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This was just a random Idea I had one day after watching some of the Chunnin Exam episodes of the series. A simple "What-If" kinda scenario that will grow on from a simple change in one character's decisions that will not only save his life and that of one of his team mate's, but will change a certain blonde shinobi's path in life forever. I give you "Pawn checks Snake"


He still could not believe the things that had gone wrong during the exam, something that he and his team had been told would be simple to complete. Dosu Kinuta, with his team of Zaku Abumi and Kin Tsuchi, had entered the Chunnin exams on the command of their Village leader, Orochimaru, with the single mission of eliminating the Last Uchiha within Konoha's walls. They had been informed that by working together they would have no problems dealing with Sasuke Uchiha, his teammates apparently having been unworthy of even being told of. With that in mind, trusting the tools and training they had been given for their task, the Otogakure team had arrived within Konohagakure with quite a lot of confidence. No one took any real notice of them; they were after all from a newly founded village with no real backing compared to the five great shinobi villages. There first mistake, Dosu would later admit to himself, was striking against Kabuto Yakushi in retaliation for his cutting remarks about their village. Not only had it been a childish thing to be angered over, but it also gave the whole room of enemy shinobi a chance to see his favorite tool at work.

After that it had been one set-back after another, starting with trying to kill Sasuke within the Forest of Death, only to learn Orochimaru had given him the Cursed Mark. If their leader wanted the Uchiha dead, why would he mark him what all of Oto thought of as the best gift anyone in their village could be branded with? Still, they tried to complete their mission, no matter how many Konoha ninja came out of the woodwork to stop them. While as a team they may have their problems with one another, within Oto if one did not work perfectly with their team it would because failures... and failures meant death within Otogakure. The Taijutsu expert with the freaky eyebrows, the team of losers, and even the pink haired teammate had all fallen before Dosu and his team.

Then Sasuke woke-up and the shit hit the fan, the Uchiha having survived the implanting of the Cursed Seal and more than happy to use it against the enemy ninja before him. Zaku foolishly spoke out against Sasuke, leading to the breaking of both his arms before they were saved by the pink haired teammate of the Uchiha, Dosu more than willing to trade the scroll they carried in order to save himself and his teammates. While he was not one to show it, as many in Oto were the same, he had grown to care for his teammates as they had gone through many terrible events together. Sure Zaku was easily angered and Kin was a complete sadist, to Dosu they were the only people he felt close to in the entire world.

After easily dealing with two weaker teams still within the Forest, they managed to get the scrolls they needed in order to move on with the tournament and complete their mission... even though Dosu had grown to realize they were never meant to actually succeed in it. They had been used, Orochimaru for some reason wanting them to try and kill Sasuke but end up losing to him and the power of the Cursed Seal. It was only after watching Zaku blow one of his arms off during his teammate's battle against the Aburame that Dosu realized they were mere pawns, easily disposed of in order to accomplish their leader's goals. It was while watching Kin being knocked out do to the cunning plan of the Nara that Dosu had been doing all he could not to cry out in anger at the betrayal he felt, for all he and his team had done to please the man who had made them as strong as they were, in the end they were mere pawns used to get a hold of a better piece!?

Dosu had hidden his rage well, but had been more than happy to vent on his own battle with the Akimichi. It was lucky he had seen the boy in battle back during the Forest of Death, having since planned on how to defeat each of those he had battled in the forest should he meet up with them again in battle... his only regret was he had been too busy thinking of his leader's betrayal to give his teammates some suggestions, not that it would have helped Zaku but Kin at least could have won her battle if he had helped her out.

Dosu now however had a clear goal, he would strike back against the Snake who had tossed them aside, all for the Uchiha he had plans set up for. Dosu knew of the plans of the upcoming invasion, knowing one of the main player's was the Ninja Gaara, whom Dosu felt he could deal with. His Sound would surpass the boy's Sand with no problem... or would it? He had seen how quick the Taijutsu boy had been, how strong he had been, and all of it had been nothing to Gaara. This thought eventually made Dosu realize something that should have been obvious... if Gaara was being trusted to do so much damage during the invasion, then he was strong... and Dosu had been a mere pawn for his master's plans.

