"Hey guys! So last night I was surfing the net when I got this really cool idea!" America practically yells to us. "I think we should do a thing where people send in letters asking us questions and daring us to do stuff and stuff like that! Cool idea, right?"

We sit in a disbelieving silence.

"Oh come on guys, it's not a bad idea is it?"

"Well, won't people send in requests that we won't want to do?" England questions. "If we refuse, we'll just upset the sender!"

"That's why we have to swear to do everything that is requested, unless it goes against the rules."

"Well, I think that eet is a wonderful idea!" France accepts. "Our fans will be so 'appy!"

"I think it would be a nice thing to do." Canada agrees quietly, though he was not heard over America's booming voice, which had said, "I know, right? So, what do you think, Random?"

"Huh? Me? I'll be a part?" As America nods, I answer, "Cool! I'd love to do it! It'll be really fun!"

"So, what are these rules you mentioned?" England asks.

"Well first of all, we want to keep it rated T, so nothing too inappropriate!" America answers. "That means no pervy business France!"

"Oh, my dreams 'ave been shattered!" France sighs dramatically. 'Always the drama queen' I think to myself.

"Well I agree with that rule! So please, nothing too inappropriate, for my mind is young and pure, and I'd like to keep it that way!" I agree with the loud American. "Secondly, I don't usually support yaoi or anything but, since it's for you guys…fine. I'll do it!"

"It seems that you'll do anything for your readers." England stated.

"Not exactly anything…it's just…it might make things more interesting…" I mumble the last part, thinking 'Plus Hungary will hit me with a frying pan if I don't include anything like that!'

"Oh, 'ow sweet! She ees so kind to 'er readers!" France

"Stay away from me, pervert!" I retort.

"Oh! Zat ees cruel!" France then slumps off to a corner.

"So back to the rules. The third rule is that you can't make the countries die. You can maim and seriously injure them, but no killing." I finish.

"Wait a tick, so they're seriously allowed to maim or seriously injure us? That's just as bloody bad as killing us in the first place!" England protests.

"Yeah, seriously dude, maiming and seriously injuring people is NOT cool!" America agrees reluctantly with the Englishman.

"I don't want to be maimed!" France chips in.

"I don't particularly like the idea either, but I guess we did swear that we'd do whatever they wanted us to." Canada reasons quietly.

"Thank you Canada! And plus guys, this means they have a right to maim or seriously injure ANY of us, including me. We're just gonna have to deal with it!"

"Well, at least we won't be completely dead!"

"America, how can you be so positive about being maimed?" England asks.

"I'm too gorgeous to be maimed! So I'd better get maimed beautifully!" France requests.

"Is there even a way to maim beautifully?" I ask incredulously.

"Anyways, we also have a few other things to point out!" America reminds us.

"Oh yeah! Why don't you do the honours, America?" I say.

"Cool! Alright, as well as truth/dare/questioning us, you can also truth/dare/question the other countries too! They are gonna be guests, 'cause we're the awesome hosts!"

"I get the feeling that Prussia would disagree." I point out.

"Well, maybe! Also, if you have anything that you think can be done to improve this truth/dare/questioning thing then tell us! We want this thing to be awesome, so you have to say how we can improve!" America continues.

"We'd really appreciate it if everyone sent in their truths/dares/questions soon, because we'd really like to start doing this soon!" Canada contributes.

"Also, Random may be looking for co-hosts in the near future. If you want to do it, drop us a line, will you? Preferably by PM." England explains.

"Thank you for viewing this introduction!" France says from his corner.

"Yes, thanks for viewing this so far! Also, to anyone else who's done this kind of thing, I'm not trying to steal your ideas! If you're not happy with me doing this, then please tell me."

"Thanks again, and see you later dudes!"

AUTHOR NOTES: Yes, that's right! I am starting one of those Hetalia truth/dare/question things! So, the FACE family and I kind of explained it up there, but just in case you didn't get it:


1. Nothing too inappropriate. We need to keep this rated T, plus my mind is pure; I would not like it to be corrupted too soon! So keep it at T please!

2. NO KILLING THE COUNTRIES! Yeah, the countries and I cannot die, but we can be maimed and seriously injured. Just saying.

3. Even though I don't usually do yaoi stuff, I will take yaoi requests. But nothing to do with FrUK! (Sorry, I hate that pairing with a passion! I always thought of France being 'Forever Alone' so…you can still pair him up if you want though. But not with Iggy.) And also, no incest! Sorry but, just, no. No. Unless it's Belarus and Russia 'cause Russia is usually terrorized followed by her.

So those are the rules, please follow them! Also, here is the list of characters you may truth/dare/question!

MAIN – We are basically the hosts, but we still answer questions and truths and we still do dares.

Me (Random!)

America (the hero!)

England (Why don't people like his food? It's great!)

France (Pervert…)

Canada (YAY CANADA!)

GUESTS – They don't get to read out the letters, but they are here for the truths/dares/questions that you can give them!

Italy (PASTAAA~!)

Germany (No asking is he's the HRE 'cause it might spoil it!)

Japan (*blank expression*)

China (aru!)

Russia (Become one, da?)

Prussia (AWESOME!)

Hungary (The reason why I must allow yaoi…or suffer the consequences…)

Austria (*plays a little tune on the piano*)

Belarus (Russia's personal stalker…)

Romano (Buono Tomato!)

Spain (Spain es Española! (Yeah I know Spanish! I'm saying "Spain is Spanish!"))

Sealand (is a country ;D)

If you can think of any other countries that you'd like to be here, feel free to invite them!

I might not add hosts. At the moment I'm thinking about it. But I do not know!

I'm gonna add a bit. As I said up there^, please don't ask Germany if he was HRE because I really don't know what I'd put in response and how the others (and Germany himself) would react.

You can call the countries whatever you want to call them, but I'm calling them by their country name.

Also, in the end, we all had to sign the contract that makes us swear to do whatever you ask us to. So, have a ball making us do stuff like answering your questions!

And also (sorry, I'm rambling aren't I?) the layout will probably not be like in this chapter. It'll probably look something like this:

Random: (insert speech here)

America: (insert speech here)

England: (insert speech here)

(Insert review with T/D/Q in bold here)

(Insert character reactions that aren't speech here in italics)

And etc.

I think that's about it! So, please send in your truths/dares/questions (I don't know what to refer to them as!) and we'll do our best to answer them/do the dares, okay?

Thanks for reading!

EDIT: I've kinda had to edit the chapters, so they are no longer going to be in script format – apparently it's not allowed. Just thought I'd let you know ;) -22/5/12

~RandomWriter57, herby referred to as "Random"