Title - I Love You

Summary - A Veela comes to Hogwarts, saying that Harry is her mate. Unless he bonds with her she will die. That's a problem for Harry, who is caught up with Quidditch practice and the Slytherin team captain, Draco Malfoy. HPDM

Pairing - Harry x Draco.

I love Veela stories. They're fantastic. As I was reading one recently I thought, 'why do people always make Harry or Draco the Veela? Isn't it more realistic that one would come along, causing them to realise their feelings for each other just as it seems too late?' And then I went and wrote this in a few days of word-induced delirium and bad French.

It's finished at almost sixteen thousand words and ten chapters, including the epilogue. I'll put them up twice a week. There will be French translations at the end of the chapters, with an overall guide I'll put up with the epilogue. It's meant to be readable without knowing quite what they're saying. Even if you know French it probably won't help you. I don't. I suspect it makes no sense.

If you can correct any mistakes, please do! For now, enjoy the story.

Gryffindor Quidditch Team
Beaters – Ritchie Coote and Jimmy Peakes
Chasers – Ginny Weasley, Demelza Robins, Dean Thomas
Seeker – Harry Potter (captain)
Keeper – Ron Weasley
Reserve – Dennis Creevey (all positions)

Slytherin Quidditch Team
Beaters – Charlie Vaisey and Stuart Warrington
Chasers – Graham Montague, Ivan Urquhart, Draco Malfoy (captain)
Seeker – Kieran Harper
Keeper – Miles Bletchley
Reserve – Amy Ollerton (keeper, beater)

Adeline du Maurier is pronounced ah-deh-leen doo more-ee-ay.
Gaspard is pronounced gas-PAH. He speaks with a mild French accent.


The sun was setting, sending light of red and gold across the Quidditch pitch. Broom inlays shone, as did the buckles on the chest that the Chasers were carrying. Their robes appeared more vivid than they had when they'd put them on. Ron smiled at Harry and he grinned back at him. There was no better time than now for the Gryffindor team to practice, when their colours were in the sky and everywhere around them. It was absolutely meant for them.

As usual, the Slytherin team did not agree.

They entered the pitch soon after. Montague stifled a yawn. Warrington dropped their chest on Urquhart's foot and was promptly punched in the stomach. He fell to the ground, winded, and Vaisey kicked at him to get up. Ollerton walked ahead with the Slytherin captain. She was their reserve player but took the game a lot more seriously than some of those idiots did. They took their time walking over so Robins and Thomas set the chest down, sat on top of it, and waited.

Harry's captain badge flashed red in the sunlight. Draco Malfoy's shone silver.

"We were here first, Malfoy," he said in a low voice.

"By a minute, Potter. It means nothing. Urquhart, I want the chests over there. We'll be using the Bludgers today, Vaisey's aim is off. Ollerton, see if you can get Warrington up. You'd think he'd been hit with a Knockback Jinx, if he can't take a punch I don't know how he expects to do in this sport..."

"Malfoy, we're already using the pitch. We'll be done in an hour and a half. Come back then." Harry folded his arms and behind him several of the Gryffindors did the same.

"I don't believe you are using it. If I had found your lot up in the air throwing a Quaffle around, we would have left you to it. As it is you're just standing here. Let us make use of the space, if you're not going to." Draco looked across the pitch and grimaced. "Ollerton, just hex him if he won't stand up on his own! You're half his size, don't expect to get anywhere with him without magic!" he shouted.

His pale-blonde hair caught the light beautifully. The sun made his grey eyes appear deeper, and his skin seem to faintly glow. His emerald robes swayed hypnotically, not set off to the same advantage the Gryffindors' were, but of much better quality than any of them could afford. At seventeen he was elegant as all the Malfoys, quieter than he had been before the war, more handsome than anyone had expected and just as smart as he had always been. When he stood this close Harry could hardly take his eyes off him.

Ginny stepped forward. "We're not sharing the pitch with you again. We did that last week and your Keeper knocked Dean off his broom."

"Ah. Well that is our mistake. Bletchley thought Thomas was going to deliberately collide with him. Stupid, I know, but it's happened before. I can put him on the bench if you're not comfortable with him in the air."

There was a small explosion on the other side of the pitch, and they all turned to look. Warrington ran fearfully out of the cloud of smoke. It cleared to show Ollerton, holding her wand with one hand and coughing into the other. The ground at her feet was singed black. She gave a little wave and went on coughing.

"Good girl!" Draco called to her, smiling widely. "You Gryffindors had better watch out. If Vaisey doesn't get his act together I'm giving her his place."

"You should have put Vaisey on reserve from the start," Harry told him.

Draco gave him a look that said he agreed. "Her mother's a fright, doesn't want her on the team. If Ollerton so much as gets a scratch she'll be out of the game for the rest of the year. I might as well take the time to teach her properly and get her comfortable with all of it."

"Yeah, we had that with Thomas-" Harry broke off when he was elbowed sharply in the side.

"I don't think we need to be chatting with Malfoy just now. Can you hurry up and get rid of him?" Ron whispered a bit too loudly.

Draco smiled faintly. "I'm willing to keep to one end of the pitch, if you keep to yours."

