"Seriously! I still think that the twins are just the hottest!" Lucy pouted, crossing her arms while pointing to the tv, where the anime 'Ouran High School Host Club' was playing and there was the Hiitachin twins acting all lovey-dovey.

So she saw the Fullbusters roasting some marshmallow and decided to just visit the Strauss household for a short chat, which turned out that Erza, Wendy, and Levy were there, since Erza and Levy had went to the bookstore together and decided to stop by, just like Lucy, while Wendy was staying there for the night since Natsu had to come with his father and mother to a business trip, and over-protectiveness lead to this.

Since they were watching an anime, the discussion of the hottest host in Ouran High School Host Club began.

"I think Kyoya sounds the most responsible," The only red-head in the room decided, "So I think I prefer him most, besides, he gives of that cool vibe no?"

"Yeah, but Tamaki is definitely the most darling out of all don't you think?" Mira giggled, her white locks bouncing as she jumped up and down, squealing at every line Tamaki said to the girl he was holding and hoping that it was her instead.

"You're just saying that cause Freed doesn't give you that much attention!" Levy stuck her tongue out, hugging the soft, flowery-patterned pillow closer to her,"I still think that Mori's cooler! Cause he doesn't show much emotion but cares for Honey in such an adorable way! He's strong too!"

"Honey is the cutest for me," Wendy shyly admitted, before taking another chip from the container.

"Ooohhh," Levy cooed, "And don't you think Honey resembles a certain someone?"

Mira and Erza nudged the poor, red girl at each side, grinning from ear to ear.

Wendy just let out an 'eep', before remarking, "W-well Levy-san, I-I definitely think that Mori resembles Gajeel-kun!"

"Awww, Levy-chan, even Wendy sensed it," Lucy squealed loudly.

"What?!" Levy choked on her spit, "D-definitely not! Why would I like this cousin of yours Wendy?"

Laughters erupted in the room, before a ringtone was heard from Mira's purple cellphone.

Mira answered the phone cheerfully, "Hello~? This is Mira~!"

"Hello?" The voice on the other line said, "Mira-san? Is Lucy with you?"

"Oh, Lyon!" Mira greeted, "Yes, she is here."

Upon hearing the word Lyon, Lucy immediately got reminded of a certain raven-haired someone.

That idiot! What the heck did I even do to him!

"What? Ultear? Are you sure?"

Mira's surprised voice shocked her, and she saw Mira's knees quiver slightly.

"Positive, call the others too, we need as much help as we can get!"

"Okay, we'll be there soon."

The phone hung up and Mira stared at the four girls. Erza shot her the questioning look, while Levy and Wendy exchanged worried glances, and Lucy was just nervously biting her lip.

"What happened?" Wendy squeaked out.

"Girls, hurry up and call Gajeel, Freed, everyone in the gang! Hurry! Ultear's lost in the forest and is scared of thunderstorms! And judging by the clouds, there'll be thunder soon!" Mira announced, clearly worried evident in her tone as she hurried and dialed people's numbers.

The four nodded hurriedly and quickly started dialing everyone.

"The thunderstorm's drawing near," Lyon muttered worriedly, sighing and massaging his temples.


So he was frustrated.

Actually beyond that frustrated.

Way more than that.

Well who wouldn't actually? When pretty much, you and your family were all just having a happy-wonderful-delicious-Fullbuster-yummy-chummy-sweet-white-marshmallow-roasting-quality-time (as if marshmallows needed quality time) trying to keep Gray away from the thoughts of a certain Heartfilia, then your marshmallow was burnt, causing you to be slightly burnt of course and you had to run to fetch some water with your little cousin scolding and hitting you in the process, and when you come back with the bucket and sad, black piles of sticks and burnt marshmallows, your little sister was running (girlishly, not that he would ever say that out loud) towards the dark forest which belongs to the Fullbuster and your little brother was staring at her with wide eyes open.

There was just one question in his mind.


