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Altering Rhythm

Opening Act

Silver: Once more, an old idea revive after reading those self-insertion fics… only this is not a self-insertion, more of a gamer drop into the game world. Here's the summary:

Summary: Two young women, best friends, looking forward to achieving their dreams… on the night of their graduation celebration, a calamity hits their way and unbelievably fell into the world of Final Fantasy 7.

Will they able to make a better ending for the gang? Or make things worse with their presences…?

Silver: A bit of note here, Cloud and a few characters will be a little off, but I'll try keeping them in line. The two girls were based on the avatars me and my friend made in an online game. And now… let's open the new act for FF7! Rise the curtains!

DATE: Aug 5 2014 (REVISED)

Opening Act

Lights on the stage, men and women in formal suits and in togas except one who is a nun, sitting on chairs near back. After the speech, two of them stands up and walks forward, as the graduating students stands and marches to the stage. Each one receiving a diploma and shaking their hands, with their mind whooping with joy and a bit of sadness that college is over.

After the last speech from the president of the college itself, the graduates takes their cap and toss it up. Celebrating their invocation and their achievement for receiving their degree, some runs around hugging fellow graduates and others made weepy but memorable farewells to their friends.

"Finally!" two young women yelled in the garden of the college ground and hugs each other. One is a ravenette, long straight hair tied in a bun, and the other is a medium brunette in pigtails. Both are wearing their uniforms and their togas, and they don't have a care in the world if some people stares at them weirdly.

After all, they have endured 4 years of college education.

"So… Now we're adults, shall we email our application to Pixie? Or SE?" the brunette asked.

"Whoa there, first we need work experience." the ravenette stated, putting her finger on her heads forehead to calm the hyper girl down. "I mean, have you seen the requirements in the internet?"

"Aye, don't remind me…" the brunette groan and slumps.

"Mira! Riley!" the two turns to see their friends and band mates as they approaches them. "Dude! We're going to miss you!" one of them gives the ravenette a headlock and messes with her hair. Mira muffled shrieks as she pounds on her friend's muscle-bound arm, and Riley laughs beside her.

"Oi! Let her go, she's not that strong to get away from your strength, Greg." Riley stated as she taps his arms. "Not to mention the armpit smell… Ew…."

"Ha, ha, ha… sorry, you know, if you were not game otakus, I would have Mira as my college sweetheart." Greg said, letting the ravenette go and places his hands on the back of his neck.

As Mira rubs her head and neck, she then looks at him as she snorts out the smell. "Then I would have nightmares of sweat smelling of pigs and serving you meals during a boxing game event." she stated flatly.

"Aye, too true man." her best friend said with a glee as Greg seems to deflate.

"So, where are you girls heading?" the guitarist, Lucy, asked.

"We're getting out haircut." they both stated.

"EH?" the band all stated in shock.

"But you- just-" Lucy stuttered and the brunette holds up her hand.

"Where not making it short… well maybe except I'll make mine shorter though." the brunette stated as she pats on her hair. Then all of the sudden, the sky turns gray and it wouldn't be long till it begins to pour. "Man, can't it be sunny for this day? I mean, it's our graduation for Pete's sake!"

"Well… we better get going if we are going to get that haircut." Mira stated, looking at Riley who nodded back. The two bid goodbye to their friends and heads to the mall, to waste their graduation money each of their family gave to them.


"DIE!" Riley yelled as she repeatedly hit the button to win the game.

After getting their new haircut, Mira got a layered hair cut, tying her long hair on a low ponytail which makes her hair look more like a cropped bob. Riley got a pixie cut with some caramel highlights. The two girls then bought some items such as new phones, PS Vitas, some games for their Xbox 360 and a few new outfits. On arriving back at their dorm, they immediately uploaded some files, games, music and movies into their new hand-held gadgets.

After that, Riley is playing Dead Space 2 and is rather low in health while her best friends looks into their closet.

"Riley! We should pack now, since we are actually moving to the new flat we got soon." the ravenette stated, as she pulls out a box with books above it from the closet. Before graduation, both girls have to find a new place since the college days are over and the dorm will be given to some new students coming in the next semester. Thankfully, with their parents' help, they found a decent flat with three bedrooms, a kitchen and dining room, restroom and living room. Their parents' paid the flat's first few months till both girls save enough money to pay for their own.

"Hold on! I'm going to- well, crap, I'm dead." the brunette stated and pouts at the scene of her character's horrific death. She then looks at Mira with a flat look, as her roommate shrugs before they both jump at the sound to thunder. "Meh, the weather in this country is worse."

"That's because we're near the equator and the Pacific Ocean." her friend replies.

"D'oh- GAH!" Riley yelled when it flashes and booms at the same time, it's a miracle that the lights didn't go off. "Okay...! That scared the heck outta meh..."


"And Mira, drop the box and prepare the things we need for blackout."

"Good idea."

