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"So you're telling me that Shendu took over Jackie's body, had him change an entry in some magic book hidden under a giant rock in Australia, altered history, you were able to change it back because you ripped out the corner of a page with your entry on it, and after you got the Jade Team back together you were able to reset history and get me back out of the Demon Netherworld?" Naruto asked Jade a few days later as the two of them dusted products in Uncle's shop. After getting some new clothing since he only had one outfit –and running from demons caused it to get pretty worn out-, Naruto was now wearing a loose-fitting denim jacket that was dyed a burnt orange –Jackie was still amazed they even came in that color-, a black T-shirt with a blue whirlpool design on the front, and loose-fitting camouflage-pattern cargo shorts that stopped below the knees. In place of his sandals which also needed some maintenance he now wore a pair of dark blue converse sneakers, his hitae-ate still tied around his head so to keep his bangs out of his eyes, though the cloth was replaced with a longer black bandana since the old blue one had singe marks. I won't tell you who made them since it would be obvious.

"Pretty much, yeah," Jade answered. "At first I was confused when you were nowhere to be found, especially with how fondly the Demon Sorcerers thought of you, like you were live game."

"Wow. Don't I feel special," Naruto huffed sarcastically.

"But then I realized that because the Demon Sorcerers never got sealed away or had to get re-sealed, that you were still stuck in the Demon Netherworld because I never wound up there to get you out. Thankfully the temporal re-write reset everything. I'd hate for you to be back there. You're the only one Jackie lets me talk to about anything."

"Well, I guess that'd explain why I don't remember anything and why everyone was acting to weird when we visited your parents," Naruto said crossing his arms and tilting his head to the side, remembering how everyone was walking on eggshells at the mention of the word "demon".

"Ugh. Tell me about it," Jade sighed. If it wasn't the whole demon thing, it was Viper and her mom repetitively asking her if she and Naruto were a couple. For some reason though, the prospect wasn't that unappealing. Thankfully she was able to avoid the whole "birds and the bees" talk for another time. She was only twelve after all.

A moment later, the bell on the door ringing as Jackie came in, the blond's centires having let him know of the man's approach the moment he entered the block. "Welcome to Uncle's Rare Finds. How can I be of service to you today?" Naruto asked with a formal bow. After being taken into the Chan Clan, Uncle modestly asked if Naruto could help him out in the shop whenever he was able. A little fresh blood may do the place good. The blond wasn't really in any position to say "no" since he didn't really have anywhere elso to go.

"Now, now Naruto, you don't have to be so formal with BWAAAH!" Jackie said before crying out as he was greeted with the sight of numerous copies of Naruto all around the shop dusting everything, and I mean everything. Some were clinging to the walls while others hung down from the ceiling by the bottoms of their feet, literally. "Jade, you're grounded. No TV, for a year," he chastised his niece.

"Wha- But I didn't do it this time!" Jade argued. "Naruto made his Shadow Clones so we'd get our work done faster!"

"Sh-Shadow Clones? How dumb do you think I am? I'd think that after what happened with Po Kong that you'd learn your lesson," he sighed.

"But Jackie…" Jade moaned dejectedly.

"Matte, matte Jackie-san, Jade-chan's right. This is all me, not any of this Chi Magic stuff I keep hearing about," Naruto said coming to her defense, the clones scattered around the shop going up in puffs of smoke, causing Jackie to jump up before he patted his heart.

"D-Don't do that!" the archaeologist cried, reminding himself to put more money into his health insurance policy. If Jade was bad for his cardial health, he could only imagine how bad it would be putting up with Jade and Naruto. Had he known Naruto vandalized the ninja equivalent to Mount Rushmore, he would've scheduled a bit of time with a therapist.

