands of ICBMs targeting every major city on the island nation, ironically on December 21, 2012, nations were literally begging for the even distribution of this power.

Finally, the Alaska Treaty was signed, regulating the creation of these new weapons of mass destruction. But the concept of peace being built upon these new types of weapons was akin to the creation of the atomic bomb; everybody wanted one. With nations gaining their own IS pilots, the motherland countries would replicate the data obtained from their representatives to mass produce their own IS mechs.

Such was a fragile peace, until the International Infinite Stratos Association was created. But even then, tensions behinds nations remained high with proxy wars and border skirmishes with IS machines in secret.

However, on January 3, 2013 leaders of the Permanent Security Council of the United Nations were contacted by a mysterious entity only know as "Janus". This "man" had literally handed the battle schematics of the "White Knight" IS to them. However, there was one catch. These nations were to serve as a vanguard for humanity against any and all rogue IS activity. A peace-keeper's program. With that, the Special Tactics Against Rogue Infinite Stratos or STARIS, was born.

The nations of STARIS were never under any good relationship with each other, such as the United States of America and Russia. However, private channels kept each other's program a secret. Nobody wanted to know what the other side was doing, and they respected that silence. They would simply know about the other's program's existence, but not how they worked.

Later on other nations deemed necessary by "Janus" eventually joined STARIS. Most the candidate pool was female, hoping that gender infiltration would not dramatically change, but there were a few able-bodied men in STARIS as well, working behind the scenes.

Equipped with Anti-IS weapons that were constantly a generation more powerful than the current IS level, STARIS has had a spotless record. Until a year ago. By the United States of America program under STARIS and the Central Intelligence Agency, the Scion Initiates or SI.

A prefect reversal of the IS. Sandler's mind trailed off. But with current events accelerating... With a pneumonic hiss, the hatch opened, allowing the room to breathe. One by one, three figures stepped into the room, taking their respected seats.

The first was Commodore Samantha Adean , the coordinator of SI. A haggard look was shown on her face, radiating from her pale white skin to her formally brown hair. A violent scar traced her face from left forehead to her right lip. Looking at Sanders, she scowled, violently grabbing the water glass sitting on the table, drinking it down like no tomorrow.

"Women these days..." muttered the second figure, Captain Jordan Brian, the drill instructor of the SI soldiers, the man that combat trained every last one of the SI soldiers. A man of 35 years of age, he is the father figure of all the SIs, even though he was also their greatest enemy. Catching the glare of Commodore Adean, the Captain simply rolled his eyes.

The final figure was Michaela Mayor, a Hispanic heritage women of 65 years of age. Though her hands, the Agency worked like a clock, which was expected; she is the new Deputy Director of the CIA and well versed with STARIS.

As the door once again sealed, Mayor was the first one to speak. "I hope you have a reason to bring us to the middle of nowhere."

"Ladies and gentleman, as we are aware of the current events of the IS units, we..."

"Not this again.." groaned Brian under his breathe.

"...Are aware of new male IS pilot of Japan, a man named Ichika Orimura."

"Yes, we are aware of this man, a younger brother of Chifuyu Orimura, the second-place of the International IS Tournament."

Sanders gently rested his hands on the table. "I believe it's about time that the SI project had redeemed itself from the incident a year ago."

"What are exactly trying to pull, LC?" questioned Adean, looking skeptical. "We're already training Natasha Fairs in the Silver Gospel to deal with these sorts of things...:"

"The situation with that training is being postponed." stated Brian. "She is being petitioned for a co-ops training in Hawaii with Israel." Adean shot Brian with a dirty look, looking as those she's been held out of the information loop.

"That is not the matter of the conversation, Adean." scowled Mayor, getting the meeting back on track. "The important part is what do you plan to do, LC?"

Sanders breathed in for a second, "I suggest we sent in Midshipman Kenneth Buyuu to the IS Academy."

Dead silence filled the room as the three figures tried to connect their thoughts. Sanders swallowed hard.

"Interesting.." said Mayor, a touch of softness in her eyes.

"The Son of the Three?" questioned Adean. "You know what happened a year ago with that kid. He should have been kicked from the program and killed on the spot."

Brian scoffed. "As if you could do anything to bring him down."

"It's a redeeming move I'll admit." continued Mayor. "Gutsy, even. Especially since he was the one who caused the incident." Sanders internally sighed relief, he was getting somewhere with them.

"I really don't see him blending in with IS Academy in Japan though." rebuked Adean. "His temperament with IS pilots and even fellow members of SI had become... sociopathic. Do you want the IS Academy to suddenly explode?"

"He's changed." reassumed Brian. "It only took a month after Operation Zulu, but he has become more stable." Mayor looked at Brian, seeing if he was lying. He wasn't.

Adean cupped her face with both of her hands, trying to play Devil's Advocate. "If he truly has changed," she started, looking at Brian. "Then why does he seem so... distant now?"

Brian shrugged. "Even though his anger is gone, he still believes that he should have died during Operation Zulu. He said that the critical failure with the squad was nearly 100% and that mission details and ill equipment support that fact."

Adean cracked a smile. "Still mission oriented I see?"

Mayor looked satisfied, although a bit tired. "If that's the case, then this meeting is adjourned." Mayor stood up from her chair, along with Adean. The two hurried out of the room, leaving Brian and Sanders left.

"Abit of a hypocrite if you ask me." said Sanders.

"I wouldn't blame her." replied Brian. "Adean's a hard-ass, but she also takes blame on how Buyuu became what he was a year ago."

"Execution is extreme though."

As the two gathered their stuff in silence. After a minute, Sanders, looking up, saw Brian looking at him with general concern.

"Cody." he said. " Though I don't agree with Adean, I have to say my worries. It's almost a year after that incident. Sending Buyuu to the IS Academy during this time might break him. I'm not so sure about how it will affect his mental health... or the general health of the IS Academy."

Sanders walked up to Brian putting a hand on his shoulder. "I'm aware. But what you told me after Buyuu calmed down, he's been trying to run away from that fact a year ago."

"But sending him now? Just a few days before?"

"If he ever to become normal again, he must live beyond what happened a year ago. We cannot change the past, but we had help change his future."

So here's where I will make this Fanfiction slightly AU.

This fiction will be more mature than anything else. So I believe that the story will reflect that, by upping the age of the characters to 17-18 year olds. (FYI, I never understood how 15-16 years would be given the firepower of a battletank... That does seem abit over the top in my opinion anyways)