There had to be more to Gaara, something Dosu and his team had not been informed of, just as they had not been informed of Sasuke's true skill along with that of his blonde teammates. Sure, the Uzumaki boy hadn't seemed that impressive, but being able to make so many solid clones meant a LOT of chakra, something they should have been informed of!

Dosu now found himself standing before the Konoha hospital, knowing with the month ahead he couldn't do these things alone, he had been foolish to even think he could do anything against Orochimaru with the little skill and strength he had. He who had been so cocky to think he could fight and kill a sadistic Suna ninja who controlled sand with a mere whim. Dosu needed his team... he needed to at least know if they would side with him on his plans against Orochimaru. A part of him was actually worried they would deny him, they would choose the man who tossed them into the fire over him. He had never truly shown it... but he liked is teammates and every shinobi needed a team to back them up.

Dosu took a moment to collect himself, knowing that if he showed how truly worried him was he'd never hear the end of it... that's just how his team was. Dosu entered the room... only for the single eye he had uncovered to widen in shock at the sight of Yoroi Akado, the masked sunglasses wearing Genin on that bastard Kabuto's team, standing above the drugged form of Zaku, a syringe in hand to inject his teammate with something.

With a narrowed eye, Dosu launched himself at the Genin, who barely had the time to dodge the attack before it struck the back of his head... but it had been all Dosu had needed to activate the power of his Melody Arm. Yoroi managed evade the hit, but the moment the Konoha ninja's feet hit the ground, Dosu's attack took effect. Yoroi quickly dropped to his knee's as his hand moved to cover his mouth, resisting the urge to hurl much like his teammate had before the first test of the Chunnin Exam", Th-the hell are you doing!?", Yoroi coughed out, recovering enough to speak", I-I'm here under Orochimaru-sama's orders!".

That gave Dosu pause, the Oto genin keeping himself from finishing off Yoroi in order to find out what was going on", What? My team was not informed of any of Orochimaru's spies being a part of the exam", Dosu stated, purposefully keeping him from calling the man "Sama".

"Y-you didn't need to know you brat", Yoroi growled out in annoyance, glaring at Dosu from behind his sunglasses", Your team had one mission and these two here failed it... which is why I've been sent to gather them to make use of them for Orochimaru-sama's plans".

"What?" Dosu demanded, eye narrowing heatedly as he knew what happened to those who failed Orochimaru", What does he have planned for these two?".

"It should be obvious, shouldn't it?", Yoroi asked, managing a smirk as he slowly slid back to his feet, having recovered enough from the surprise attack to do so", Orochimaru-sama has no use for failures... they are to be used for the Edo-Tensei".

Dosu bit back a growl upon hearing Orochimaru's plans for his team, knowing now if he too had failed he would have been dealt the same fate. Dosu however was not the only one who had heard the apparent commotion of himself and Yoroi having awakened Kin from her slumber, a bandage wrapped around her head in place of her usual Oto headband.

Kin was staring at Yoroi in shock, having been awake since Yoroi first started cursing at Dosu. To hear the fate Orochimaru had set in place for her and Zaku... she knew her failure would end in death, but even still she did NOT want to die in such a way.

"Ah, you're up", Yoroi noted with a frown under his mask, drawing the frightened gaze of Kin Tsuchi as Yoroi produced the syringe from before", Don't worry, this will put you to sleep... just know that your life had some meaning to Orochimaru-sama's goals!", He spoke, before launching himself at Kin, unable to move too well still do to Dosu's jutsu.

Kin wanted to move, but she was still in quite a bit of pain from her earlier defeat, add in the fact the hospital staff felt reason enough to strap her down and she was unable to do anything for the incoming attack.

