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So technically since there was no IS uprising on December 12, 2012 this fanfiction has become a proper alternative reality. WOOT.

Also, I am changed Charles (Charlotte's) "Bread Slicer" knife for an IS grade CQC knife. Because it sound better in my opinion.


1417 Hours - May 13, 2022 – IS Battlefields – Entrance Area

(Main theme is Heaven's Divide from Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker)

Ichika and Company had arrived at the gates as Cecilia, and Rin had taken off to find their respected seats. Kenneth was already in his seat, watching the matches ahead of time. Seeing that he helped the group of forty students train, he decided to see how much they have improved. By the tournament stand point, unless the teams had divided were in Kenneth's training, the forty students have excelled greatly. Even if the teams were both in Kenneth's training class, they had very close matches. Whispers had grown among the Freshman that if Kenneth had made another training class, they would immediately join in; not just because Kenneth was one of the only guys in the IS Academy but because he really did help the students.

However Ichika, Houki, and Charles looked up on today's match up sheet. Looking at the board, Ichika found his name up with Charles and their opponents would be…

Houki gazed hard into screen as she saw her name as the opponents along with Laura Bodewig. Ichika and Charles looked at Houki nervously as Ichika gulped and said "G-Good luck there Houki. Uuh, Charles. L-let's get going."

Charles nodded as the two started to head off to the boys locker room as Houki saw in the corner of her eyes Laura looking at the screen as well, her face unreadable. She walked over to her as Laura looked over bored. "Just don't get in my way." She said bluntly, taking off towards the girl's locker room.

IS Battlefields – Locker Rooms

Charles had finished putting on her IS jump suit as she spotted Ichika looking over the list of VIPs that were watching over the tournament. William Burton, Michael Scott, Dominique Batallie. The list continued scrolling as Ichika finished pulling on his jumpsuit.

"You seem a bit on edge with our match up with Laura… And Houki." Charles pointed out.

Ichika turned back around to Charles as he gave a small chuckle. "Yeah… I didn't expect it would lead up to something like this."

"Just try not to get your emotions too involved ok? Out of the entire Freshman Class, Laura would rank up there with being the strongest."

Ichika gave a nod in response as he started to make his way with Charles to the entrance to the launching pads of the IS stadium.

1420 Hours - IS Battlefields – Stadium, Stands

Kenneth gave a polite wave as Rin and Cecilia took their seats next to him.

"So what do you think about this upcoming match?" Rin asked.

"In a straight one v one match, Laura would clearly win. Her IS was made like a tank. Hell, she'll probably win against me in a straight up fight."

Cecilia had a small frown at Kenneth's comment, not expecting to hear that from him.

"But while Laura makes up with firepower, she lacks in improvisation. Everything is analyzed and clear cut for her. It really doesn't work like that, especially in two v two situations."

"So Ichika and Charles, if they work together…"

Simultaneously in the Battlefields…

Ichika and Charles stood at the ready as Laura and Houki did the same, all four of them glaring at them. A prism countdown clock started as Laura muttered into the open channels.

"So, for my first match… To deal with you."

"That's right." Ichika returned. "I wouldn't have it any other way."

As the clock hit zero, Ichika blasted from the started line, sword ready as Laura activated her AIC (Active Inertia Canceller), halting Ichika just before his jab could touch Laura's armor.

"A preemptive attack. Too easy to read." Laura scoffed.

"I'm glad that we understand one another". Ichika grinned, as Laura deactivated the AIC and backboosted away from Ichika, curving in large figure eights.

"You aren't getting away that easily!" Charles yelled, switching to two Garm sub machine guns as she boosted into the air, and started raining down bullets.

With a sudden metallic scrapping noise, Charles rolled into the ground but quickly got herself back up. In the air where Charles once hovered was Houki, holding an IS katana in a usual kendo stance.

"You better not have forgotten about me." Houki growled.

Damn… With Kenneth's training on the E-Jump… Charles thought, readying her Garm guns again. Backing away, Ichika then charged at Houki, swinging horizontally as Houki blocked as the two entered a blade lock. Houki looked up as Charles switched to twin "Rain of Saturday" heavy shotguns.

Just as Charles fired, Houki was pulled back by a purple rope wrapped around her and was flung at Charles as they narrowly avoided a collision. Houki was able to pull herself back up quickly.

