Two months later,

Erik exhaled and wrapped his arm around Belle's waist. "Nervous about tomorrow?"

She shook her head. "No, how could I be? Are you nervous?"

Erik shook his head. "Why should I be? Everything is perfect."

"I could change my mind and decide not to marry you."

"And I'd chase you down and make you marry me!"

Belle laughed and tossed her head, "Erik. I love you so much."

Erik burrowed closer to her in the hammock and exhaled. "So beautiful."

"Stop it." She said.

"Sorry lovely. Forgot you hate being called beautiful."

Belle rolled her eyes and turned on her side. The two months had been tense, but special. Erik's popularity had dropped as predicted, but it soon rose again. His music was well received and well loved. Erik had begun planning a tour with Belle singing with him after their honeymoon. The media gave their speculation of their romance, but the fans didn't believe it unless Erik said it from his own mouth.

She'd watched the video of Erik's speech when she was in the hospital and her tears couldn't stop falling for ten minutes. Erik's love was the greatest gift she could ever receive. He enjoyed the simple things with her now, shopping, walking along the beach and having dinner together at burger king or some other little cheap restaurant.

Erik had become involved in many charities for people like Lisa. His passion and conviction always caused people to open more than their wallets, their hearts. Erik wanted children. He said he intended to get as many children out of her as possible. She wasn't to sure about that idea, but told him she'd think about it. But she honestly didn't want more than five, Erik said he could live with that, for the moment.

"Hey?" Erik said softly, rubbing her shoulder.

She yawned and turned on her side. "What? Oh, I fell asleep?"

Erik helped her up. "Almost. Go inside, rest, and I'll see you at the chapel later…soon to be Mrs. Destler?"

Belle nodded, "indeed you may Mr. Destler."

Erik leaned forward and kissed her. His kiss held everything for her. The love of a husband. The promise of his devotion to her. She could almost taste the kisses for the years ahead. Some happy, some sad and other, just difficult. But through it all, they'd remain close together and whatever the future held they were ready for it. Nothing could ever separate them now.