The next day, Maka and Soul sat in class, barely able to keep their eyes open. Dr. Stein paced the front of the classroom.

"Today we test the strength of your resonance. Anyone who fails this test fails this class," he droned.

Tsubaki glanced over nervously at Maka, who was in the mist of a panic attack.

"Maka, don't worry!" she whispered cheerfully. "I'm sure your training this morning helped!"

"We didn't train this morning," Maka replied miserably.

Tsubaki's cheerfulness faltered. "Uh... why not?"

"Too tired. Slept late," said Soul bluntly.

"Meister and Weapon harmonize. The Meister passes soul waves to the weapon. The weapon then magnifies the waves and passes them back. They repeat this process until they create a soul wave more powerful than either is alone.

This is the Resonance of the Souls," Dr. Stein stated. "Maka Albarn, let's see what you and your partner can do."

Soul and Maka stood up and walked to the front. Soul transformed and Maka caught him, swinging him around her and breathing steady.

We can do this, Maka.

She took a deep breath and nodded.


Immediately their soul waves flashed brightly around them, booming and combining into a massive force.


"Tsubaki! Don't say 'wow!' I'M the only one allowed to look that cool! I'M the star of this class!"

"I've never seen such a beautifully symmetrical soul resonance in my life. It's... so... perfect..."

"OOOOO! Pretty!"

"Yes, Patty, its very pretty."

"I'm impressed," said Dr. Stein. "You two have managed to create and control a powerful and enormous soul resonance in just a few seconds. Well done."

Maka grinned and threw Soul up in the air as he transformed back.

"Thank you, Dr. Stein!" she said.

"But one thing concerns me," he continued. "Just yesterday you two couldn't pass soul waves to save your lives. Tell us, what's the secret of your success?"

Soul smirked. "Well, you see, Dr. Stein, Maka and I-"


"I see. And doing dishes helped you two resonate better?"

Maka fervently nodded her head, blushing deeply.

"Hm. I'll make note of it. Thank you."

As they sat down, Soul winked at Maka. "I thought good girls didn't lie," he said under his breath.

"I guess I'm not a very good girl," she hissed back.

"Don't need to tell me that," he chuckled.

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