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Chapter 6: The feeling

Harry fell on his mattress heavily, his veil off, his hair tied up a tired sigh came out of his rose bitten lips. He moved to his side using his arm to pillow his head, meeting the king was the most oddest thing that he had ever did in his life, one moment he wanted to run for the hill, next would be running into the king's arms and for the hills again. He closed his emerald eyes and gave another sigh, how in the name of all things holy was he going to go through all of this when he can't even decided if he wants to go through his family's plan or just accept his faith?

"Having second thoughts?" a soft voice came from above him, he smiled and looked up to see his mentor clad in his normal clothing, though you can see the black robe over his High priest ones, Severus' black robes. Looking at Remus, the way he shows his love in simple ways, like now, wearing his husband's outer robes every chance he gets, or the way he would send little notes of reminders to his hardworking husband, along with small flowers in odd times of the day. And in the same time, though Severus can be a very snarky man, he would at the oddest time would either ran the back of his hand on Remus' cheek when he least expect it of just hold his hand in his, from the way they would look at each other one can see how the love each other. Well, they can be very scary when they fight too, while Remus is the calm one and the 'mother' of Teddy, he can be as vicious as a wolf when he fight with Severus, you could almost see the image of a honey colored wolf biting a piece of Severus' butt, and not in the loving way either. But in the end they would always mend things and move on like nothing happened. Harry wanted that, someone that can go against his hardheadedness, someone that can go toe to toe with him when he felt like giving someone a nasty punch on the face in his bad days, or just someone that can be his equal in everything, an opposite to him, so different to him that they are very much perfect for each other.

"No not like that, or maybe not", Harry said right after Remus gave him 'The Look'. Sitting up, he gazed out into the window of the Black manor in his room, seeing million and millions of starts shining at him, winking once in a while. "I don't know Remy, meeting him is like riding a wild horse, you just don't know when the horse would start bucking or when will the thing stop, his so hard to understand, but just looking at his eyes. Dear Gordic his eyes are like rubies, there as beautiful, but as cold and hard too."

Flash Back

As Harry stepped off the carriage the first thing he saw was the most beautiful ruby eyes he has ever seen. The second thing he noticed was the handsome face that owned the ruby eyes he first saw. Looking at the man before him, his heart started to hammer its self to his abused rib cage as if it was trying to burst out of his chest and into the man's hand, he had never seen such an angelic face in his life, how could the people of this kingdom ever say such horrible things about this man? Yet, one can feel the power from this man, the air of superior strength oozing out from his person, such a scary combination; power and looks, no wonder their kingdom, even the whole country fear this man to the extent that they all bow down to him in fear that his anger be aimed at them if they disobey him, no Harry can understand it, quite well, and he can feel himself tremble.

"Welcome to my humble home, Apprentice Potter-Black, it's an honor to finally see you."

Good Gordic, this man's voice is like melted chocolate sliding down his throat, so dark and rich, he felt like sitting down the shire power of this man is overpowering him. Bowing he answered the King, "My lord, thank you for giving me the honor of meeting you" but he was surprised to hear someone laughing like a maniac, at least to him. He looked up and saw that it was the King who was joyfully laughing his head off; Harry didn't know if he should be angered by the king's offending behavior or should he be embarrassed by something he said. What did he say to garner him the king's laughter?

He was ready to say something when the King gasped and took a step closer to him took his fists and said. "My beloved, that's the same thing you said back then," and before he could ask what he was talking about, the king kissed both of his knuckles gently. Whatever words he was about to say felt him rendering him speechless, the king's eyes, up close are more intimidating, he felt like shaking the king's hand off his and ran behind Severus, Severus at least can fend off suitor he had before, maybe he can do the same to the king; looking at the smirk on the King's face he highly doubt that even Severus can't do anything against him.

After being invited into to the castle tea was served and Tom, as he asked more like demanded him to call him that, and Grandfather Orion about the up and coming wedding. Though he was silent through the whole thing he can feel Tom's gaze on him, he felt scared and nervous around the King, but he had to hold on until then.

After the tea, Tom asked Harry to come out with him into the gardens to talk, to know each other better, he says. Aunt Bella didn't like the idea expressing it vocally. For a moment Harry saw a flash of something within Tom's ruby eyes but it vanished as if it was never there at all, it and made Harry wanted to object as well but when Tom turned to him he gave him the bright smile, that somehow made his knees weak.

"Well, Harry here, is the one that has a say to that, now darling do you like to come with me in the gardens or would you like to stay here?"

The endearment was enough to sway him to nod his head and take Tom's offered hand, he was taken to the biggest garden the castle held. The Flowers where blooming all over the circular opening, red, white, blue and yellow flowers littered the area, he saw a fountain that held an angle at the center, gentle flows of water coming out of the angle's cup, its wing spread out from his marble back, the light that came from above was due to the glass above them. Stone benches where at some parts of the opening facing the fountain, , it was an amazing sight to see. Tom gently pulled his hand toward the bed of red roses, and took the biggest rose and gave it to him, as he was about to take the rose, Tom spoke, his voice cold "now my sweet do be careful, this rose may be beautiful and alluring, but know that no matter how lovely a rose can be, a rose will always have thrones on it. So do take caution, dear beloved."