Cause he was sure that he assigned Ultear the task to actually persuade Gray (since it was a girl's job) to be all emotional like 'actually I found out that she likes the awesome Lyon and that I was jealous of Lyon for being the attention of her but I directed my anger to Lucy since I wouldn't dare to hurt my wonderful, loving, awesome, cool, older brother!', then they would just hug, make up with each other and solve the misunderstandings, and tadah! They get married, and they lived happily ever after with Lyon still being the main interest of Lucy! (Sadly to Gray)

THAT was supposed to happen.




Or at least something like that anyway.

But what was happening?

Ultear was the one being emotional, and running to the freaky forest at that! And Gray was wide eyed and dazed and left gaping like a fish! A flounder fish at that! Just like Nemo when he was so scared when he saw the shark that his eyeballs almost bulged out and nemo was gaping just like a fish!

Well duh, Nemo is a fish.

Oh God, why was he rambling?

RAMBLING for God's sake.

Rambling was only for girls! It was a girl disease spread from a girl to another human being which usually came from a dramatic girl.

Oh right, he of course got the disease from his loving sister, Ultear, when she complained and cried her hearts out the other night when she watched the chick flicks.


ULTEAR! How could he forget! Ultear was running towards the haunted forest of the Fullbuster's!

Actually it wasn't haunted, but it seemed so at night, and this was at night! Meaning it is haunted! Or seemed so at least.

Panic was starting to build up and he wrecked his brain on what to do, he was the oldest here! He needed to take responsibility, just like an older brother would do!

"Gray! What the hell happened!" The silver-haired teen turned to his brother, asking a question which seemed to have quite an impact on his younger brother.

Gray just stood there, no evidence of realization seemed to dawn across him.

"Gray! Snap out of it!" Charlotte shouted, her amethyst eyes wandering and darting around, trying to scan for Ultear's shadow.

Gray did not snap out of it.

Instead, he continued to just stare dumbly at the direction Ultear was heading to.

"You- you're just impossible!" The blonde glared roughly, "Did you realize that there will be a storm soon and Ultear's scared of thunder?!"

That snapped Gray out of it.


There was no need for discussion, they knew what to do. The two brothers rushed to the forest, leaving Charlotte on her own.

Her amethyst eyes glanced worriedly at her phone, she bit her lip, praying for the gang to come faster.

Trickles of clear crystal droplets fell to the ground, and slowly, the previously gentle rain became harsher.

The purple orbs widened in fear, "Oh no, It started raining already."






A figure slightly jumped at the sudden noise, before watching the toad hopped by, and let out a quivery sigh. Her pale skin shivered at every sound made in the forest, the frightened dark pools scanned around the area in hopes to find a way out of the forest.

I'm just so did I say that to him?

Her thoughts were interrupted with the harsh rain pouring over her, and since she was only dressed with a tank top and skinny jeans, the rain drenched her badly, the toads seemed to be croaking harder than usual and they start appearing from the ground.


She froze at the sound, the anxiety in her mind rose feverishly and imagination began to take toll over her. There was a rustle in the bushes surrounding her, and the leaves were blown harshly by the wind.


Where is it?

She bit her pale lips, starting to walk in a faster pace, almost tripping to a root in the process. Her vision seemed to worsen as everything was becoming blurry and blurry. The only source of light was the moon, who barely sufficed to give a decent look through the forest.



Splashes sprinkled everywhere as her feet started to quicken her pace. She could feel the rain even harsher now and she knew what would happen soon enough. The rumbles made by the sky was getting deeper and deeper.


The sound did it. It made her stop in her tracks. Her eyes widened in fear as her hands started to tremble. Her legs faltered feebly, and a silent whimper escaped her lips, begging for help to anyone. The raven-haired girl did not seem to have the courage or strength left to run, so she kept still there, her mind frozen and imagination stirring wildly.

"You don't deserve all of this!"

All the words echoed in her mind, like an old, broken track which kept replaying – again and again.

"You don't deserve all this! Did you know?! You are the reason why your parents and brothers are suffering this badly! If only you hadn't been born-"

She did not think anymore.

Everything went black.













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