"I think not!" Dosu growled out, launching himself at Yoroi, who this time wasn't as easily surprised. Yoroi manage to push himself back out of range of Dosu's melody arm, only to stumble onto his ass do to his still messed up balance.

"D-Dosu?" Kin asked softly, a shocked look at her face as she look at her teammate's back, wondering why he had attacked a comrade as he did. She and Zaku had failed, meaning they were of no use to Orochimaru or any other ninja from Oto. Failure meant death... and they had long ago accepted that should any of them fail that none of them would care about it.

Dosu spared Kin a light glance, before returning his attention to the glaring form of Yoroi across from him", Really Kin, letting such lowly trash almost get the best of you... you truly are useless", He noted coldly, before pulling his left arm, the sleeve falling to reveal a kunai that he used to cut through the strap holding the girls right arm.

Kin blinked in surprise as the kunai was then handed to her... before glaring at Dosu's back while forcing the tears of relief to leave her eyes", F-fuck you!", She managed to get out as she began cutting herself loose of the other straps, still feeling a bit dizzy from her head wound", If it had been me he would have already been dead by now!".

Dosu smirked lightly under his bandage's, glad to see his teammate was back to herself... the idea of Kin actually crying was something he had never wanted to see, she was much too tough a girl for that sort of thing.

"Y-you would betray Orochimaru-sama!?", Yoroi demanded, having finally managed to get back to his feet as his hands began to glow lightly, showing he was using the chakra draining Jutsu he had used earlier in his match against Sasuke during the exam.

"Hmph, he betrayed US first", Dosu stated firmly, pulling his right sleeve up to reveal his Melody Arm just as Kin slipped into a standing position at his side, doing her best to hide the pain in her head",... I don't suppose the doctors left you any of your senbon?"

"Of course not", Kin muttered back with an annoyed look, before allowing a cocky smirk come to her lips as she held up the kunai he had offered her", But against this weakling I can manage".

"You brats are pretty cocky", Yoroi mused, regaining a smirk as he suddenly made his move... only instead of coming at the two of them, he made his way besides the still out of it Zaku", Now, surrender or he dies!".

Both Oto ninja blinked... before Dosu charged in, surprising Yoroi as he once more moved to dodge, hand quickly going to grab a hold of Dosu this time in order to drain some of his chakra. However Kin had also made a move, the Kunouchi waiting till Yoroi focused on Dosu to throw her kunai, her skill with Senbon giving her the skill needed to aim well enough to strike Yoroi right in his hand, the blade of the kunai ripping through muscle and tendons to end up on the other side of the spies hand.

"Y-YOU BITCH!" Yoroi roared out in pain, all his focus moving to his damaged hand. Of course this gave Dosu the moment he needed to strike, slamming his Melody Arm into Yoroi's gut before activating it as he had against the Akimichi boy. In an instant Yoroi was on his back, the water within most of his body instantly being affected by the sound waves generated by Dosu's tool, knocking the traitor Konoha ninja out.

Dosu let out a light sigh of relief, glad they had managed to deal with Yoroi so easily... though Dosu was aware Yoroi was most likely still in pain from his loss to Sasuke and Dosu had gotten an early hit on the older Genin at that start. All these facts made Dosu grit his teeth behind the bandage's covering his face, he was nothing compared to Orochimaru, he was barely even a Ninja from the way things were looking!

"Hey, Teme", Dosu heard from behind him, the now Ex-Oto ninja turned to find an annoyed and tired looking Zaku looking up at him from the bed", Keep it down, some of us are still trying to sleep".

"... Well, excuse me from saving your sorry ass", Dosu said in an emotionless tone, though he was inwardly glad to see his teammate still had his sense of humor", so... how much did you hear?"

"I woke up at the part where you saved Kin... fucking heroic moment by the way", Zaku said with a mocking smirk, before looking over to the light blushing form of Kin", STILL fucking useless".

