"Sooooouuul! SOUL! You're not trying hard enough! We have to resonate!"

She panted heavily and tighten her grip around him.

Sheesh, I'm tryin, I'm tryin. You can be so uncool sometimes, Maka.

"Just shut up and concentrate!"

She squeezed her eyes shut and tried to match his soul wavelength.

"You're not doing it right!"

Shut up, ya big baby! Ever think maybe you're the one who's not doing it right?

"ME? Whaddya mean by THAT, Soul?"

Some meister you are, you can't even match wavelengths with your weapon!

She screamed in frustration and threw him down hard on the dirt before spinning around and storming toward their apartment. Soul transformed back, rubbing his head and moaning.

"You know, you're never gonna get any better if you just run away like that!" he called after her.

...I pissed her off again. Good one, Soul.

He sighed, pushed himself up, and brushed the dirt from his jacket.

I wonder how long she'll be mad at me this time...

Taking a deep breath in, he puffed his cheeks and slowly exhaled. He wasn't in any hurry to return home, knowing exactly the face that would greet him.

..Even when she's pissed, she's still kinda cute.

He shook his head quickly as if to shake the thought from his mind. What the hell is going on with me today?

He looked around and noticed flower arrangements for sale in front of a green paneled grocery shop. Glaring at them, he rolled his eyes and handed the store clerk some change before choosing a plain blue pot with yellow daisies.

I'm hungry. If I don't do something, I won't get dinner.

Satisfied with his logic, he walked briskly toward the apartment to avoid anyone seeing him carrying around a flower pot. He fumbled with his keys and opened the door hurriedly.

"Hello, Soul."

Maka was standing in the doorway, arms crossed, face scowling.

"Uh.. Maka!"

He held the potted plant in front of him.


Maka stared at the flowers and looked back at Soul. She gingerly took the plant and sniffed its petals, a small smile forming.

"...Thank you.." Her voice was meek and quiet.

"Yea, whatever. Dinner ready yet?"

He slipped off his shoes and tried to side-step around her. She widened her stance and raised an eyebrow.

"No. It's not. But who says you're getting any? Think a flower will make me forget how much of a jerk you are?"

"Don't you like it?"

"Well, yea, but-"

"So then, forget it. I'm a jerk. But now you have a flower. So, smile, okay?"

He looked up at her, his head still low. She stood there with the flower pot cupped in her hands staring at him. She looked so innocent it made his stomach turn.

"Maka, just let me go inside, okay?"

He felt his adrenaline kicking in. He wanted to be anywhere, anywhere, except right there at that moment standing in front of that girl with that stupid potted plant that didn't even help him.

She put the plant down on a side table and glared at him.

"No. I won't." He wondered if she knew how bratty she sounded. She stepped closer to him, sneering, pushing her crinkled nose close to his.

His ears pumped along with his heartbeat, making it impossible to hear anything but his own breathing. She was so close to him; he could smell her perfume. His mind flashed with images of everything he usually pretended he didn't notice. Her smile, her walk, her hands...


He tried desperately to keep his cool. Her lips were so close. He swallowed hard, tightening every muscle he could to keep perfectly still. She frowned and leaned back, shifting her weight. He closed his eyes and inhaled slowly, silently cheering his will power.

"Soul, what is it?"


"You're thinking something. What is it?"

"Nothing, Maka. Food ready yet?"

"You're not getting any until you tell me what that was all about. You got all... weird..."

Shit, she noticed.

"You're the weird one, Maka. Can we please eat? Starving here."

She scowled and turned away from him.

"Fine. Pasta's probably done by now anyway."