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Chapter 1: A well put plan.

Finally, he has found a way to get his hands on the elusive young apprentice of the Riddle kingdom's High Priest.

He could have thought of this from the very beginning God knows why not. He was happily strolling in his favorite garden of the west wing of his castle a big smile on his lips. His dark green silk robs billowing with his every graceful movement, ruby eyes dancing with glee and victory in them. The word joyful is a very dull word to even describing what he is feeling right now.

King Tom M. Riddle jr. was just about to give up on trying to have the young apprentice of his kingdom, he can't think of anything and if he does it always end up back firing back on him, well on his lackeys anyway, can't have the gorgeous king look bad don't we. But now, oh now it was all perfect. Yes he will have the sweet thing by the end of the month.

The object of his desire is a sixteen years old apprentice of religious order in his kingdom something about only taking in those who are pure and all that shit about being the perfect being. Hence the rule of not letting anyone see their faces to any one, and if a man ever see his face he would have no choose but to marry that man, it doesn't work with women, thank god for that. Since it was supposed to be for girls only, but there where cases that the High Priestess would make an exception. Something similar with the High priest right now, choosing yet another male apprentice.

And why would he want to have the young sweet thing if no one has ever saw the child's face even once? Well that's easy, when he was still the prince, His Father, the king (well, duh.) once brought him with him into the Black Manor where they are celebrating the Head of the Black house at that time's birth day. It was grand and lavish but it was too boring for the snobby price so he run of somewhere inside the manor to 'look around'.


It was a sweet siren like voice led him at the south wing on the 3rd floor of the Manor to find the boy he would be obsessing over the next 10 years of his life. There in the biggest suit of that floor lays the most beautiful being he has ever laid eyes upon. An angel with the most breath taking face one could ever imagine a lot younger than he, maybe two years younger than him. Fare glowing skin like of a porcelain doll. Shoulder length jet black hair that curls in the end giving an almost flirty look on them and big innocent green eyes that sparkles with sweetness and intelligence. Those full red lips moving with captivating sounds lulling him, edging him to come closer to the divine being.

The lithe body covered in white silk robes his boat neck to his laced end hanging from his knees that bring out the obvious pampering the raven haired beauty was being treated with.

The angel seated himself in the middle of the blood red king sized posted bed with its thin red curtains drawn up, showing the beautiful brunette to him in full view. There he holds a small yellow bird looking as if it all that mattered in the world, singing it the sweet verse to him unknown. Head slightly bowed showing him the boy's thick long lashes almost dusting over pail smooth skin touched with an adorable blush on them. The enchanting child was indeed supernatural in all aspects.

He never realized he had already made himself known by standing half a feet away from the bet 3 feet away from the lovely boy. The singing stopped and brilliant emerald eyes snapped up to gaze into ruby ones. They stared at each other for what felt like an eternity at least that what felt for the crowned price, just the blissful moment of gazing at each other for the very first time. Until the younger one spoke in a shy voice.


Tom froze on the spot. Never in his life was he a lose for words especially to things that he dims should be his, yes in a matter of seconds he already have established that, so deal with it.


Another moment of silence.

"My name's Harris Uriel Black, what's yours?"

Ah! So the rumors are true, Orion Black has indeed adapted the heir of the last Potters, he should have known, the last of the Potters is rumored to have sired the most beautiful child of their governed land.

It was said that the child was so beautiful; all of the men in the land would try and kidnap the child or bribe the Potters into having the child's hand in marriage. Of course the well to do family rejected the idea, and made sure the child was never to be left by his on, so they assigned a trusted friend and somewhat family, Sirius Black, the child's godfather.

Turns out Black was smitten blind by his godchild (not that Tom blamed him for that) and made a plan to have the child for his own, he killed the Potters, his friends and some sorry rat guy. What they say the poor sod looked like some human turned rat or is it the other way around? Whatever.

Anyway, Black was arrested for murder and was thrown into Azkaban, where the worse of the worse resides. Still feeling mostly responsible for he young heir's loss, it was said that the Black house took in the young heir in fear that if they let the other relative of the child would take him in the child would soon be another prize to be bided on, seeing the sorry excuse for humans are as greedy as pigs that they are. Hence the child in front of him, of course the Black family made sure not to let the world know about it, the Blacks were sure scared not only for themselves but for the precious addition to the family.

