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Ringo paced around his living room, waiting for his friends to arrive. How was he going to tell his mates he was a father of a three year old? He only hoped they took it well, but it didn't really matter what they thought, did it? What was done was done, and well, Ringo was happy. He was nervous, but was sure his friends would welcome her with open arms. Well he knew George would at least, he hoped the others would too.

Rosie sat in her room, getting acquainted with everything in there. Rosie had never had her own room; she had always shared one with her mother. Who was she going to share it with now, she wondered. She couldn't possibly sleep by herself in this big room; she would question her father about that later. Rosie hadn't really comprehended what was going on, all she knew was that she was now to stay with her father, and her grandparents would come and visit when they got the chance. It wouldn't be soon of course, they lived in the states.

When Rosie was first told she wouldn't be seeing her mother anymore, she was thoroughly confused. Her grandparents said that she had gone to a better place and that one day she would be reunited with her. She didn't understand why her mother would leave if she had Rosie, surely there was no better place than with her child. This was also something she would ask her father.

Rosie was glad she was with Ringo now, but couldn't help but miss her loved ones. Her father turned out to be just like her mother had explained him to be. He played with her, made her laugh, and even brushed her hair for her like her mother would. Ringo found himself adapting quickly to being a father. Of course there were things he still had to learn, but he would learn them as he went. He was nervous; the life of a child was in his hands, it would depend on him how she would turn out in life.

"Honey, I'm home!" John announced barging through the door, leaving Paul and George to follow.

"John, good mannered as always." Ringo greeted sarcastically. In reality he didn't care, he loved his friends to death.

"Of course." John winked, "Now what do we owe this gathering for?"

"Yeah, you said you had sumthin' important to talk about?" George said speaking up for the first time.

"This better be good. Jane's about to murder me, said sumthin' about leaving after only being here for two days." Paul complained sitting on the couch sloppily.

"Well, I'm sure you'll want to hear this." Ringo mumbled to himself, "Remember Leana?" he asked speaking loudly now.

"Of course we remember our friend. How could we forget?" John said.

"Well, her mum came about two days ago, with some good and bad news." Ringo had never been in the position where he had to deliver bad news; he didn't know how to go about things.

"She passed away couple months ago." He said looking down, "Said she had been sick for a while, things were startin' to look up but, she didn't make it."

An eerie silence hung in the room. Memories came flooding back to the three boys involving their deceased friend.

He had never been one to share his feelings with people, to open up to them. But after Leana had managed to steal his heart with a struggle, John had let her in and she had become the only person his injured heart managed to hold compassion for; it would probably remain that way.

George being the youngest was always picked on, especially in the Cavern days. Occasionally the jokes would get to him and would leave the poor fifteen year old resentful, but, that wouldn't last long. Leana was always there to comfort him, and inflate that heart of his. He remembered wishing her back when she had left, he had missed his friend.

Before having met John and Ringo, it had only been the three of them: Paul, George, and Leana. He remembered when his mother passed; no one could get to him. Paul had been devastated and couldn't manage to leave his bedroom, it was she who had to come and drag him out. She was the only one who could shake some sense into him; into all of them.

"How?" was all George managed to get out.


Paul couldn't take it anymore and decided to divert the conversation; he didn't want to hear about the disease that had now taken two of his loved ones, "You said there was good news?"

John scoffed; he didn't think there could possibly be good news after what they had just heard.

"Well, it turns out they didn't leave because of her father' job." He said hesitating on how he was going to phrase his next words.

He had obviously taken too long for Johns liking, "On with it son." he said irritated.

Ringo gulped, "She was pregnant."

"What?" Paul asked incredulously.

"She was pregnant with my child, that's why she left."

"Where is the child now?" Paul asked; the others were too shocked to speak.

"She is here right now actually. She's staying with me, I'm going to take care of her." He said daring to look up at his friends for the first time.

Shock was written in all their faces; George was the first to break the silence.

"That's great mate. I'm happy for you. Whatever you need, we'll help you with." He grinned.

It was hard to believe George was the youngest of them all, he was the most level headed out of them.

"She look like her?" Paul smiled, trying to break the sullen mood.

"Just like her, thank god." Ringo said smiling for the first time since he began talking.

"Well, where is she then? Can't keep her to yourself, Starkey!" George joked.

"Hold your horses. I'll go get her; she's up in her room. Just be calm, don't freak her out." Ringo warned them.

On his way to his daughters' room he couldn't help but notice John hadn't said a word concerning Rosie. He had been the closet with Leana out of all of them, beside himself of course. She had been his sister basically; they hadn't needed a blood bond. Ringo hoped John would welcome his daughter warmly when he came back with her.

"Rosie." He called quietly, knocking softly on her open door.

She snapped her head to her father's voice. She had been sitting on the edge of her bed, looking around the room quietly.

"How do you feel like meeting a couple of your uncles?" he asked walking up to her bed and kneeling down in front of her.

It sometimes pained Ringo to look at his daughter, she looked just her mother. But, she was his daughter and loved her to no end, even if he had just met her. Over the last day he found himself looking at her endlessly, he found it amazing that such a beautiful child belonged to him?

"I have uncles?" she asked excitedly, looking up at her father.

"Well of course, silly girl!" he exclaimed as they started to walk out her bedroom.

"Hey, how about we decorate that room of yours? We could start tomorrow." Ringo proposed to his young daughter.

"Please! Can we paint it purple? It's my favorite color." It hadn't taken Rosie long to shed her shyness, she had warmed up to her father right away, and Ringo was glad for that.

"Of course, love!" he said picking her up hastily, causing her to squeal.

The men in the living room stood and turned to the sound of the young child, soon enough Ringo and Rosie walked out.

"Guys, I'd like you to meet my daughter, Rosie." Ringo introduced her, a smile never leaving his face.

Rosie turned to look at her uncles, when she realized how many there were she shied away.

"Hello, Rosie. I'm George. Can we have a look at that pretty face?" George said charmingly, trying to break her shyness.

She looked up and saw George smiling warmly at her, she had a feeling she would get along great with him. She smiled back warmly, wanting her uncles to like her.

"And I'm Paul, but you can call me Paulie." Paul said smiling.

"Hi George. Hi Paulie." She greeted softly.

They were stunned at how much she really did look like her mother, but didn't voice it out loud. They didn't want to risk upsetting anyone; especially Rosie.

They heard the door close and turned to look at it; John had walked out leaving the four to themselves.

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