"Eh heh… Gomenasai…" Naruto said nervously. On a like note, after getting to know the Chan Clan better, Naruto had let some of his Japanese heritage slip through, whether it be some Japanese words in place of the English –which he inexplicably learned from the seven Demon Sorcerers that hunted him down for sport- or addressing his new family with honorifics; Jackie-san, Jade-chan, Tohru-san, and Uncle-ojii. Ironically however, it was due to Jade's actions that prevented him from stumbling around blindly and making an idiot out of himself more than Uncle.

"Anyway, all this clone business aside," Jackie said as he pulled a manila folder out of his shoulder bag. "I just got back from Captain Black. Your new papers have been put through, Naruto," he said as he passed it to Naruto.

"Hmmmm…" he hummed as he looked over its contents, as well as his official "cover story" since you can't just put Elemental Countries in the Other ethnicity box without raising a bunch of red flags. "Orphaned from birth… Lived off the grid in eastern Japan… Born on October 10th 1987… Adopted into the Chan family as of 2001…" he read off before handing it back to his adoptive uncle. "I don't see any problems with this."

"And now that that is out of the way, you can begin going to school like a normal thirteen year-old boy," Jackie said slipping it back into his bag.

"What part of being a demon family's chew toy is normal exactly?" the blond asked with a deadpan expression.

"Or being a real-life ninja?" Jade asked with a similar expression.

"Bu- Wha- Where do you come up with these things?" Jackie asked exasperatedly.

"I'd say TV, but I never watched it recreationally," Naruto said shrugging his shoulders, Jade gaping since apart from "adventuring" her life pretty much was TV. Jackie of course was just glad he wouldn't have to worry about two children wasting away in front of a TV screen. Even if one of them had been thirteen years old for longer than the United States had been established.

"Tohruuu! Where is my tea!-?" Uncle suddenly demanded out of nowhere.

"Tea…" the mountain of a man said tiredly as he came into the room, a tea kettle and cups loaded on a tray.

"It is abooout time," Uncle ranted as he continued to check the numbers in his book, Tohru walking off with a sigh and his shoulders sagged.

"Geez, couldn't Uncle-ojii stand to loosen up a little?" Naruto asked Jade over his shoulder from the stairwell.

"Nu-uh. Tried that once. Didn't go over so well with Jackie," Jade returned, Tohru accidentally knocking a statue and pot off their pedestals, only for Jackie to catch them at the last second.

"Oh, I just remembered!" Jade said as she ran down the staircase, catching Tohru before he could get back to the kitchen. "Hey Tohru. The Japanese Cultural Expo starts tomorrow, and Jackie says Naruto and I can't go without a chaperone. Think you'd be interested in the job?" she asked.

"Since when do you ever listen to what Jackie says?" Naruto asked, only for Jade to elbow him in the side causing him to grunt out. To answer her question, Tohru simply sighed in a downtrodden tone.

"Um, is something wrong big guy?" Jade asked.

"Forgetting tea is what is the matter!" Uncle suddenly cried out. "This is a pot of water!"

"Ooogh. Sorry…" Tohru sighed dejectedly, heading into the kitchen to get the teabags. Raising a brow at the sumo's depressed mood, Jade headed for the kitchen to talk to him while Naruto got back to his dusting. He didn't know Tohru that long so he wouldn't know what was wrong like Jade could.

A few minutes later, Tohru left the kitchen before sticking a tea bag in the hot water at the front desk, the man knocking another vase over only for Jade to catch it at the last second. As Naruto finished sweeping the last bit of dust from the corner into the dust pan, the front door opened setting the welcoming bell overhead off. Everyone's eyes turned to the door at the crack of lightning that punched its way through the sky, the blond wondering who opened the door before he looked down, catching sight of a little old lady shorter than he was.

"Mommy," Tohru said with a smile as he walked towards the woman in question.

"Mommy?" Jackie and Uncle repeated in confusion.

"Those things are even furrier than Bushy Brow's," Naruto said to himself when he took note of the… lady's, eyebrows.

"This where you live?" the woman asked as she handed her umbrella to Tohru as she scrutinized the shop, dragging her finger along the top of a dusty table before saying- "You gave up good job with nice Mr. Valmont for this?" she asked distastefully.