Ichika glared back over, Laura was already within slashing range of him with two beam saber gauntlets as she slashed at Ichika, damaging his shields, but quickly recovered and started slashing back. Blow after blow, Laura continued to hound down on Ichika as steadily his shields dropped.

Sensing danger, Charles started to boost over to Ichika's side for back up as Houki E-Jumped behind Charles and slashed her in the back, taking heavy shield damage. Spin boosting back up, Charles glared at Houki.

"Two one on one battles." Charles muttered. This wasn't exactly as planned, but at least they could match it.

Switching one shotgun for a Vent Assault Rifle, Charles continued to backpetal towards Ichika as she yelled "Switch!"

Ichika backboosted away from Laura and engaged Houki, catching her off guard as Ichika hacked a large majority of Houki's shields down. Quickly recovering, Houki slashed back at Ichika as the two entered blade lock.

"I have re-taught Kendo to you… But I'm still the Champ!" Houki growled as Ichika knew exactly what it meant.

Laura glared and boosted towards Ichika as Charles fired a near point blank shot at Laura, pushing her back.

"Annoyance… Out of my way!" Laura yelled, as she deployed her wire daggers, bashing Charles back alittle. The two started to fly about the air, exchanging beam saber for CQC knife as their ISs created a strange waltz with one another.

"Charles! Switch!" As Ichika and Charles switched opponents again, Laura easily saw the ploy as she quickly engaged Ichika with a quick jab as Ichika deflected it and slashed down.

Houki lost her forward momentum for a second as Charles quickly capitalized on it, firing quick three-round bursts from her assault rifle as Houki's IS hissed and popped at the venting systems, as she backed off. Checking her shield strength, there was only 10 points left. Gripping her katana once more, Houki initialed another E-Jump as she horizontally slashed at Charles.

… Only to have Charles read it, blocking the attack with her CQC knife as she took Houki's head with her other arm and slammed Houki to the ground as the crowds cheered for the impressive display.

Houki checked her shields once more. Depleted. Zero. Is this… As far as I go? She thought.

Meanwhile Ichika had a difficult time keeping Laura at bay as she kept switching her tactics from a close range battle to far bombardment as the two continued to boost around the arena. Charles opened fire at Laura she backed off and reset to see what had happened.

Hmm, the girl is down. That wasn't surprising. Laura analyzed the battlefield.

"I'm here Ichika." Charles said, keeping her eye on Laura.

"Where's Houki?"

Charles gave a small motion to Houki as her armor was able to at least get back up to a kneeling position. "She's taking a little break for the moment."

Ichika gave a small nod back to Charles as he had alittle grin.

Meanwhile, in the stands

"So what exactly is this flaw for the AIC?" Rin asked.

"Well besides lasers and most forms of energy weapons, the AIC can only focus on one enemy at a time." Kenneth started.

"So wait! If Ichika and Charles…" Cecilia started as Kenneth nodded.

"Yup. Laura is less or more finished. Her IS capitalizes on one on one combat and enemies that aren't working in unison. Kind of what happened when you two were fighting her."

Cecilia and Rin bopped Kenneth on the head for the insult.

Ichika charged in as Laura activated her AIC. At this range. She thought, charging her railgun.

Just at the last moment, Laura's shields hissed and the force from a close range IS shotgun pushed her back, but still on her feet.

Growling, Laura boosted into the air as she fired out her wire daggers in random directions as Charles and Ichika blocked and flung away the daggers. Ichika continued to charge at Laura, Yukihira in mid-swing. Laura again evaded or blocked with her AIC as Charles would fire her twin Garm sub machine guns at close range, crippling her shields bit by bit.

The crowd's cheers roared around the stadium as the three combatants continued to fight and boost around. Laura checked her shields again as she boosted directly up, getting away from the pair. It was running low as Ichika Ignition Boosted directly infront of Laura as his armor started to glow golden.

"This is it!" Ichika yelled as he swung down. Laura only looked in horror as Ichika's Yukihira deactivated its energy blade. Laura grinned as she delivered a heavy punch to Ichika's face as he was thrown further into the air.

"Losing your energy already heh?" She mocked as she boosted at Ichika only to see Charles suddenly appear infront of Laura as Charles fired at her.

