I've seen stories done similar to this before-not sure if there are any in this fandom or not.
Each chapter is written based on a word that I got from a random word generator.

Rules I've set for myself/Things you should know about this story:

1. The word generated will always be the title of the chapter.

2. The word has to be mentioned once.

3. The chapter does not have to revolve around the word exclusively, and may only be used in passing-such as in "Store."

4. All chapters are written in the same universe. They may be about previous circles, the current circle, or future circles, and not necessarily in any order.

5. To add on to number 4, since I have no control over the word that appears, the process so far has been coming up with a phrase using the word, then making a chapter around that phrase. Because of this sometimes it doesn't fit the timeline; so pay attention to the dates at the top to understand where it falls in the sequence of events.

7. Chapters are written as one-shots. Any other questions about it, just ask.

8. "Store" through "Con"were written before "Return" Aired.

9. At this point, there is one story line that I keep coming back to. If there is another story line you would like me to revisit let me know.