"Nice?" Jade asked in shock.

"Doesn't she know Valmont's a crook?" Naruto asked with a raised eyebrow.

"No. And please, do not tell her," Tohru pleaded, his mother commenting on how the establishment was a "junk shop" before Naruto intervened.

"This is an antique store," Jade huffed indignantly. She may not've lived there anymore, but she was still proud.

"Huah. Only antique I see is the old billy goat there," she said jabbing a finger at Uncle.

"Billy goat!-?" Uncle asked as he pushed himself up from his desk.


"Hush up!" she demanded, causing Tohru to hang his head.

"Crabby lady should watch he forked tongue, unless she wants a piece of Uncle," the gray-haired man said jabbing a finger at himself.

"Hah! I would sweep floor with you! And this floor needs it," she said looking around.

"So I missed a dust bunny or two. Cut me some slack," Naruto huffed making his presence known.

"Awww, look at these cheeks, you look just like a baby kitsune," Mrs. T cooed as she pulled at Naruto's whisker-marked cheeks, much to his disdain.

"Take your hands off my charge, tarantula lady! He has been man-handled by enough demons for one lifetiiime!" Uncle screeched as he yanked Naruto away from his opponent, dragging him off only for the lady's left eye to suddenly bug out, red veins pulsing and causing a chill to go up Naruto's spine.

"Evil eye cannot work on meee," Uncle said raising a finger without even turning around, the blond in his grasp simply shrugging the oppressive feeling off.

"Hah! What junk seller know about work?" she asked, Uncle whirling around leaving Naruto spinning, Jackie rushing in to stop the two before their confrontation became violent.

"So… Some family huh?" Naruto asked Jade from the side as they watched Jackie juggle a conversation with who the blond suspected to be Captain Black, while at the same time keeping Uncle and Mrs. T from ripping one another to shreds. "Man my cheeks hurt," he sighed as he rubbed his aching face.

"If it's any consolation, I think you've got the cutest little cheeks I've ever seen," Jade said patting the blond on the shoulder.

"I hope you mean the ones on my face," the blond sighed, watching as Tohru's mom forced Tohru to help escort her to a hotel since there wasn't anywhere for her to stay at Uncle's Rare Finds. The big guy will come back soaked if he doesn't have an umbrella of his own, Naruto sighed to himself. "Jade, watch the shop for me. I need to make sure Tohru has an umbrella to use on the way back," he said passing Jade the broom before grabbing a yellow raincoat and a large umbrella from the closet, heading out the door before disappearing into the rain. With a huff, the Chinese girl took to sweeping the shop in the blond's place, hoping he'd get back soon so she wouldn't have to do all the work.

Oh, and so she'd have someone to talk to too.

The rain… Naruto said to himself as he leapt along, wondering just how it was possible he could lose a giant like Tohru in the city like he had. I used to not care much for it, but now… he mused to himself as he stopped atop a hotel sign, his palm held upward as he caught a portion of the deluge in his hand. It just proves I got out. That I have my freedom, he thought to himself as he looked back up, wondering where the mass of a man he'd come to known as Tohru went. Honestly, how can I lose someone that big? It doesn't make any sense.

Since he'd moved to Sanfrancisco, the blond had taken to scattering Shadow Clones in all directions once every couple hours, as to get a feel of the city he would be living in for until he decided to go somewhere else. At the moment he had a vague map etched into his mind, though to fill in the gaps he'd have to explore himself. He supposed that after school let out, he could do so during the free time he'd have in this "summer vacation" thing that Jade mentioned.