"What the… Ignition Boost?!" Laura screamed, as she tried blocking the bullet hail with her hands. Panicking, she attempted to activate her AIC as Charles boosted directly infront of her, throwing her left shield to the side as it dematerialized. Underneath the shield was…

"It may be outdated, but it has power! Grey Scale… GO!" Charles yelled as she slammed the piledriver's spike into Laura as it was blocked by with a combination of her leftover shields and Absolute Defense. The weapon pumped as Laura was sent hurdling down to the stadium ground as her impact broke the ground making a crater as the crowd became silent for a second only to roaring again.

"Wow… We did it." Ichika breathed out, seeing that his shields were incredible low. "Charles. Finish her off!"

"On it Ichika!" Charles boosted down at Laura, Grey Scale ready as she pounded her into the crater again, as the Grey Scale easily started to strip the shields away.

No… I can't… I can't.. Lose… Not here…

Laura's Point of View, Undisclosed Location – Time: Irreverent

Genetically-enhanced test subject number C0037. A man with a deep voice said. I continued to look at the ground, making sure that I wasn't showing any disobedience. Your new identity is… Laura Bodewig.

Memories flash back to my training, whether it was sniping from a distance, CQB training with men much older than me. I was born just to fight. I was… superior. The apex for Super Soldiers.

Then… the Infinite Stratos was revealed to the world, changing the idea of deterrence forever. I am part of the Anti IS group Schwarzer Hase, a subsection of the Special Tactics Against Rogue Infinite Stratos. We are surrounded by secrecy. Our group just became known as a special unit for ISs.

As the world changed, I couldn't. Not as fast. I was implanted with nanomachines to help increase performance. But my body couldn't handle the rapid change done and I was tucked away and deemed as a failure. I was nearly kicked out of STARIS and Schwarzer Hase, my condition worsening as the times continued.

But then, I met her. Orimura Chifuyu, the former Leader of the Three. Her training was difficult, and at times I wished I was dead. But I pressed on; I kept moving forward and in the end… I was the strongest once more.

What makes you strong Instructor? I asked one day.

I have a younger brother. Was all she said. I was stunned; bewildered by the fact that someone like her would show this face… This "kind" face that I had never seen during our training. She was strong, fair and resolute.

That is why… I cannot forgive a man like this. Orimura Ichika. Her one weakness in this world.

But he is not my only target. The man that had nearly destroyed the shroud STARIS had. Kenneth Arthur Buyuu of the SI. What makes him so special? Why didn't I become a Daughter of the Three? Why did my body reject the nanomachines? What makes him… Different from the rest of us STARIS pilots? I want to know… I claw to know…

Do you wish for power?

I do.

Does that feeling of completing your mission push you further beyond human limits?


Do you have… The Spirit of a Soldier?

I do.

Valkyrie System Standby… Booting and Loading… Executing

1430 Hours – IS Battlefields

Laura suddenly screamed as her IS repulsed Charles back with her Grey Scale. A strange blue light surrounded her as continued to scream in pain. Her IS started to contort, as it dissolved into some black glop, engulfing her within.

"What?" Charles and Ichika said in unison as the student body in the stances started to get up in fear, trying to leave the stadium. Kenneth's eyes opened as he gritted his teeth. Damnit… What is this? Something by the Schwarzer Hase? His eyes turned grey as he scanned the black blob that once was Laura's IS. Nothing came up. Getting up, he helped the students leave the stadium seats.

Chifuyu and Maya looked from the camera views in the stadium. With a frown, Chifuyu said. "This is a Code D. Lock down the stadium's VIP session and student seats."

"R-Roger that."

Just as the black blob started forming humanoid shapes, an announcement cut through the panic.

"This is a Code D. Teacher troops are on the way." Metal shuttered started to close around the stadium, leaving Ichika, Charles and Houki still on the field. Houki had deactivated her systems and stepped out of the machine.

The blob then formed a head, and a new armor. It looked like a regular IS, but in its right hand was…

"Yukihira Type 1? What the…" Ichika said, mouth slightly open. He lowered his head, snarling slightly at the sight of an imposter. He lowered himself to a kendo as the mutant IS charged in, shoving Charles out of the way and slashed Ichika's Yukihira Type 2 away.

With bulging eyes, Ichika raised his IS gauntlets to block a vertical slash as it cut through, breaking and cutting through the armor, as Ichika tumbled back as his IS dematerialized.