"A-At least I didn't blow my arms off you ass!" Kin shot back with a glare, her blush becoming one of anger at his comment.

"I did not! Their still attached!", Zaku offered up, raising his right arm to prove it... only to wince in pain as he instantly put it back down", F-fuck that hurts!".

"You'll be lucky to be able to even mold chakra by the time you heal", Dosu commented simply, looking to the arm that had taken most of the damage, it being a miracle it hadn't been blown off.

"Please, It'll take more than THIS to stop me from one day beating your sorry ass", Zaku pointed out with a smirk towards Dosu... before frowning as a concerned look came to his face", so, we're really fucked aren't we?"

"It would seem so", A voice all three recognized spoke from the door, all three turning to find the smirking form of Kabuto Yakushi, wearing regulation ANBU gear with a matching mask in his right hand", Still, the least I can do is make your ends quick... we are after all comrades", He noted, all three Oto ninja instantly realizing the man before them was on the side they were just planning on leaving.


Back when Dosu first checked into the Hospital

Naruto Uzumaki was NOT a happy Ninja at the moment, mostly because of one Neji Hyuuga whom he was going to have to beat the crap out of in just a month. The other part of his annoyance was when he had sought his sensei for training; he had been nowhere to be found. Luckily Sakura had been able to give him some clue as to where Kakashi-sensei had gone off to. That was the reason Naruto found himself being turned away by the Nurse behind the counter, being barred from going into Sasuke's room.

"But I gotta get in there!" Naruto argued, quite angry over not being allowed in his own teammate's hospital room.

"No one is allowed in there at the moment, Hokage's orders", the smug woman replied, somewhat glad she could put the boy down with the Hokage's own command.

Before Naruto could retort, Kakashi entered the room, having just left Sasuke's room after dealing with the apparent Traitor Kabuto Yakushi, whom he assumed would be long gone from the area by now", Naruto, quiet down", Kakashi sighed, wondering once more why his student had to be so loud all the time, ninja in general were supposed to be quiet.

"Kakashi-sensei!" Naruto instantly called out, not seeming to have heard his sensei's suggestion on silence", we were told we have a month to prepare for the next part of the exams, and I ne-"

"Let me stop you right there, because I'm well aware of what you're going to ask me", Kakashi interrupted, having already planned ahead for this scenario after Naruto's lucky win against Kiba earlier in the day", I can't train you, I have other business to attend to for the month".

"What!?" Naruto said with a shocked expression, before narrowing his eyes in anger as he instantly guessed the reason", I get it! You're going to train Sasuke aren't you?"

Kakashi sighed once more, wishing Naruto wasn't always such a hassle to deal with", Yes", He said, before quickly continuing before the blonde Genin could start to rant at him", But! I've found someone better to teach you, someone who can teach you how to better control your chakra-".

"That's it?", Naruto interrupted again, Kakashi narrowing his single showing eye in annoyance at his student being so hard to deal with", Kakashi-sensei, I'm facing Neji Hyuuga, the guy who was the Sasuke of last year's graduating class! Just learning to control my chakra is NOT going to be enough, even more so with that weirdo Taijutsu of his!"

Kakashi once more sighed, realizing he was going to have to say something he had been holding back on... but Naruto needed to come to terms with the truth of things",... Your right, it's not", Kakashi stated plainly, Naruto looking surprised by his sensei's tone", Chakra control alone is, while something you DO need to learn, not going to be enough to defeat Neji Hyuuga".

"Th-then why are yo-"

"Because you only have a MONTH Naruto", Kakashi interrupted this time, single eye narrowed seriously as he explained his reasoning", A month to get strong enough to defeat a Genin that has not only had a YEAR to practice, but is also a member of the elite Hyuuga clan... and you Naruto only defeated Kiba due to a fluke".