"Why aren't you joining the party down stares?" Tom said with fake boredom in his voice. He wanted to confirm his theories and assumptions.

The boy looked confused for a moment before he made a perfectly cute 'O' and blushed an adorable cherry pink.

"Grandfather said that I can join but I had to stay by his side all the time because he didn't want me to get taken away like last time. So I just said I'd stay here instead." The boy looked up from where he was sitting, he looked scared and said "You're not one of them are you? You're not going to take me away from here and make me your prized thing like Aunt Bella said right?" the boy was close to tear.

Tom's eyes soften and smiled at him with the smile he knew would melt half of the women in his Castle and said "No I 'm not one of those people, I wont do that to you." He tried to make it as sincere as he can to assure the boy. The boy looked at him for a while and finally gave him a sweet smile. Tom's heart jumped with glee.

'Last time?' "Did someone tried to kidnap you? Here? In this manor before?"

The sweet smile turned into a small sad pout, "No, when me and Grandfather took me to ride horses. A fat man with balding hair tried to snatch me away from my horse, he said that he would give me lots and lots of toys and cake, he was really old and almost bald, I mean really, really bald and fat. I don't like him at all. And mean too."

'Ah, O'l Dolohov, the bastard.'

This boy needed to be kept safe from unworthy fools who thinks that they can be accepted as this raven haired beauty's mate? How dare they even think about it. This boy needs a protector, a keeper, Tom is the man for the job. He'll take care of his love, give him every thing he wishes, and he'll never let anyone see him and try to take him away from him, he'll do anything to have the sweet love in front of him his and if any one time try to defy his wishes then it would be the guillotine for them. Oh, yes he will have his love no matter what.

Tom knew that maniacal glint in his eyes where showing and he was smiling like a loon, but he didn't care oh he didn't care at all. He will have to make a plan to get the angel to like him enough to follow him willingly to the castle to lock him up in his room- er what he meant was to show him their new love haven, yes that's what he meant. And another for that imbecile Dolohov, cutting his balls off would be enough or should he have them hexed his remaining hair off? He has to think about that later.

Tom's thoughts where pulled by another response to his earlier question. "And sides I get sick too often so Grandfather kept me from going out to much, Aunt Bella and uncle Rudolfus always kept me company when their not looking after the Black trades. Uncle Severus said that I should rest a lot and should always find things to do or things to read when Prof. Dumbledore and Uncle Sev doesn't come and teach me my lessons."

Tom was about to say something when he heard one of his guards call out for him, he wanted to wring that idiot's neck he was having a nice little conversation with his new love. No matter he would come back and take his time with the boy that would be easy enough.

The big double door banged open reviling two nervous and angry looking Orion Black and King Tom with two hysterical Bella and Andromida tailing behind and one anxious looking Rudolfus right after.

One look at the sweet child with the notorious crowned prince together, Andronida Tonks and Bella Lesstrange charged like there was no tomorrow and took his young love away from him. Andromida Tonks if he remembers correctly took the boy in her arms and stepped away from the prince as far as possible in a respectful manner of course while Bella or Bellatrix cooed at the boy from Andromida's shoulder, glaring at the price once in a while. This made the prince fume, how dare they, he wasn't doing anything bad with the boy…yet.

He was about to say something when his father beat him to it.

"My, my is that what who I think he is?" he asked not looking at the head of the Black house with amusement and something else he didn't understand married his voice, only after certain months did he finally understood that it was lust.

He shivered.

The head of the house only nodded mutely having digested the meaning of the tone in the king's voice, fortunately or unfortunately the other occupants of the room understood it as well. Silence was deafening at that moment only small giggles could be heard from Harry, as Tom jr. has decided to call his soon to be husband.

