Now this was inspired by several things and this will definitely be an interesting Phantom Fic.

1: The Karen Kingsbury Bailey Flanigan Series. (I'm team Brandon by the way.)

2: Michael Buble's music video Hollywood.

3: I heard my first song by Lady Antebellum. Just a kiss.

Now, I own nothing at all.

Chapter One

Haven't you yet

Belle Andersen smiled at the next man in the checkout line for Dreyer's grocery store. "Hello. Did you find everything you needed?"

"Yes, I did." He said quickly. "I'm in a hurry."

"All right." She began checking out the milk, batteries and cheese he'd had. She bagged it quickly, obviously this man was in a rush. "That'll be $13.50."

"Rats! Forgot to bring my cash." He handed her his credit card. "Can we make this fast please?"

She nodded. "All right. Your ID please?" He nodded and handed it to her as he signed his name. She didn't really study it, his face matched the face on the ID. "There you go." He gave her a slightly funny look as he took the bag. "Is something wrong?"

He shook his head. "No."

"Hey!" Mary, her fellow bagger said leaning forward. "Aren't you Erik Destler? The movie star?"

Belle had glanced only briefly at it his ID. And now, the name Erik Destler flashed in her mind. There was no mistaking it, she'd heard of him, she just had never seen his movies before. She glanced up at him to see panic in those piercing blue eyes of his.

"Mary." She warned her. "Keep your mouth shut."

But it would have been easier to convince Noah that there wasn't going to be a flood. Mary was a huge fan of Erik Destler and she saw the hysteria coming up in her eyes. She grabbed the receipt and handed it to him as she moved towards Mary.

"HEY!" Mary yelled. "IT'S ERIK-UGHHHH!"

Mary was instantly cut off when Belle tackled her to the ground! Mary's shriek turned into a scream. Belle looked up as Erik Destler took off towards the exit door. He raised his hand in a gesture of thanks before he ran out the front.

"Halt!" Security officer Joe shouted.

Belle pushed Mary off her and ran towards the security guard. "It's ok Joe!" She shouted. "It's ok! Let him go!"

"What?" Joe said turning and frowning at her.

"Just let him go!" She said running towards the door. She watched as he jumped into a ready and waiting jeep with a chauffeur. She exhaled as he took off.

He saw her standing by and shouted out out from his open window. "THANK YOU! I WON'T FORGET THIS!"

She raised her hand and waved. She turned back to Joe and smiled, but that smile vanished when she saw her manager helping a distraught Mary off the ground. The manager, she suspected was dating Mary off the clock, so this didn't leave her in a good position. Oh, how she wished for the old days when peopled had to maintain a non-personal relationship when working! But as Heaven knows, anything goes!

"Mary." She said hurrying up to her and brushing her hair out of her eyes. "I am so sorry about that."

"You!" She shrieked lunging at Belle; but the manager restrained her. "You spoiled everything."

"I am sorry Mary, but I couldn't let you sound the alarm."

"What is all this about?" The manager said.

"Belle tackled me!"

"A celebrity, Erik somebody or other-"

"ERIK DESTLER!" Mary shouted cutting her off.

She nodded indifferently. "That's the name, was in the checkout line. Mary was about to go all hysterical and send a crowd our way."

"You managed to do just that." The manager said.

"But he got away." She pointed out. "Celebrities should at least be deserved to go shopping and not get mobbed their way out the door! Also, shouldn't the workers in the store be impersonal?"

"Impersonal? Is that what you explain your actions?" The manager scoffed. "You should have consideration for the people you work with! I've had enough complaints about you and your haughty attitude with your co-workers. I am not taking anymore of this! You're fired!"

Erik gripped the cell phone in his hand. "You fired her?" He bellowed. "That's outrageous!"

"Sir, we cannot have our workers tackling others just because they feel the need."

"I was calling to say how grateful I was," Erik growled. "but now I am just the opposite. I am purely disgusted. Sure, she tackled the lady, but she gave me a fair chance to escape the pressures of my fame. She also stopped a mob in your store, or maybe that's what you wanted? Now, I demand her address so I may apologize to her and try to find her work that she is well suited for." The manager grumped, but did as he asked. "Thank you!" He said sarcastically. "For your wonderful service!" He slammed the phone down and glanced at the address. "Idiot!"

"Easy boss." Drew said coming in with the makeup kit. "You're needing a little touch up."

"Forget that for the moment!" He snapped. "Those idiots just fired that girl."

"They fired her? For helping you out?"

"You're darn right! But I got her address. Now, I've got to figure out what to say to her when I see her."

Drew grabbed the address and looked at it. "Hey! She must be the girl who lives and helps my mom."

"What are you talking about?"

"This is my mom's address." Erik sat up in his chair. "This sure is a small world."

"Well, call your mother and see if she's there!"

Drew chuckled as he pulled out his cell. "Have you got it bad!"