After several minutes of searching, the blond contemplating whether or not he should head back to the shop and simply wait for Tohru, the sound of a fight about to break up caught his attention. His cerulean eyes from within the cowl of his hood turned to one of the many sushi shops in the city, the very sumo he was waiting for stepping out into the rain, once again sopping wet. The blond was about to drop down to give him the extra-larger umbrella as so the man wouldn't get water-logged, however, an excessively long automobile -a "limousine" as Jade called it- pulled up alongside him, the sumo apparently talking to the vehicle's passenger before he was let in. Now, he may not have learned too many of the new world's social nuances after he'd gotten out of the Demon Netherworld, but he did know that you're not supposed to take a ride from complete and total strangers.

Following after from a vantagepoint in the shadows, the limo brought Tohru in the general direction of Uncle's shop, stopping about halfway back before Tohru was let out. He and the passenger who'd offered him a ride, the term "there's no such thing as a free lunch" coming to mind as he observed, exchanged a few words before the limo drove off, leaving Tohru in the rain and the blond the opportunity to come down to him. However, since ninja weren't commonplace in this era, he had to drop down into a back alley before approaching Tohru from the street.

At the same time, Jade and Uncle were fighting their own battle of good versus evil. Not really the way one would want to spend a rainy day, literally.

"You gave up good job with nice Mr. Valmont for this?"

"Servant in a junk shop."

"Kyoto Octopus."

"Serious payday. Buy yourself a car, just like this one."


"If you keep holding your hand up like that, people will start to think you're weird," a familiar voice suddenly said, drawing Tohru out of his reverie to the source.

"Naruto?" Tohru asked in surprise.

"The one and only. You look like you could use this," the blond said handing Tohru the extra-large umbrella, the man taking notice of how wet he was before extending his hand.

"Arigatou," Tohru bowed formally, the blond bowing his head in return as the two made their way back to the shop.

"So… Did you make a new friend?" the blond asked as they turned the corner, Uncle's Rare Finds right around the corner.

"More of an acquaintance really," Tohru returned.


"I am not cheap!"

"Oh… My mother and sensei are fighting again," Tohru sighed.

"How… How did she even beat us back here?" Naruto asked aloud with a raised brow.

"JAAADE! How do you stop these crazy things?" Naruto cried the next morning as he and Jade zipped through the expo, the girl herself on a green-colored motorized scooter from one of the displays, while he himself was on a pair of motorized in-line skates. True, these things helped him cover a lot of ground with less effort, but he found it kinda hard to jump with them on, and even if he could move quickly with them on, he could barely go in a straight line without Jade having to bail him out. At the least, it was convenient that there were helmets and pads in their sizes nearby so he wouldn't hurt himself.

"I told you Naruto, find your center," Jade sighed. He may've been a real-life ninja, but when it came to the modern world he was inept as a bull in a china shop. Of course, it isn't like where he lived was really so advanced, she thought to herself as they drove past some displays, mainly new-end appliances, kimonos, and a bejeweled cephalopod.

"Easy for you to say. You're riding a plank of metal with wheels on them. Mine are actually wedged under my feet," the blond huffed as he kept himself balanced. The fact that the motors whirred with even the slightest motion made it hard to stop.

"If Kepler made these, you'd probably be using hover-skates," the girl argued as they passed a new-age video game that looked like a mix between DDR and Guitar Hero. Throw in whack-a-mole and you've got a lawsuit waiting to happen.

"You mean the guy who tried hooking those probes up to me so I could power a jetpack with my chakra? Thanks but no thanks," the blond huffed in return as he finally found his footing.

"Hey, a chakra-powered jetpack would be awesome for you," Jade argued.

"Maybe from your perspective, but I am not getting probed, or experimented on!" the blond huffed before seeing something to change the direction of their conversation. "Oh look, there's Jackie," he said pointing to the side. The man may've been wearing the same tan security uniform as everyone else, but he still stood out considering everyone else was either too thin or too fat to make an effective guard.

"Jade, Naruto, how did you two get in here?" Jackie asked as the two rolled up to him, Jade grasping the back of Naruto's jacket to get him to stop.

"Security's lousy," Jade answered matter-of-factly.