Naruto stood there in shock for a moment, before glaring heatedly at his sensei while recalling his fight against Kiba... as he HAD only won because of a fart to the Inuzuka's face", Y-Yeah, but still!", Naruto tried to argue, only to once more be silenced as Kakashi held his hand up.

"Even if I myself put all my focus onto you alone for this whole month, there is nothing I can teach you to win... what I AM trying to have you learn is the skills you can use in the future", Kakashi explained, calming down a bit as he figured Naruto would understand his reasoning on this", I'm not telling you to give up, do your best... but you cannot win, so it's better you focus on things that will help you with the next exam".

Naruto looked to the ground in anger, once more recalling all the insults aimed at him, being called Dead-last, Dobe, moron, and of course "That" by both his fellow classmates and civilian alike over the years. He recalled how Neji had spoken to him, after actually attempting to kill his own cousin, preaching about Fate. Naruto had been so ready to shove the bastards words back down his throat... and now he was being told there was NO way he could win!?

"Now, as I was trying to tell you, I've found some-", Kakashi began to continue, only to blink in surprise as Naruto turned his back to him and began making his way", Naruto, where are you going?".

Naruto froze, hands clenched into tight fists before he turned around, glaring at Kakashi fiercely. Kakashi was quite surprised, having never had such a look aimed at him by his blonde student before",... Take your instructor and shove him up your ass", Naruto stated bluntly, before turning around and stomping out of the hospital", I'll train myself and kick not only Neji's ass but Sasuke's too!" He called back as the Hospital doors slammed shut behind him.

Kakashi lightly winced, realizing he might have been a little too hard on Naruto... though his choice in arrangements was mostly due to Sasuke needing to be hidden away from Orochimaru for the month mainly. The other fact was Sasuke was going against a deranged psychopath like Gaara, while Naruto was being set up against a fellow Konoha shinobi. While Neji might be ruthless, he wouldn't actually attempt to kill Naruto like Gaara would be to Sasuke. Still, Kakashi could have used a little more tact in dealing with his blonde student... perhaps once the Exams were over he could help Naruto learn his Elemental Affinity and get some C-rank jutsu's for him.

"I didn't expect him to be so angry... though I can see why", The voice of Naruto's would-be instructor spoke, The sunglasses wearing Ebisu stepping out from where he had been waiting to be introduced", While I admit Uzumaki-san has a lot to learn, did you really need to inform him of his chance's like that?".

"I thought it better he not get his hopes up", Kakashi admitted with a frown hidden by the mask he always wore, before turning to look back to Ebisu", Let him simmer down a bit before trying to teach him anything, he does still need better Chakra Control".

"Of course", Ebisu said with a nod", Good luck with you and Uchiha-san".

Kakashi nodded back, before forming a single seal as he vanished with a swirl of leaves, leaving Ebisu to himself. As the sunglasses wearing Jonin mentally planned on how to get Naruto to accept his training, he was unaware of the events going on outside of the Hospital...


Naruto slammed the Hospital doors behind him as hard as he could, quite pissed off at how his attempt to get training had ended up. To think his own Sensei didn't believe in him! All that bull about not being able to beat Neji with a month of training! If that was true there was no way Sasuke would be able to beat Gaara either, the guy who beat Bushy Brows to a pulp when said Taijutsu specialist was able to defeat Sasuke EASILY at the start of the exams!

But of course he WAS Sasuke, meaning he would always be a "Genius" who could win with his thieving eye-balls", I don't need Sensei, I'll become strong all on my own!" Naruto stated loudly in the middle of the currently empty street", After all, I'm gonna be Hokage, Dat-!".


Naruto blinked at the voice coming from above, looking up while trying to recall where he had in fact heard said voice... only to get a foot to the face, sending him reeling onto his back as three figures landed around him... one though was in fact ON him. Naruto shook his head, his face currently bearing a sandal print on it before he glared at the person who landed on him", WHAT'S THE BIG IDEA!?", He demanded angrily, before blinking in shock, followed by a glare aimed up at the people around him", Y-YOU GUYS!".