"I have not!" He said. "I can't even remember what she looked like!"

Drew rolled his eyes. "Hello, Mom? Yes, I'm fine." His gaze narrowed. "No, I am not taking drugs! An occasional drink never hurt anybody." He rolled his eyes. "Look, Mom, I need to ask you a question. Is there a girl by the name of Belleā€¦.Andersen staying with you? There is? Did she get fired from work today?" He turned to Erik and nodded. "It's her."

"Is she there?" Erik pressed.

"Is she there?" Drew's face fell. "What do you mean she went to a Michael Buble concert?" Erik glanced at the clock. It had only been an hour since she'd been fired, she must have had these tickets ready or something. "Oh. I see. Do you know where? Someplace in Denver." Erik was already on Michael Buble's website getting the name of where he was appearing. "Thanks. No, I don't know her. Erik. She saved his butt today. Sorry Mom. All right, will do. Bye." He sighed. "I've gotta watch my mouth around her."

"Here it is!" Erik said. "The Air Force Academy! Let's go!"

Belle sighed and sat back as she watched Lucy with amused eyes. "Excited?"

Twelve-year-old Lucy nodded. "I'm glad you could go! Mummy couldn't make it."

She smiled. "So am I, even if I'm not dressed for the occasion." She wore her black slacks, black flats and white blouse from work.

"Here." Lucy said reaching into her bag and pulling out a red necklace with a matching bracelet.

She chuckled. "Where'd you get these?"

"A lady should always be prepared." She said. "I also couldn't decide if I wanted the blue over the red. But the blue looks good on me."

"Excuse me?"

The whole crowd screamed when Michael Buble came out. Lucy jumped up and applauded. She smiled and shook her head. Oh, to be young and have a bad case of puppy love. Now, Belle knew enough about shows that this wasn't part of it. Typically, the performer didn't scan the crowds without even taking a few bows.

He held his hands up and everyone grew quiet. "Now, this is out of the ordinary. Before we get started I've been asked to see if there's a Miss Belle Andersen in the audience?"

Belle's mouth fell open.

"That's you!" Lucy said.

Her twelve-year-old voice caught Mr. Buble's attention. He walked towards them to the edge of the stage. Belle blushed as everyone stared at her. Well, Lucy was just blushing from Michael Buble being close to her.

"Are you Belle Andersen?"

Belle nodded. "I am." She reached into her purse and showed her ID. "See?"

He stood up and flashed that smile of his. "Have you got a surprise coming."

She frowned and Lucy tugged on her arm. "What's he mean?"

She shrugged as Michael Buble tested his mike then launched into his biggest hit, 'Haven't met you yet'. She felt very uneasy, like everyone in the audience was watching her and Mr. Buble. But a quick glance showed she was right. Everything was fine until he got to the second verse. All the lights went out except for three spotlights.

One on him, her, and the other at the curtain. She scrunched down in her seat. She didn't like being the center of attention and she didn't like surprises either.

I might have to wait, I'll never give up. I guess it's half timin' and the other half's luck. Wherever you are, whenever it's right. You'll come outta nowhere and into my life.

Around the corner, she saw another person come out. They quickly scanned the crowd, but evidentially the crowd knew him for they screamed, almost drowning out Mr. Buble. And I know that we can be so amazin'. And baby your love is gonna change me. And now I can see every possibility. He walked towards her and screaming ceased. He held out his hand to her and she stood up and frowned. She hesitated, took Lucy's hand and set her up on the stage first. Somehow I know that it'll all turn out. You'll make me work so we can work to work it out. The stranger helped her up on the stage and she hastily brushed her slacks off. And promise you kid I'll give so much more than I get. I just haven't met you yet.

"Belle!" The girl said. "It's Erik Destler himself!"

She shoved back her hair from her eyes and studied him. "Oh!" She gasped. "it's you!" Michael Buble kept singing and she noticed that the audience was straining forward, trying to catch every word they were saying.

He nodded. "Yes. I heard that you were fired and I wanted to talk to you."

She shook her head. "That wasn't necessary."

He shook his head. "I'm so sorry that you got fired on my account."

She shrugged. "No big deal. I was happy to help you. But," she asked in a lower voice. "isn't this a little silly? Tracking me down just to say thank you. And then, telling me something like this on stage with Michael Buble? I don't know how you got him to launch into a song before it was his time to start the program."

"He did it as a favor. Actually, this is a lot more than it appears to be." He said. "I'd like to offer you a job."

She blinked. "No, thank you, Mr. Destler."

He stared at her. "Excuse me?"

"I said, no thank you Mr. Destler. And now, will you kindly help me off the stage?"

"Don't you know who I am?" He asked taking a hold of her arm. "Don't you know what you're turning down?"

She glanced at her arm and pulled free. "Yes I do. Now, please let me watch the rest of the concert in peace!"