"Are you all alright with that?" Harry asked his teammates. Coote and Peakes nodded, Robins and Thomas were already cracking open the chest, Ron looked happy he wouldn't have to talk to Draco much longer, and Ginny spun her broom around.

"As long as they don't interfere with us, I don't have a problem," she said.

With that the captains shook hands and the two teams walked away from each other. Their usual hour and a half of practice passed without any problems. When they were done Harry thanked them all for their hard work, and together with Ron picked up the chest to carry it off the pitch. The Slytherins had longer practices fewer times a week and would be there for another half-hour. Peakes told a joke and Ginny laughed. Robins and Thomas were arguing about broom models. Coote kept offering to help carry the chest and Ron was about to lose his temper with him. With so much going on around him, Harry had no reason to look up at their competition.

But he did, and found that Draco was looking back at him.

He raised his hand in acknowledgment and then went back to practice.

Harry's face felt warm and he couldn't for the life of him work out why.


Adeline sat quietly as they discussed her.

"Why have you waited all this time to bring her here? Did you consider the effect that this will have on not only the girl's life, but Harry Potter's as well?"

"Forgiveness, madame. We were unaware-"

"You should have come to us as soon as you discovered it. To think you waited two years, putting a child's life at risk!"

"It seemed at first improper. Then your country was stricken with war. Adeline is as a daughter to me, I could not have brought her to such a place where I thought she may be harmed."

Gaspard spoke well, and honestly. Whether or not the headmistress believed his words was yet to be seen. She did not want them here, it was clear. Given a choice Adeline would have been elsewhere. Back in France, with her mama and papa and grand-mère. At Beauxbatons with her friends. Hogwarts was not as beautiful, though she had not thought it would be with that name. She and Gaspard were only here because the direst circumstances had forced them to be.

"Even if you had not come here yourselves, just sending a letter to let us know of her existence-"

"Adeline's family must not be known. It was either bring her here or leave her in France to die. You must understand that I will not allow her to die. Not if it may be helped."

The headmistress said nothing for a time. Then she sighed. "Yes, well...Harry must be informed, immediately. I think it's best if she doesn't see him right away-"

"Oui, oui, I agree with all my heart. Her reaction will be strong. Keep them apart for now."

"She will be given her own rooms, of course. And you will be staying here with her...?"

"If madame allows it."

"I do, against my better judgment. You understand that you are not under any circumstances to interfere with students or staff – and that extends to Mr Potter. Not a single class is to be interrupted by you. There will be no hexing, cursing, jinxing or otherwise untoward behaviour. You are not to use the school owls without permission. You are not allowed access to any room that does not directly concern you and your reason for coming here. And both of you, pay me mind."

The headmistress stared hard at them. "Above all else, you are to allow Mr Potter's feelings to develop however they do, naturally, and respect his free will. This is his decision to make. You will not make it for him. Am I clear?"

"Oui, madame."

Adeline just nodded.

With another sigh, the headmistress moved closer to her. She looked into her eyes and face. Adeline looked up at her expressionlessly, noticing that the woman was very old and had many wrinkles. "So your name is Adeline du Maurier, is that correct?"

"With more emphasis on the 'er', it goes up, you see."

"Thank you, Mr Gaspard. Adeline du Maurier...only fourteen, you are much too young...but we have lost younger. I hope that Harry likes you. It is a terrible fate you have been dealt." The headmistress tutted and smiled, sadly but kindly. She reminded Adeline of her grand-mère, though she was much less beautiful.

Gaspard seemed relieved. He should not be. They had no idea how Harry Potter would react to her.


A bowl of mashed potato was jostled and Harry stopped it before it could tip over. He tried to cut up a sausage and speak to Hermione at the same time. The Gryffindor table was busier than normal, with people moving around and chattering so loudly it was hard to hear what Hermione was saying, even though she was sitting just across from him. He just kept nodding at her and began to eat the sausage indelicately. Someone jumped onto the table. Reflexively he grabbed his plate and held it in his hands, as other people's shattered and went flying.

In direct contrast the Slytherin table was quiet and orderly. They murmured to each other as they ate and certainly didn't have professors coming over yelling for them to stop dancing on the table's cluttered surface. Harry scarfed down his food. If he was lucky he would get some more before it was all overturned or stepped on. Hermione was still talking; he would have to tell her that he wasn't getting any of it. His eyes somehow met Draco's, who was laughing at him from where he sat on the other side of the room.

It was hard to look indignant when your cheeks were full of food. Harry tried to swallow it all. Ron whacked him helpfully on the back and went back to his own shouting conversation with Seamus. Although he knew what he would see, Harry looked over at Draco. The other boy was laughing so hard he had to wipe away tears. Watching his perfect face get all twisted up in amusement, Harry couldn't help but smile, and then laugh himself. This was ridiculous. All of it. Hogwarts, the differences between houses, the peas rolling around on the table, the sausage he'd just crammed into his mouth. It was mad. It was crazy. It was deafening. He loved it.

Hermione and Ron prodding at him only made him laugh harder.


Oui – yes. Non – no. Mère – mother. Grand-mère – grandmother.