"Ah, It's the Uchiha's teammate", Dosu noted from his spot on Kin's right, the girl being the one to land on him while Zaku, whom was on her left, had yelled down at him", I thought I recognized that disgusting orange color".

"What part of Move didn't you understand?" Zaku asked with an annoyed look, while being glad it was his arms and not his legs that had been fucked up as the drop from their room had been a long one.

"Who cares you morons?" Kin hissed at her teammates, pointing back up at the window they had dropped from", that glasses wearing freak is still up there!" She said, before instantly jumping off of Naruto and making a run for it through an alleyway. Both her teammates instantly followed (Dosu even stepping onto Naruto's stomach while doing so).

"OOF!" Naruto gasped out, holding his stomach in pain as he glared after the Oto genin", W-wait! Get back here!" He gasped out, forcing himself to his feet before giving chase. The Oto ninja were supposed to have some connection with the Orochimaru guy that attacked them during the Second exam, at least that's what he had managed to overhear Sakura talking to Sasuke about when they thought he wasn't listening inside of the forest. He was aware they were keeping something from him, something about that weird hicky on Sasuke's neck, and he figured the best way to find out was to get them to tell him. Plus after the crap they just pulled he was eager to beat up all three of them!

While Naruto was thinking to himself, the form of Kabuto had launched out of the window onto the nearest building, having placed the ANBU mask he had stolen back onto his face to keep attention off of him. The spy had thought it pretty genius to grab the two Oto genin after escaping Kakashi, quite certain the one-eyed Jonin wouldn't think Kabuto would stick so close after making his escape. His plan had been to assist Yoroi in grabbing the then drugged Genin and taking them to Orochimaru in order to be used for his plans for the finals. He had NOT expected to find Yoroi dead and the single uninjured member of the squad in the room, but then again it was the unexpected things in life that made things fun.

Kabuto continued the hunt, watching the retreating Genin with a smirk hidden by his mask", Run little one's", Kabuto spoke to himself, glad he finally had an outlet for his bloodlust", Just make sure to find some where I can stretch my legs out..."


"Fuck... This... shit!", Zaku yelled out as he and his team finally found a place they figured would be safe to hide out at, the 14 year old Genin panting for breath by the time they found an unused Training Ground that thankfully had lots of tree's to hide them from sight.

"Are you really THAT out of shape?", Kin asked him with a mocking smirk, before wincing as she held her head, her adrenaline dying down as the pain of her head injury finally hit her.

"I-I have the right... dammit!", Zaku yelled back at her, quite eager to finally get some things off his chest", I just spent HOW many fucking days running through a forest with Ninja all eager to kill me, I was bitten by a fucking pink haired bitch, I had my arms broken by the Emo-Uchiha, and finally I had my Fucking ARMS almost blown completely off my body!", Zaku ranted, before adding one more thing", Oh, and NOW I'm being hunted by a glasses wearing freak who apparently ALSO works for Orochimaru... who wants to fucking KILL us!".

"... All in all a bad time", Dosu felt the need to add, giving Zaku a half lidded look with his single showing eye", Feel better... you whiny bitch?"

"Fuck you", Zaku stated first, glaring lightly at his teammate... before smiling", and YES, I feel much better... except about my arms, they fucking hurt".

"That's okay, I AM a medic", the voice of Kabuto spoke, causing all three to look in shock at the nearby open clearing where Kabuto was standing, once more removing his mask to show his cocky smirk", why don't you come here and let Doctor Kabuto make ALL the pain go away?"

"... Cause THAT doesn't make you seem like a pedophile", Zaku stated with a forced smirk, quite aware though they were pretty screwed as he couldn't use his arms to mold chakra, let alone his ultimate weapon!

Dosu stepped up to bat, Kin sticking besides Zaku as he couldn't defend himself at all at the moment", Don't think you can defeat us", Dosu spoke firmly, his eye narrowed in determination as he held his Melody Arm up", Don't forget how easily we dealt with you before Yakushi".

