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Raven was sitting in the common room reading and drinking herbal tea when she reached over for her mug and burned her finger.

She hissed in pain, holding her injured appendage closer to her person.

"Rae? What's wrong?"

She looked up to find Beastboy looking at her concernedly as he made his way over to the sofa.

The empath blushed before showing him her burnt finger.

Gasping, the changeling softly grasped her hand-careful not to touch her injured finger- and lead her to the kitchen.

He turned on the faucet and waited for the water to warm until gently running her finger under the lukewarm liquid.

Raven sighed in pleasure as the water soothed her burn.

After running it under the water for two minutes, Beastboy turned it off and pulled out the first-aid kit and softly applied a burn ointment before carefully wrapping her finger in a cloth bandage.

"Thanks Beastboy." The half-demon thanked him sincerely as the changeling inspected her hand for any other injuries.

He looked up from his inspection and grinned softly at her, causing the empath to blush.

"Anytime Rae" he told her in a warm voice before taking her hand in his own and pressing her bandaged finger tenderly to his lips.

The dazed girl could only look on as the boy released her hand and made his way to the couch, and on the T.V.

Shaking herself out of her stunned-state, Raven made her way over to the green teen sitting on the couch.


"Hmm?" came the distracted reply

"Why'd you do that?"

He looked up and smiled at her before turning back to the T.V.-Surfing through the channels.

"I wanted to kiss it better."

"Hey Beastboy?"

"Yeah Rae?"

"….I think I burned my lips too"

Turning towards the girl, Beastboy grinned as he saw that Raven was blushing.

Making his way over to the embarrassed empath, the changeling swooped in and planted a chaste kiss on her lips before pulling away.

"Any better?" he asked shyly.

Once again shaking herself out of her dazed-state Raven smirked at the boy.

"No" she took in the boy's drooping ears and giggled softly, "I think you need to do it again."

Perking up, Beastboy looked over at the empath before grinning.

"I was hoping you'd say that." He whispered breathlessly before recapturing her lips with his.



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