Orion Black a man with long black hair that touches his shoulder perfectly curled on end, matching his black dress robe made with obvious elegance that can surely cost a small fortune, his intense blue eyes darting from the prince to the now giggling Harry frowned slightly and cleared his throat. "My sweet come here." He motioned Harry to come. A reluctant Andromida looked at her father's brother before letting young Harry go. Young Harry squealed in delight and ran to his grandfather his arms raised up high above his head intending to be lift up by his grandfather. Orion scowled down on his favorite grandchild playfully but gave in when he saw his big green eyes and adorable pout when he refused to lift the child. He sighed and brought him up and faced a very amused King and price, while little Harry run around to get to his grandfather Prince Tom went to his own father in a more sated manner. And now both where facing the wiggling boy and the struggling man. "My king, this is my adapted grandson, Harris Uriel Black." And then he turned to Harry who was now looking at his grandfather with a confuse look in his eyes. "My sweet, this." He motioned his hands towards the King and prince. "Is King Tom Riddle and young prince Tom Marvolo Riddle jr. please pay your respect, hm?

Young Harry smiled and raised his eyes to meet blue and red ones he opened his full lips and said in a small but steady voice. "My lords, thank you for giving me the honor of meeting you." And then he looked at his grandfather as if to ask if he did well. Orion smiled and nodded to answer yes. Harry beamed and hugged Orion's neck as tight as he can without chocking the older handsome man.

The King chuckled and lifted his hands to caress Harry's flushed cheeks. " I should be the one who is blessed to have found you my dear." He locked eyes with the little one and marveled how vivid those green eyes are especially when they have the light of confusion in them. 'How adorable.'

The glint in the king's eyes made Orion fear for his precious grandson and unconsciously backed away from the king. The king didn't mind it too much since the child's innocent gaze is still fixed upon him. Tom didn't like it one bit. He had to do something about his father; he didn't need another competition when it comes to his love.

He will have to make a plan.


Five years after the chanced meeting the young prince's mind was plagued by the young boy's image. After two from that time he already replaced his deiced for, died from an unknown sickness, he gladly took over the kingdom. Now the eleven years has passed the boy was to come at age. He really thought he could ask for the boy's hand in marriage but The High Priest of his kingdom suddenly came into the picture and asked for the boy to be come his apprentice, for he believed that Harry was as pure as snow and no other child would be asked to join this religious whatever and now! For the love of Merlin he bloody Blacks let him be taken into the convent, and who the fuck said you can't show your face to any one? The rule was not to show your face to anyone and if you do, well you have to marry the lucky bloke, that didn't apply to him since Harry wasn't an apprentice at those time and was too young to be asked to become one, which really blew his kickers off and sent him a raving bitch all over his castle.

The nuns were exceptions of course but not the other priest and older apprentices. Those who are known to be a family member and High Priest Remus himself were the only people allowed to see his face. And the granddaddy of all bitches was that it was said the boy is now more dazzling as ever! And he can't even force Harry to marry him, Harry had to show it to him willingly, and that wasn't an option for young Harry, it was like giving away his own virginity if he did that. The child was to pure to even think about it. Plus, words of him being a prick of a king reached the convent surely to Harry, making sure plan B ( make Harry willingly showing his face to him) is never going to happen any time soon.

But now oh, now, he has finally did it. After another tiring day meeting his sorry lot of advises, he head of a very interesting rumor. A rumor that young Harry, knew that Sirius Black didn't kill his parents and actually saved him from the true killer. Peter Pettigrew, another friend of the Potter family, who was said to be the real killer, framed Black and failed to take young Harry and hid from the authority. Young Harry was close to Sirius and promised to get him out of Azkaban as fast as he can. But to no avail, so now lots of other men aiming to capture the young apprentice of Griffindor by capturing Pettigrew (the rat man) and proving Black's innocence and in exchange, Harry is to marry whoever accomplished the deed.

Well, right here in the middle of his grand garden's marbled floor lay a fat ragged and battered man that resembles a rat, stares up a him with fear and confusion, Tom smiles with malice and circled the heaving man; he nudged the man's side and heard the plump man whimper in fear, he did it again and was satisfied when the fool started to sob. He sneered in disgust at the man once and turned to his left where his soldiers stand waiting for his orders. He snarled his orders to take the fool down in his dungeon and keep him there until he deems it time to bring him to Azkaban to switch with Black and claim his love.

Yes, he felt like flying.