"Ah yes, that WAS a fun way to introduce yourselves by the way", Kabuto said mockingly, lightly pushing his glasses up further onto his nose... before smirking in a manner that made Dosu recall the Snake the man before them worked for", But don't think I'll let you do something like that again", Kabuto stated firmly, before letting his Killing intent loose upon the three ninja.

Dosu tensed up, forcing himself not to back down as behind him his team tried to do the same, Zaku biting his bottom lip to force himself to calm down... which was not working as his knees were shaking in fear, just as Kin was doing all she could not to try and make a run from it", W-who the hell... are you!?", Dosu gritted out, aware the man before them was not the weakling they had assumed he was before.

"Me? I'm Orochimaru-sama's number two", Kabuto laughed darkly, quite aware everyone assumed Kimimaru was as Kabuto had been hiding out in Konoha", and you little brat? You're dead!" He stated, before drawing a single Shuriken and launching it forward. Dosu gritted his teeth, moving to dodge as best he could... only for his eye to widen in horror as he realized HE wasn't the target.

"Zaku! Kin! MOVE!" Dosu called back as he turned, only then seeing the freaked out state both his teammates were in. Zaku cursed, unable to force his legs to move as Kin was so out of it she didn't even seem to notice the incoming Shuriken. Which of them it was aimed at didn't matter a moment later though.

"Kage-Shuriken no Jutsu!", Kabuto called out as he ran through the needed hand seals, the one Shuriken bursting into more than enough to either kill or severely harm the two genin. Dosu moved to intercept, only to suddenly have Kabuto in his path, the glasses wearing spy sending a hard kick into Dosu's chest.

"GAH!" Dosu cried out in pain, the hit having been a LOT harder than he expected the supposedly weak spy to pull off, it sending him rolling onto the ground before he ended up on his chest. It was then he heard the thunks of the Shuriken, his eye widening in fear as he looked up... only to blink in surprise.

Kabuto stared at his opponent's look, before turning himself to see what was wrong... only to blink in surprise himself. Where the dead bodies of Zaku and Kin SHOULD have been was nothing, not a single shred of either of them", What in the he-!", Kabuto began, only to be suddenly hit with an surprise attack from a tree from above, followed by orange blurs hitting him higher and higher one after the other.

"U-ZU-MA-KI!" A familiar voice that made Kabuto's eyes widen, wondering what HE was doing there. Just then Kabuto came face to face with the person in question, Naruto Uzumaki glaring hatefully as he sent the last kick down onto Kabuto's chest", Naruto Rendan!", Naruto cried out, the final strike sending Kabuto sailing down to the ground below before crashing into it.

Dosu stared in surprise, wondering just what the hell just happened. It was only then that he felt himself being helped up, Dosu looked to find it was Kin at his side", H-how?" He asked, still trying to figure out how she was alive.

"He tackled us to the ground at the last second", Kin admitted with an angry frown on her face, QUITE pissed off she had almost been killed so easily", never thought I'd be glad to see so much orange".

"HEY!", Naruto called out from where he had landed, his clones having already dismissed themselves after beating Kabuto down", What is it you've got against orange!?".

"Where's Zaku?", Dosu asked, ignoring the Blonde for the moment as he was more concerned about his team... not that he'd admit it, or else they might actually think he cared!

"I hid him", Kin replied with a shrug, before smirking happily", The blonde hurt his arms quite a bit when he tackled us, plus I figured it'd be best to keep him out of the way with his current condition".

"Good, fallback to him and find some place to hide out for now", Dosu informed her, earning a confused look in return" Once I manage to deal with the matter here I'll catch up to you".

"... Fine, just don't go out like trash and die", Kin replied with an annoyed tone, turning to leave... only to give him one last look",... If you die I won't cry for you", She stated firmly, before taking off.