Just then, several teacher IS machines started to descend on mutant as it boosted around, slashing and kicking away at its attackers. Several of the teachers were luck enough to dodge its attacks while other's IS machines dematerialized from one hit of its blade. Several more teacher ISs flew into the stadium, collecting the fallen teachers. Eventually, the mutant stopped and looked over at Ichika, watching his next move. Teacher ISs raised their rifles at it, just for sudden movements.

Growling, Ichika roared as he went in, charging at the mutant as Houki gripped Ichika's wound as he groaned and fell to his knees.

"Let me at 'em!" Ichika yelled in rage.

"What the hell are you thinking you moron?!" Houki fired back, "Do you want to die?"

"It's making fun of me! Let me go!" Ichika continued to struggle as Houki slapped him across the face as he fell on all fours.

"What the fuck is that supposed to mean!?"

"It's using the same technique as Chifuyu! Her piloting and skills! All of that, copied by an imposter!"

Houki shook her head and said. "What can you possibly do now? Look at it!"

Ichika looked around, several of the teachers had fallen as others were surrounding it as the mutant continued to look at Ichika.

"It has its full attention on me Houki. I need to- No, I want to show that Chifuyu's abilities can't be copied like a machine."

"Byakushiki has no energy left! You may want to fight it, but with what!"

Charles calmly walked over to the two as she said. "Well if it's a problem with energy, I can help with that."

Charles removed her hand from the IS armor gauntlet as she pulled a cord from the backside of her IS. A screen appeared infront of her eyes as it read "Vipus revival cord removed. Standby."

She walked over to Ichika and plugged it in the bracelet/gauntlet on Ichika's hand. "Approving energy transfer."

Ichika had a small smile on his face as energy started to flow back. "Thanks Charles."

Charles made a hand pistol and aimed it at Ichika, cocking it back as if she fired it. "Promise me this. Don't lose, alright?"

"Of course. A man won't lose like this." Ichika replied as Houki had a small smirk at his comment.

"Well if you do lose, better start wearing a girl's uniform to school ok?"

Ichika looked flustered as Houki had a light chuckle from Charles' end of the promise.

"G-Got it." Ichika said as Charles' IS dematerialized.

Turning to the mutant IS, Ichika rematerialized Bykushiki in monopole mode, as only his right gauntlet manifested along with Yukihira as the blade opened, releasing its energy blade setting.

The mutant IS took no time as it dashed and swung at Ichika has he deflected the attack, stumbling back. Getting a grip on the ground again, he yelled and slashed at its body, cutting at the membrane of the black glob. With an electric crackle and pop, the wound opened up as Laura's unconscious body started to fall out as the black glob started to dissemble its humanoid IS form. She opened her eyes, as her eyepatch slipped away from her face seeing Ichika before falling unconscious only more.

In the hanger's launching pad, watching Kenneth, his arms folded as he nodded and walk away from the scene.

1936 Hours – Medical Wing

Laura woke up, groaning as her vision started to come back to focus. "Wh… What happened?" she blindly asked in the air.

Chifuyu was by her bedside, looking down at her. "After I talk to you about something important, this incident that we had is confidential. By the school's ruling and by STARIS."

Laura just listened on. "The Valkyrie Trance System, VTS. It's what the Schwarzer Hase was studying wasn't it?"

Laura gave a hesitant nod. "It may be outlawed but… What the Schwarzer Hase does is…"

Chifuyu shook her head. "I want no information about it. What the Schwarzer Hase does on its own IS pilots are strictly their own business."

Laura turned away, lowering her head. "Damage calculation, mental condition and above all, the will of the pilot… You wanted to assess it didn't you?"

With Laura's silence, Chifuyu then said. "Laura Bodewig… Who exactly are you?"

Turning to Chifuyu, Laura looked confused, not understanding the question. "Who… am I?"

"If you are nobody in particular, then you simply are you. Laura Bodewig, a member of Schwarzer Hase." Chifuyu got up and started to walk away as Laura continued to look confused.

"And… You can't become me." She stepped out of sight as some other footsteps were heard and it was…

"You." Laura looked surprised to see Kenneth. A small urge inside of Laura gripped her stomach with hate.

"Yes it's me." Kenneth said, scratching his head. Leaning against the walls, he asked. "Sooo… VTS huh? That's what the Germans are doing?"

Laura frowned and said. "American… Learn your-"

Kenneth waved his hand and said. "Just listen for a second. I didn't come here for a fight. I'm just… happy to see you alive without guns pointed at your head."

