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Lucy Heartfilia gaped in awe at the huge building in front of. It was HUGE, no, GIGANTIC!Her mother and the owner of the house were good friends, therefore the huge gap between their social lives. Her mother begged her friend to let Lucy live with her, knowing that she would die soon no matter what the doctors tried to do to save her life. Her friend, knowing it was her mother's final wishes, agreed to take care of Lucy.

'If only you were still here, mama...' Lucy thought, a tear slid down her cheek. She slapped herself, 'Cheer up Lucy! You have to be strong! Stop crying!' Lucy smiled confidently and rang the doorbell.

"Yes?" A woman's voice, answered. The door opened and revealed a beautiful woman in her late-thirties. She had short, jet black hair and black eyes.

Remembering her manners, Lucy immediately bowed, "U-um, hello, I'm Lucy Heartfilia, Layla Heartfilia's daughter,"

The woman's eyes softened and she smiled gently, "Hello, dear, I'm very sorry for your mother,"

Lucy nodded, stiffly, still touchy about the subject.

"My name is Ur Fullbuster, just call me Ur," Ur smiled, warmly.

"Thank you for letting me live here Ur-san," Lucy smiled, politely.

"Oh, no worries sweety, Layla and I were good friends, come in," Ur gestured Lucy to come in.

Lucy looked around her surroundings, and noticed a grand piano on a corner of the room, on top was three beautiful roses on a glass vase. On the other side of the room were a 64-inch flat screen TV and three large, black leather sofas with a low table in front of it. A grand, glass chandelier hung from the ceiling. The TV area had a soft, white carpet, covering the area. There was a glass bookshelf filled with books next to the TV. A small, glass table, a vase full of white tulips on top, stood next to the bookshelf. Photos of Ur, a pretty girl, and two boys, around her age that she didn't recognize were placed on the glass racks. It was a very modern and fancy living room. Judging by the looks of it, it wasn't fancy for Ur.

"Ur-san? Who are those two boys?" Lucy pointed to the two boys on the picture. One had white hair while the other boy had black hair, both having piercing black eyes like Ur's. The girl had pale skin, black hair, and brown eyes.

"Oh," Ur chuckled, "Those two are my sons, the one with white hair is Lyon, while the one with black hair is Gray, the girl there is my daughter, her name is Ultear,"

Lucy nodded, then recognized the four with a tall man with white hair and brown eyes, "Is that your husband?"

Ur nodded, "He is currently on a business trip, so he won't be able to meet you,"

"Oh," Lucy said quietly.

"Let me call my children and introduce them to you," Ur smiled, "Lyon! Gray! Ultear-dear! Come here!"

Three teenagers came down from the stairs.

"What is it mom?" Ultear asked. She was wearing a long sleeved, black shirt with a long, gray vest over it, and shorts, also wearing boots.

"You called mom?" asked Lyon. He was wearing a white shirt and long jeans.

"Yeah?" Gray asked, wearing a blue collared shirt, some buttons unbuttoned, and black pants with a brown belt.

"This is Lucy, she'll be staying here from now on," Ur pointed to Lucy. Lucy smiled, slightly and said a 'Hello'

"It's very nice to meet you Lucy, I'm Ultear," Ultear smiled, "I sure am glad that there would be another girl in the house!"

"It's nice to meet you too Ultear, I like your outfit by the way," Lucy commented.

Ultear smirked, "Thanks, your outfit is really cute, too,"

"Hey Lucy, I'm Lyon," Lyon grinned, "If you need any help just tell me,"

"Hey," Lucy smiled, she liked them. They were very nice to her.

"So this is the girl you were talking about mom?" Gray raised an eyebrow. Lucy had to admit he was handsome, not that Lyon wasn't handsome.

"I'm Lucy," Lucy forced a smile, despite being irked by him for acting so arrogant.

"I know, mom told us your name a few minutes ago," Gray smirked.

"Gray! Be nice!" Ultear scolded.

"Oh come on, I was just teasing a bit," Gray groaned, "You could totally see her ogling at me! Right?" Gray winked and smirked, cockily.

'We are SO not going to get along well,' Lucy thought while glaring at the smirking black-haired boy in front of her.

Lucy was being showed around and she was fascinated at how big and modern it was. They finally stopped.

"This is your room," Ur pointed to a wooden door, on the right corner, "Ultear's is next to yours, so just ask her if you need any help, Lyon and Gray's room are upstairs by the way,"

"Thank you Ur-san, I really appreciate it," Lucy smiled and bowed.

"Wait till you see your room," Ur smirked and waved. Lyon waved and went upstairs, leaving the three of them.

"I'm going to my room," Gray muttered, before leaving.

Ultear faced Lucy and gave her a sheepish smile, "Sorry about Gray, he's a bit cocky,"

Lucy just smiled back, "Could we go to the Jacuzzi?"

"Sure," Ultear smiled.

After going to the Jacuzzi, Lucy and Ultear played tennis in the tennis court.

"I'm going inside my room okay? I want to start unpacking," Lucy smiled, tired from playing tennis.

"Okay, I'm going to my room too, just shout if you need anything," said Ultear before gently shutting her door.

Lucy entered her room and gasped when she looked inside her room. The wall was rose pink; there was a king-sized bed, with a bedside table next to it, on top was an iPad and a vase full of roses. A bookshelf was next to it. Next to the bookshelf was a study desk; placed on top was a pink Mac and iPhone. The room also contained a big TV and a dressing table. She opened her large, white wardrobe and saw a LOT of clothes. Seeing the outfits, she was sure Ultear picked it for her. Despite her wardrobe being full, she placed her clothes inside the wardrobe. Once she was done unpacking, she laid on the silk-sheeted bed and sighed happily. Standing up again, she sat on her study desk and decided to write a letter to her mom.

Dear mom,

How is it going in heaven? I'm doing fine here, Ur-san, Ultear, and Lyon are very nice to me. While Gray, one of Ur-san's son is so annoying! He was so cocky, well, he was handsome, but he was also so arrogant! I haven't met Mr. Fullbuster yet, I wonder what he is like. I think I'll like living here. Don't worry mom, I'm doing great, you don't need to worry about me. It's getting late now, I better catch some sleep. I'll write more soon.



Lucy stopped writing and immediately fell asleep when her body landed on the pink bed, even if it was just seven.

It was midnight, and Lucy was unaware that there was an intruder in her room. The intruder sneakily crept inside her room and stared at the letter on top of the pink study desk.

"So that's what she thinks about me huh?" The intruder smirked, "Now let's see what she'll say tomorrow," before exiting the room, soundlessly.

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