"You two have to leave. Things could get ugly," Jackie warned the two, the sounds of explosives going off a moment later. Turning to the nearest sets of doors, they slowly creaked open, a suspicious white fog beginning to seep in. "Go. Go go," Jackie ordered, the two shooting off before taking a left.

"So… You going to listen to what Jackie-san says?" Naruto asked looking over his shoulder.

"Come on Nar, you know me better than that," Jade said with a smile in return, addressing Naruto by her little pet name for him.

"Oogh. Now I know why Jackie supposedly says this all the time," Naruto said as the two circled back around, Jackie and Tohru fighting four Chinese guys in suits, the prior using a displayed kimono as a battering ram while the latter threw another guy into a very large gong. "Bad day," the blond sighed as he formed a few seal-less clones; a skill he came up with back in the Demon Netherworld since he had nothing but free time on his hands. The clones quickly slid a shuriken apiece under the pressure sensors for the display, whereas the original lifted the glass case and Jade made off with the octopus, the duo retreating through the smokescreen as Jackie and Tohru got gassed.

"Jackie and Tohru? Where?" Uncle asked as he answered the phone, Mrs. T standing next to him at that very moment.

"Alright here's the deal! You give us the octopus, or your boys, do a meet-and-greet with the shark," the voice on the other end of the line demanded. "Marcus street Sushi Bar, one hour. Come through the front door, and come alone."

"Well?" Mrs. T asked as the phone was hung up.

"Nooo problem. Trade octopus for young ones. Wait, ooone problem."


"I have nooctopus," Uncle answered.

"You do now," Naruto said from the stairs, the two having come in from the top floor window in the back so they wouldn't be seen with the octopus. Be kinda hard to explain why two kids were walking around with a gold jewel-encrusted cephalopod.

"Pretty good for a child, huh?" Jade asked smugly as she held the gold jewel-encrusted cephalopod in her hands, Mrs. T huffing indignantly while Uncle smirked triumphantly. "Well? What're we waiting for? Tohru and Jackie need us."

"Us, not you," Mrs. T said liberating the octopus from Jade's grasp.

"Me, not us," Uncle retaliated as he liberated the octopus from her grip. "Youngster-napper says come alone."

"Hah. Foolish old junk monger cannot handle this alone."

"Uh, why don't I just-" Jade started-

"No!" the two said together, Jade huffing with crossed arms.

"Oh Kami… they're in synch," Naruto groaned to himself.

"I will phone Captain Black. In the meantime, stay here and watch the shop," Unle instructed as he and Mrs. T headed out the door.

"Hm. Watch the shop, huh?" Jade grumbled with crossed arms, looking to her left and right before turning to Naruto. "Oh Na-ru-to~" she said in a sing-song tone.

"*Sigh* I got it," the blond sighed as he formed a cross-tiger sign, a copy of him popping into existence next to the two. "You, watch the shop. Jade-chan and I will be back in a few."

"Yeah yeah, whatever," the clone huffed as he plopped himself down behind Uncle's desk and started to read a magazine. As soon as he was sure his creator and the cute girl in orange had left, the clone walked up to the window before changing the OPEN sign, to CLOSED. "There, I watched the shop. Now it's time for this indentured servant to make himself some ramen," the clone said heading for the kitchen. There had to be at least one instant ramen cup in the place.

Since Naruto and Jade realized that they had forgotten their motorized recreational vehicles after they had left the shop and were already a block away, the two had to spring for a bus to get to the Sushi Bar on Marcus street. From the back of the bus, Jade asked Naruto why he couldn't just give her a ride like they did when they made their escape from the Demon Netherworld, only for her to tell her that, in the middle of the day, there was too great a chance of them being spotted. Plus they were both wearing orange and would be heading towards a populated area; it would be extremely difficult to explain to the cops how he was doing something out of a ninja movie without wires. Arriving at the sushi bar, Jade was about to barge in through the back door until Naruto held her up by the scruff of her neck, feet kicking in the air until she turned to him with a huff.