Laura looked puzzled as Kenneth continued. "If it wasn't for Ichika… We would have had another Incident. Much like myself." Laura's eyes widened with the news.

"I'm just… glad that it didn't happen anywhere else." He shrugged, seemingly unsure of how to express himself.

"What are you trying to get at, Midshipmen?"

He sighed as he started to walk away. "Be thankful that Ichika saved you before took a step into the darkness. Unlike me, you have a chance to get free from any of this breaking out to the world. You own him one… And I'm happy to see that you're still you, Second Lieutenant." He stepped out of view as Laura looked at the ceiling, rethinking what happened.

What made Ichika strong… Was his desire to protect.

2015 Hours – IS Cafeteria

Charles, Ichika and Kenneth were eating some ramen as they discussed about the tournament.

"So in the end, the tournament was cancelled." Charles said inbetween bites.

"Hmmm." Ichika asked.

"It's a shame really; I was hoping to see how far the students would go." Kenneth lamented.

The three heard some ruffling noises as they turned their attention to five students looking rather sad.

"The chance for complete victory… Gone."

"Acquaintance didn't help either."

"And we just figured out what to do with Charles as well." The five of them started crying and left in a hurry.

"What… Was that all about?" Ichika asked. Charles and Kenneth shrugged. To the side was Houki, looking kind of nervous playing with her thumbs.

Ichika got up and said, "Houki. What's up?"

"Oh, nothing." She replied, looking away with a blush. Kenneth and Charles smirked a little.

"So about that promise… It's a date." With lit eyes, Houki grabbed Ichika's hands and brought them just below her head.

"Really? Are you serious?!" she asked, blushing more.

"Ow… that hurt." Ichika winced as Houki loosened her grip. "Well… Yeah."

Regaining her 'cool' composure, Houki let go of Ichika's hands and said. "Why? Is there a reason?"

"Well a friend asked to, so yeah, I'll go."

"I see!"

"Yeah, just shopping and-" Ichika stopped talking as Houki abruptly punched him in the gut, knocking some air out of him.

"I knew it! It would be something like that!" She said angrily and kicked Ichika in the crouch. With a 'hmph!' she walked away.

Charles and Kenneth walked over to Ichika as he cupped his nether regions, a tears falling from his face.

"You know, I think you are doing that on purpose sometimes." Charles chimed in.

Kenneth was about to say something as Ichika threw up some of his ramen. "Oh crap, this is bad. Charles, help me pick up Ichika. We are going to the medical wing"

2021 Hours – IS Medical Wing

Ichika placed an ice bag on his crouch as he sighed relief. Charles and Kenneth stood up, scratching their heads.

"That… Really hurt." Ichika groaned out, wiping some of the ramen residue on his face.

"You'll feel better in the morning Ichika. Remember we still have theory class and studying for exams." Kenneth said, as Ichika groaned again.

"Don't remind me…" he said, falling onto the bed he was given.

With a knock on the door, Maya Yamada stepped into the room and saw all three of them. Looking at Ichika, she gasped.

"Oh my, what happened?"

"Ichika did something and now his… well, it hurts." Kenneth said, as Ichika gave him a glare.

"I'm sorry to hear that Ichika, so please get better soon! Also, I have an announcement! The boy's public bath has opened!"

The three of them looked at each other as Ichika said. "You two go on without me… I think I'll be here for awhile."

2040 Hours- IS Academy Boy's Public Bath

Kenneth sat in the hot water, relaxing as he checked the sensors on his artificial arm. It was water proof so it wouldn't be too much of a hassle if it got wet.

"I… I'm coming in!" said Charles as she stepped into view, Kenneth instinctively turned to Charles seeing her naked besides a bath towel she said. Eyes bulging out slightly, he turned away. The first time he looked at Charles was when he and Ichika learned of Charles being a girl. It didn't bug him as the SI trainees trained without much of a care, and he had his little poking fun out of Ichika. But now…

"Kenneth, you're acting strange."

"Oh, I am? I uuhhhh… Yeah, I guess I am." Kenneth said, still looking the other way as he shifted himself to the center of the bath. Charles tilted her head at Kenneth's change in character as she sat back-to-back with him.

"Sooo… I made a decision." Charles said.

"A decision?"

"About staying here. In the IS Academy."