Harry looked at him with fearful eyes, what does the king mean by that? His emerald eyes took in the rose and true to the king's words, the rose's stem was full of thrones in odd places, why would the king say such things? The king is scaring him, one moment he would be the most charming man and then the next he would be giving him the chilling look in his eyes from something that he didn't even do. And as quick as the chilling persona of this king appeared it vanished just like that, replaced by the blinding smile that.

Harry on his part was too confused with all the things he had been seeing, didn't see or hear Tom charming the thorns gone from the rose and handing it to Harry. Blinking his emerald eyes, he looked down on his hand and saw the rose there, somehow his stomach felt like rolling around his middle, did Tom meant something about that? What is with the kings ever changing manner around him and his people? Harry was getting more and more fearful of this handsome man, he simply cannot keep up with these things.

"Harry my sweet, what do you do when you have time to spear in your hands?"

Looking down on the rose, twirling it around between his forefinger and thumb, he answered Tom's question without looking at him, "I read books, all sorts of books, Uncle Severus have influenced me into reading as many books as I can. Knowledge is endless, he says, and I believe him."

"Oh? I love reading myself, I prefer reading history and logic, and at times I tend to read fiction as well, do you like fiction my sweet?"

The endearment! Harry felt like melting right there, the smooth low voice of the man beside him is slowly turning his insides close to mush. The deep sensual way he speaks his words without even trying, and his names for him is making his young pure body shiver in delight, mush to his horror.

"I may have red some fiction, but I do agree with history. I draw too in my spare time," Harry smiled up at Tom to see a gentle grin on the King's face, again his smile is doing something to his insides; he blushed and looked down again. His action rewarded him with a chuckle; he felt his cheeks redden even more from it. A soft hand tipped his head up and gently forced his face to look up to the smiling king.

"Tell me more my love."

He didn't even have a chance to answer; the king's face slowly leaned into his, and placed his lips to his veil covered ones. The moment was so gentle so wonderful, he simply forgotten about the plan. They stayed there for a moment, just feeling each other's lips on their own, the warmth that the other could give and simply holding on, when a very familiar screech was heard by the entrance of the garden, Aunt Bella.

Oh no.

To say that the hostility between Aunt Bella and King Tom just gotten a tad bit more intense, Harry will sick Severus on you.


"What am I going to do Remus?" Harry said while checking if the sleeping Teddy by his side is still asleep. "He so sweet and charming man that I feel like telling the others to just forget about the plan, and then the next he'll be like this chilly person that I feel like running to Aunt Bella and ask for sanctuary, he scares me Remy, he scares me." He gave a soft moan after that.

"Well, what do you want to do then? I can only tell you to follow your heart and listen to it. I know that at times you tend to use your head with this things but, it's all up to you, if you want to marry the king, or if you wish to run away know that we, your family will be right there if you need us."

Harry smiled and gave a small thank you, he stayed there for a while and asked "What if we don't get along if I did choose to be with him? What then?"

Remus smiled gently at Harry and took his hands in his "me and Severus never did start it off well." Remus gave a wistful chuckle and looked at Harry with loving eyes that Harry yet again felt the pang of envy and yearning. Misery gone, replaced with curiosity Harry asked:

"What do you mean actually? I thought you guys hit it off smashingly?"

"No not really, not even!"

"What happed then? They all say that you both where like magnets, always drawing the other to him?"

Remus smiled yet again and linked their fingers together, a gesture they were so used to by now, Harry had that little knack of sneaking around the Monastery, entering Remus and Severus' chamber at night to cuddle his godfathers while at his first years in the monastery. This made the couple very careful when every they are up for some their ah, lovey dovey moments, since Harry had once popped his head from behind their door right after they just um, stumbled around the bed, so yeah.

"Well, he was in better terms was an arse.' Remus gave a little huff; he rolled his honey eyes and smirked. "he was the heir to the house of Snape and Prince, meaning that our family, both of your father and mother along with me and Sirius where always tagged along into this parties and what not, there we will always see him in the corner glaring at every girl who dared come near him within 10 feet radius, though after our understanding it was me who did the glaring from then on." Harry laughed along with Remus loving the way the story was going, he gestured for his mentor to go on with his story.

"Well, our first encounter was enough to swear to myself that I will never come near that prat, ever. But like a moth to a flame, I just can't help myself and found myself drifting to him. the man was barely 16 and yet he was a full grown snob, a snob I tell you" smiling, Remus' voice became soft and lulling, "James and Sirius, as always where horsing around with the punch, I for one will not try and remember or know what they have put on that punch." Shuddering he continued on, "Lily and I were sitting by the garden sitting, we were talking about something, and then James and Sirius got caught by Lord Potter them both, and God knows how Lord Potter can be a great terror when he needs to be. Lily, of course was again there to save their sorry arse from getting whooped by the Lord Potter, you see Lord Charlus Potter has a very soft spot for Lady Lily.

"I see, so what happened next then?" said Harry bouncing around like a little puppy, which reminds him of a certain black haired man with a knack for pissing Severus off. So with an indulgent smile, he brushed the soft brown hair of young sleeping Teddy, laying beside his godfather on bed, he told the story of an incredibly snotty teenager named Severus and the very unimpressed Remus and their silly courting experience throughout the night, laughing and just enjoying the time they have together, as friends and as Godfathers to godsons.