Taking in the suggestion, she stops packing and they go looking for flashlights and reserved items. Once they are prepared for the blackout, Riley then takes out her new PS Vita from her bag and with glee she turns it on. She then selects Final Fantasy 7 she just uploaded, along with her saves, and loads the last save which is around the side quest of beating the two WEAPONs: Ruby and Emerald. Once she finishes with the two and giving the items to the old man, she then proceeds on getting the Knight of Rounds materia before heading for the final battles.

As she plays, Mira made a quick dinner, reheated lasagna, and grab a pair of soda can from the mini fridge. She then puts them on the table which is by the bed, where Riley is once more in her gamer's rage till…

"Aw man... he just handed my ass." she whined.

"Who handed your ass?" as she sits beside the brunette on their bunk beds.

"Sexyroth..."and that made her stare at the brunette as if she has lost it like she lost the game.

"Excuse me...?"

"Sorry, I mean Sephiroth... Geez, he is just a lost guy, Mira. Too many people are lying around, the lost of his friends and the fact that he finds out that his mom is an alien, which is NOT! Can't he ever take a break and see the real truth?"

"I pity on him too. But he is now a danger to the planet and on everyone."

"Danger my ass, he's just a guy who can't reach out to people because they expect him to be something... perfect." the brunette said the last word with disgust as she picks her soda.

"True... if he could only find out that Lucrecia is his mother, then he will just take his anger to Shinra instead of the entire planet. Not to mention, he'll totally massacre Hojo on what he did to him and his mom."

"Aye... help me beat the game?" she asked her ravenette friend and give her the best puppy-look. Mira giggles at her and agrees on helping, she momentarily takes a bite from their meal as she takes the PS Vita. As she checks on her equipment and materia, Riley downs her soda as she watches. Once she rearranges everything, she then proceeds with the final battle and beats down Jenova with no problem…

But on the battle with Bizzaro Sephiroth...

"Hey, did you feel that?" Riley asked, snapping her friend out of concentration of the game. "There it is again."

"The building is sha- Wha!" Mira yelps as she and her friend falls off the bed. "Earthquake! Get down!" The two girls immediately take cover under the bed, as the lights suddenly flicker before going out, things falling out the shelves then…

The next thing they knew, everything collapses and blackout.


"Welcome back."


Groaning, Mira gets up and shakes her head. "Ow… crap…" she stated and turns to see Riley on the ground with a different outfit. 'Wha?' she thought as she notices the red tube top, red and black biker gloves, black mini-skirt with a gray legging beneath, a red pouch strapped on her thigh, knee high riding boots and a matching black leather jacket with gold buttons and a grey hoodie beneath it. She even takes note of a dagger strapped on her left leg and a red scarf on her neck. 'When did she change outfit?' she thought and is about to shake her awake when she notice her arm, then her outfit. "And since when did I change mine?" she asked out loud and baffled.

She is wearing a sleeveless white polo, a black tuxedo vest with a long tail behind, faded blue jeans, a belt with a bunch of pouches, knee high boot with a zipper and plenty of straps on, a pair white sleeves and a pair of black gloves with a bangle each. "Despite the situation, this outfit is not-half bad… still I look like I'm-" but she is cut off when she feels something on her head and her shoulder, and turns to find three additional things with her.

First, it's a wireless headset and their design looks like one of those shoujo mangas. Next is a choker on her neck, judging by touching, it is leather with a crystal flower on the tag. And lastly, she looks on her right side to see, a black and white keytar just strapped on her. She just stares at the instrument for a moment before she hears her friend groan, and turns to see Riley getting up.

"Ugh… I'm never going to have beans before dinner ever." the brunet stated flatly.

"Oi, don't tell me that you'll need a toilet." she replied in a deadpan tone.

"Nope, it haven't reach rock bottom yet but by the flip-flopping of my stomach, be prepared for the impending bomb… Where are we anyway?" then looks at her outfit. "And why am I wearing a Jill Valentine?" clearly displease on the tube top but is thankful for the two jackets she have on.

"No idea, I just woke up and we have these on." as she lifts the keytar and the brunette zips up her hoodie.

"Aye, don't tell me that-" she is cut off when the sky darkens and rumbles are heard. "Don't tell me it's gonna rain again, I have enough storms to pop my heart out."

"Let's just find some shelter and stay till the rain is over."

Nodding at this, both women gets up and to their luck, they find a ledge to go under and wait for the rain to go.

"… Do you think we're in the Nevada Desert?" Riley asked, as she looks at the dry land which is being drench by the rain.

"I don't know, we could be in the Middle east or in Australia." Mira replied, as she watches the rain fall.

"Mira, the sands in the land-down-under is red." the brunette points out

The ravenette shrugs as the rain continues to pour and then…

The two flinches when they heard a loud scream from the distance, they look at each other before they get up and heads out to see what is going on...

Only to stop on seeing... a familiar gray circular structure with lumps jutting out in some places, with a tall structure in the middle.

"Is it me or why do I suddenly see Midgar in the distance?" Riley asked out loud and they both stare at each other. "Are we dreaming?"

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