"Ohh… I see." Kenneth said. It has been some time since he last thought about Charles situation with her father and the Dunois Corporation.

"If you are… staying here, not just because of your mission, but because you do want to be here… Then I'll stay here as well."

Kenneth pondered over what Charles had said. Despite his mission, he was getting used to having this separate live abroad from the Scion Initiates Base. Teaching was a bit the same, but the training he would also get from Protocol Waltz. It had a nice change of pace. He wasn't just a soldier for STARIS, but just another student. But he knew that it didn't really change the matter for what he was here for. Safety guarding Ichika's IS in case of terrorist activity.

But then there was Charles herself. Over the course of her time here, Kenneth has been feeling more at ease. Things were getting better for him emotionally. But his duty would have to come first… Wouldn't it? What would…?

"Kenneth? Did you hear me?"

"I uuhhh… Yes I did!" Kenneth said, his thought train broken.

"So what have you decided?" She said, turning to his back as she held her hands next to Kenneth's own.

"I… Do just want to be here. But there will be-"

"Shh. I know. There will be times that you'll have to go back for something or other. But so long as you keep that promise. I understand." Charles placed her hands on Kenneth's back as she laid her head on the back of Kenneth's head.

"Thank you." Kenneth said as he looked down at the water, thinking still.

"I think… I can give you another secret of mine."


"Could you call me 'Charlotte' from now on? Even if it's only when we are alone…"

"That's your real name isn't it?"

"Yes, the one that my mother gave me."

"Ok then… Charlotte."

0728 Hours - May 14, 2022 – IS Academy – Class One Room

"Today class we are having another student joining us!" Maya said as the class turned and saw

"I'm Charlotte Dunois. Pleased to meet you all again!"

"Uuuhhh yeah… Charles Dunois was actually Charlotte Dunois. Oops." Maya said, tilting her glasses down with embarrassment.

The class had uproar as the girls started talking with one another in rapid fire questions.

"So Dunois was really a girl?"

"I knew she was strange!"

"Instead of a pretty boy, she was a pretty girl!"

"Hey didn't the boy's public bath open yesterday?"

"Yeah that's right! So then all three of them…"

Ichika heard the last comment as he and Kenneth stood up from their seats and said. "That's not completely-"

With a bang and crumbling walls, Rin stepped into the room with her IS armor on. "Oh my! Please, no ISs in the classroom!" Maya yelled as Rin looked over at Ichika, a look of disgust on her face.

"ICHIKA!" She yelled, charging her dragon cannons. Ichika wildly waved his hands in the air.

"No, no, no, no! This isn't what you think! I'm dead, I'm dead, I'm DEAD!" He pleaded as Rin fired. Only to be blocked by Laura activating her IS and blocking the shot with her AIC.

"Holy crap, I'm not dead!" Ichika thanked Laura as she turned and face Ichika. "Thank you so mu-"

Ichika's words were cut off as Laura grabbed Ichika with her IS arms around his body and kissed him. The entire class became silent. Even Charlotte and Kenneth were stunned.

"You… You will be my bride! Th-this is final! No objections!" Laura declared like a drill sergeant.


Ichika took a few seconds to register what Laura said as Cecilia deployed her own IS and took aim with her Starlight Mk III rifle.

"Oh no, come on!" Ichika yelled as all the girls in IS armor besides Laura decided to point their weapons at him, all hot for firing. He back away as he heard a swing in the air as Houki slashed at his head with the katana she had from earlier.


Ichika made a run for it as Cecilia, Rin, and Houki started to boost after him. Laura poked her head out of the classroom, not understanding why the girls were chasing after him. Nevertheless, she started to follow as well.

Kenneth and Charlotte looked at the rumble that the girls created in the classroom then back to each other.

"What just happened?" Charlotte asked.

"I haven't a clue."

And that's it for now! Thank you guys! But here's maybe a preview of something that I have been wanting to do for some time… Omake/Preview!

The year is Space Age 10. With humans advancing to the outer reaches of the Earth Sphere, a new era has begun.

Then the Meteor-3 Incident. A strange metal landed on Earth, discovered by Tabane Shinonono.

The evolution of bipedal mechanized soldiers or Personal Troopers, dubbed by the community as Infinite Stratos.

Matter materialization and matter storage, human bodies can now be stored on to machines.

The Divine Crusaders have begun their war.

Super Infinite Stratos Wars. (Maybe coming… Who knows?)