"Naruto, what're you doing? We have to save Jackie and Tohru!"

"How about instead of bursting in and facing who knows how many bad guys, we find another way in apart from the obvious," the blond suggested.

"That coming from the guy who can make a thousand of himself?" the girl asked with a raised brow.

"One; a thousand clones won't fit in that sushi bar. Two; I'm trying to keep the fact that I can do that under wraps for the time being," the blond retorted as he looked around, his eyes catching sight of a grate a few feet above the nearby dumpster. "We'll go in through there."

"Think we'll fit?" Jade asked as she followed Naruto on top of the closed dumpster.

"Only one way to find out," Naruto replied as he pried the grate open and climbed in, Jade following behind.

"No one double-crosses the Yokonawa Mob, Tohru. You just made the biggest, dumbest, and last mistake, of your life," a bearded man in nice clothes playing with a yo-yo said as he addressed Jackie and Tohru, who at the moment were being dangled above a tank with a hungry shark in it.

"But, you have a deal, right? Once you get the octopus, you set us free," Jackie reminded, only for the bearded man to laugh.

"Once we get the octopus, you and your chum, are going to be chum," the bearded man finished, his skinny henchman telling the big one what chum was while Tohru vocalized his distaste for fish. As this was going on, Naruto and Jade tip-toed through the airducts, looking into the room through a grate as they crawled towards a potential exit.

"I see another grate just ahead. Let's kick it in and bust those two out," Jade said as she motioned towards the grate, only for Naruto to bar her way a second time.

"Matte. Uncle-ojii and Mrs. T-obaa are coming here with the octopus. When they have everyone's attention, that's when we'll strike," the blond said as he flicked his wrist, a kunai sliding into his hand from his sleeve on a spring-loaded mechanism he had Kepler make for him.

When Uncle and Mrs. T suddenly kicked the back door in, both Naruto and Jade dropped out of the air vent at the furthest corner of the room and ducked down behind a couple barrels of chum, completely undetected as the two seniors kept everyone's attention on them. Uncle and Mrs. T first attempted to negotiate the release of Jackie and Tohru, though the bearded man with the yo-yo would have no part of it, ordering that they all be thrown into the shark tank. The fighting quickly escalated, moving from the back room to the restaurant, leaving the bearded man to direct a bit of banter towards his captives before striking the green button on the wall with his yo-yo, lowering Jackie and Tohru into the shark tank.

"Enough waiting, I'm moving now!" Jade said as she leapt out from behind her cover, running towards the bejeweled octopus. "Jackie! Tohru!"

"Jade! What are you doing here? Oh, never mind. Give us a hand," Jackie pleaded as they were lowered into the tank, Jade about to do so until the bearded man intercepted her path.

"Oh no you don't!" he growled, the man stepping in a briny puddle and slipping on his own two feet, skidding across the wet floor with Jade using his back as a stepping stone as she made her way to the wall. Right as she pressed the red button, the bearded man had gotten up, Kyoto Octopus in one hand, while a cleaver from a nearby cutting board was in the other.

The bearded man then threw the cleaver through the air in an arc in Jackie and Tohru's direction, the archaeologist panicking before a black knife met it en route and sent the two in opposite directions, the residential blond's right arm extended from the throw as he stepped into view, Jackie and Tohru saved from a dunk in the shark tank.

"Who're you supposed to be? Some kinda ninja?" the bearded man asked playing with his yo-yo, the kunai and cleaver wedged in the floor and wall in opposite directions from one another.

