When I met the Riddler

So this is from my OC's point of view. She is not a Sue. I hope you like!

Why did she have to walk so fast? After all it was only my first day, as an intern, at Arkham. Yes sir, I worked at Arkham Asylum, which houses the criminally insane! My name is Alex Ygmia, I turned 24 the day before I started. It's a late birthday present, yip-he!

"Here look his file over before we get there," Doctor Young, spoke with swiftness and bitterness. She turned abruptly around to shove a clipboard in hands. I looked at the picture, the Riddler? Why did he look so familiar? Those eyes, had something behind them, something I knew. But the shock of receiving the Riddler's case escaped my lips fast then I could respond to stop myself.

"Doctor Young, this is the Riddler's case." I didn't mean to sound obvious it just came out.

"Yes," she stopped and turned around when my own footfall stopped.

This is captain obvious with an important message. "But I'm an intern and this is only my first day."

"Yes but Edward is one of the few that can't kill you with your own pen."

I doubted that, "I bet he could if he tried."

"True," oh there some confidence. "One of the few that won't kill you with your own pen," I was not convinced.

I couldn't help it, "Isn't he one of the more 'insane' ones?"

She was clearly fed up with me, "Listen kid, do you want the annoying genius? Or the ex-professor that will prevent your sleep for a week without his fear toxin, well," I swallowed hard.

I think Doctor Young is the one preventing my sleep. "The annoying genius," I was a like a mouse, shrinking back. He's was not going to talk to me, I mean why would he? But, then again I looked nothing like a doctor. A green shirt, dark jeans, bright green converse shoes and a grey jacket with the Arkham symbol on the right side, that I got on the way in. "Is he hostile?"

"Edward, no not usually. But he can make you hostel, he is so damn annoying!" Doctor Young opened the door, to revile a man I a grey jumpsuit with a white rectangle on the upper right side, with Nigma stitched in it. He looked up and smirked with dancing green eyes.

"Hello, Doctor Young, who's your friend?" His voice held a familiar arrogance that made him attractive. I mean he was already attractive, not that, I liked him or anything.

"This is Alex," Doctor Young pushed me forward. "She will be spending an hour or so with you for the next week." He only smirked bigger, making his eyes sparkle.

"Why not? It will be good to spend time with such a fair maiden like her." He was flirting, I couldn't believe it! Doctor Young whispered something and the door closed. "Alex is it," I nodded. "Is it short for anything?" I was almost like a statement like he knew already.

"Alexandria," I said in a small voice. I was stuck in a room with a crazy person, no, a registered insane person.

"Alexandria," Riddler said as he tossed it around in his head. "What a beautiful name, such class to it." Damn he was too charming. "Come, come dear sit." There is only the floor and the cot next to him. I was not about to sit on that dirty floor so I plopped down next to him.

"So, Mr. Nigma," I was cut off by a raised hand.

"Please, call me Eddie or Edward, everyone does." He gave a charming smile and his eyes lit up.

"Ok Edward," I did not feel comfortable calling him Eddie. "Tell me about your childhood."

"Miserable, next," he tried to brush it off, not going to happen.

"Edward please, is that not where you became obsessed with riddles."

"Alright," He said looking at me as if he needed to look over glasses. "But first may I ask a question?"

"Already did," he smirked again.

"Touché, I meant another one my dear."

"Very well," what harm it could it have done? Now I know exactly what it could do.

"What's that peeking out of your left sleeve," damn. "A tattoo perhaps," I sighed in shame, as I rolled up my sleeve. It was a tattoo, a question mark tattoo. "Well, riddle me this, who else as a thing for the iconic mark? Hmmm?" Why did he have be so cute?

"Yes, don't tell, I could get fired." I plead, yanking down my sleeve.

"Wouldn't think of, my dear, I would never rat out a riddle lover. You do like riddles don't you Alex?" Again that question was like a statement, as if he knew me already.

"Yes, Edward, I do." I replied simply.

"Would you like to hear one," his voice once more dipped down to ask a question.

"Ok," I sighed.

"Fantastic," he clapped his hands together with enthusiasm. "But be careful don't cut yourself on this sharply observed portrait."

It was so easy, "A portrait of warden Sharp, right?"

He clapped in slow in an admiring sort of way. "Well done, a girl with brains. I like that." Why did he keep looking at me like he had to look over glasses? It seemed almost second nature. Why is was flirting with me? Not that I fully damned it, I kind of liked it. My face was growing hot and he started chuckle. "Good Lord, I didn't mean to embarrass you."

"Anyway Edward," I said burying my face in to his file to hid my still burring cheeks. Wait, that couldn't be right, "You turned 25 yesterday?"

"Ahh, yes, I did, didn't I?"

My lips where moving without consulting my brain. "Yesterday was my birthday too." He reviled a knowing smile again, that was really starting to worry me.

"Where did you go to College?"

"College," he nodded, "Gothem tech, why?"

"Me too," he smiled, it seemed he was trying to get me to catch something. Could it be, those eyes, that grin. Eddie Nasthon, it couldn't be, little Eddie in there?

"Eddie, Eddie Nashton, is it really you?"

"It's Nigma now, and in the flesh," he said bowing in his sitting position. I started to chuckle then laugh with pure joy.

"You were two years ahead of me, but you are only a year older?"

"Because of my intellect," dear God he is so arrogant, but it was a cute arrogance. "I was pushed up a level in high school so I was one year ahead in college. Do you still remember when we first met?"

"Clearly," I said simply looking in to his eyes.

~~~~~~~FLASHBACK~~~~~~~`6 years ago~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Come on pretty lady you are going to give me your money and you and I is going up to yo' room and have some fun." There were three of them, probably all wanted a I go. All bigger than me, much bigger

"No, you basterd, I'm never go with you," I remember trying to be brave.

"Oh, yes you are, and you are going to enjoy it!" He grabbed my wrist forcing me to kiss him. I slapped him and he punched me. I fell to the ground and he pulled me up only to laugh at my now brusied cheek.

"I'm still not going with you!" I wrenched my hand from his grip and backed in to a tree.

"Yes you are Bitch, even if I have to drag you there. An' now because you resisted my boys are going have a turn at you too."

Then my tenor-voiced savor arrived, "No she will not." Edward was tall, and thin. He was never very muscular, brown-haired and green-eyed. But dark purple rims of glasses half-way hid his eyes He was a junior, I was a freshmen. He was and I'm sure still is one of the nice men out there.

"Oh yeah, geek, who's going to stop me huh," Now Edward was never very intimidating, so this didn't work:

"I…I will, I'm going to stop you lizard-brained jackasses." He puffed out his chest, and the jocks just became angrier and laughed sadistically.

"Oh okay then come at me." They tempted him, he couldn't back down, not now. Edward ran at him fist cocked but fell short because of the fist that found his face. He stayed on his back till he was picked up because one of the friends remarked that he's was 'dirty' and they should 'clean' him off. So they, with lack of ceremony, they tossed him into the fountain. "You're safe for now bitch, but be expecting for us to come back. And then we are no going to be gentle." That threat was carried out.

"Come on, let me help you," I pulled him out in the opposite hand he held his broken glasses. Without thinking I held his hand and pulled him into the bathroom and locked the door. Water that fell from him made little 'plink' noises on the dirty title. "Thank you, for helping me, it means a lot." He shrugged as he examining his broken glasses. I wetted a paper towel and walked over to him to clean his bloodied lip. I raised the towel to his face and he cringed before I reached it. Back then I didn't know about his abusive father. "It's okay I'm not going to hurt you."

"Sorry, habit it happens when you have been picked on and beaten up your whole life. And you're welcome." I gently wipped his mouth off, he winched every time the towel touched it.. "Thank you, I guess I'm going to have to tape these together, huh?" He held the two parts separately in his thin hands.

"Not exactly, here I have some superglue in my purse." I began digging in my messenger bag for the tube of wonder.

"Superglue, in your purse, really?"

"Yes and here," I took his glasses, permanently bound them and eased them on his face.

"Thanks, I never asked what is your name?" he asked adjusting them into the right place.

"Alexandria, or Alex for short," I answered.

"Nice name, mine is Edward, or Eddie."

"Thank you again for saving me," I remember hugging him and getting wet. "You should change, before you get sick."

"Yeah, thanks, see you in some class I geuss," With that he left, and we did see each other and became great friends.

~~~~~~~~~~END FLASHBACK~~~~~~~PRESENT DAY~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"So are you going to tell me the story again or do I have remember it all?" I joked Eddie, no wonder he looked familiar, he was, is my best friend.

"I'll tell you, my father hated me, always called me a moron. I was determined to prove him wrong, so I entered a contest in school,"

"Twenty dollars to the kid who could solve a seemingly impossibly logic problem," I inputted, showing I still remember."

"Mmm Hmm, Right I won," He said reassuring me.

"Of course, and that pleased your father?" I asked, knowing the answer.

"Hardly, he was certain I cheated. He kept saying, 'you cheated you moron. Admit it, you must have cheated.' I swore I didn't and he hit me for lying." He glanced down with hurt in his eyes.

"I'm sorry to hear that Edward."

"Don't be," He looked at me out of the coner of his eye. "He was right," the man smirked as I just smiled at him. As I sqribbled his story down quickley he pipped up again. "Do you have any extra paper I can use?"

"Yes, it's lined though," I warned.

"That's fine I just need to make something."

"What," I inquired, I can't get a crazy guy paper! Wait, what?

"I need something to do in this place, it so bo-ring." He was not exaterating but he was a little mondrmatic.

"Fine, don't kill anyone with it," I joked.

"Not my thing, you want that go see Joker."

"No, but thank you." I scoffed.

"You okay Alex he hasn't drivin off the deep end yet?" Doctor Young, why now?

"Not yet, Doctor, but close." Edward who had hinden th paper I had given him, cocked an eybrow. "So tomorrow same time?"

"Do I have any choice," he asked, sarcasm layed heavly on his voice.

"No," I said strenly but he caught my playfull glint because he sat back with a smile.

"Well alright then," he said smugly. There I was putting on a show for Doctor Young, just so I could stay with Edward.

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