"Why don't you try and find out," Naruto said stepping between the man and the back door, a physical confrontation the only bypass to their impasse. With practiced skill, the bearded man whipped out his yo-yo at the blond's face, only for the blond to whip a shuriken into his palm before throwing it into the air in return, the throwing star shearing straight through the red plastic as it spun. With a startled yelp, the bearded man hit the floor, the bejeweled octopus almost sliding from his grasp. "You know, while I'd like to have a long drawn-out battle for no reason…" Naruto drawled out as the bearded man got up, a puff of smoke going off at the wall the shuriken had embedded itself into. "Somehow I'm just not feeling it," he finished as the man looked over his shoulder, his vision soon obscured by a large pot thrown over his head. Before he could yank it off, the sides were beat with a nearby ladle, his head ringing before the man finally yanked the kitchenware off his head. All he received however was a frying pan to the face, courtesy of one of Naruto's shadow clones who at this moment was smiling cheekily.

The group let out a collective sigh of relief, though Jackie and Tohru gaped when the sounds of fighting from the next room met their ears. The big guy from before stepped out through the curtains, only to mutter- "No more…" –before dropping to the floor, skinny guy with sunglasses following before Uncle and Mrs. T followed suit, dragging the two gang members who'd been at the front of the shop into the room before unceremoniously tossing them to the side. Not wanting to explain why there were two of the blond standing around, Jade yanked Naruto's kunai out of the wall before chucking it at the clone, whose eyes widened before he went up in a plume of smoke when the throwing knife punched through his chest, Mrs. T thinking she saw something only to dismiss it. Naruto of course did not, noticing how great a shot Jade was.

With the Yokonawa Mob unconscious all around and the Kyoto Octopus secured after it's "theft" from the Japanese Cultural Expo, a quick phone call to Captain Black had a small squad called in to haul the mobsters off to prison. At the last moment the bearded man –who Naruto and Jade still had no idea who he was- cried out something about a clone or something, but since he was being hauled off to prison, no one paid it any mind. It was after the dust had finally settled, that Tohru's mother was finally able to tell her son her thoughts.

"I am very sorry for the unpleasantness, okaa-san," Tohru sighed, Mrs. T placing her hands on her son's cheeks, a stern look on her face before she replied-

"My brave little boy. You make your okaa-san proud," Mrs. T said with a smile on her face, Tohru looking at her with shock, always wanting to hear her say those words. "I am glad that you are not hurt, and… also glad you are with people who care about you. Jackie, Jade-chan, Naruto-kun, the billy goat," she addressed the group before facing Uncle.

"Ungh. Humph," Uncle growled as he narrowed his eyes behind his spectacles. "I will show you a billy goat. Heeyaaah! Yah!" he yelled, assuming, ironically, a goat stance only with his right leg raised.

"Hiiiii-ya-ya-ya-yah!" Mrs. T shrieked as she punched at the air before meeting Uncle head-on, Jackie once again trying to prevent a physical confrontation, only to have as much luck as the last two times. Zilch.

"Looks like the start of a beautiful relationship," Naruto sighed as he rubbed the bridge of his nose, knowing where this bout of the old versus the old was about to go from previous experience. This really wasn't any different from watching Shendu's nee-chan and nii-sans bickering amongst themselves like children.

"Uh, wanna go back to the Japanese Expo?" Jade asked.

"I have heard Kare Noke and her Yodeling Kabukis put on a very good show," Tohru replied with a smile, hoisting the two onto his broad shoulders. As Jade, Tohru, and Naruto left the sushi bar and walked down the street a myriad of sounds including a panicking archaeologist, two brawling seniors, and hundreds of dollars worth of collateral damage echoed into the background. With that chapter of their lives done and the dust settling, the sense of normalcy began to return.

Well, about as normal as an archaeologist/secret agent, sumo, a trained shinobi, and a chi wizard could be.

Author's Notes:
In case no one remembers, while Uncle, Jackie, and Jade are Chinese, Narto, Tohru, and Mrs. T are
Japanese, hence some of the language coming up. I thought it would be fun to include honorifics whenever the three of them are together since they are of Japanese descent.

Also. Given that Jade's date of birth was set in 1989 and she's 11 by the time the series starts (she's at LEAST 13 by the end of the series since 2 Chinese New Years events are confirmed in the series), the events of Jackie Chan Adventures most likely were set in the 2000s at an unspecified date.