"... I know", Dosu said softly, resisting the urge to look back and watch her head off. Once more with that promise... a part of him was sure if he died they would keep it too... at least around each other.

"Stop ignoring me!"

Dosu sighed in annoyance as Naruto's yell ripped him from his thoughts, before looking to Naruto in order to figure out just WHY he had decided to help them out... only to suddenly launch himself at Naruto, Melody arm held ready. Naruto gained a freaked out look, wondering if the guy was really going to attack him after he had just saved his teammates.

Naruto had been chasing the three, though he had been far behind them after recovering from being landed on as he had. He had arrived only a while after Kabuto had, just as the glasses wearing traitor claimed to be Orochimaru's "Number two" guy. Naruto had been shocked; the idea of Kabuto (Whom had helped them pass the second exam) was working with Orochimaru the WHOLE time! Naruto had been about to jump out and take Kabuto on right then and there... only to see him attacking the mummy guy's teammates while they were stunned. While he hated the three, mostly due to what he had learned they had done to Sakura while he had been knocked out, they seemed to be at odds with Kabuto over something... and maybe if he helped them out they would tell him what he wanted to know?

"W-wait!", Naruto called out, trying to stop Dosu from attacking him, before bracing himself for the pain... only to blink in surprise as Dosu swept passed him, blocking the incoming kunai that had been thrown at his back", W-what?".

"Pay more attention to your surroundings", Dosu stated plainly, pulling his arm back down while keeping his eyes on the still smoking crater where the kunai had been launched from", our opponent isn't down yet".

"R-right... thanks", Naruto said, turning around to stand side by side with Dosu", for... saving me and all", He said, unsure how he felt about actually having to thank one of the guys who had hurt Sakura.

"I was merely returning the favor for what you did for my useless teammates", Dosu replied blankly",... However I would appreciate it immensely if you continued to assist me in dealing with this Spy".

"Well, it seems you two are becoming friends", Kabuto laughed as he finally stepped back into view, seeming perfectly fine, the stomach area of his clothing having an imprint from where Naruto had struck", Losers are more prone to work together I suppose...".

Naruto growled at the insult, before pointing accusingly at Kabuto", Kabuto, why are you working with that Snake-teme!?" Naruto demanded", I thought you were one of the good guys! A Leaf Ninja! You even helped us pass the Second Exam".

"... It was more than likely to get Sasuke into the finals", Dosu spoke up, drawing Naruto's attention to him. Dosu resisted the urge to groan, wondering why the blonde would take his eyes off the enemy", Orochimaru wanted to see Sasuke pass and grow stronger, I'm unsure why but it has something to do with the Cursed Seal he gave the Uchiha".

"Cursed Seal?" Naruto asked, before his eyes widened, recalling the hicky Sasuke had on his neck", is that what it is?"

"I think that's enough Dosu", Kabuto said with narrowed eyes, not liking his ex-comrade going around telling things that should be kept secret", Now be a good little Genin and die for me... you too Naruto", He said as he regained a smirk, his right hand starting to glow lightly as he activated his Chakra Scalpel.

"Damn", Dosu cursed, recognizing the ability from seeing one of the Medical Ninja back in Oto using it", keep out of the range of his right hand; if he hits you with that you're done".

"Got it, that's why I have my Bunshin!", Naruto replied with a smirk, his hands moving into a familiar seal", Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!", He called out, instantly forming twenty clones that appeared all around Kabuto", Kick his ass!", Naruto called out, sending each of his clone's into battle.

Kabuto smirked to himself as he let the Bunshin charge in... Before whipping into action. As the first one neared he merely stepped back before letting his right arm tear through its lower back. As it poofed out of existence he let the next two charges into from both sides, Kabuto leaping into the air before slamming both legs back down upon both their heads, taking them out as well. After that another two moved in, one aiming as strike at his back as the other went at his front. Kabuto did a fully rotation, slamming his Scalpel through the one in front, before using his momentum to take out the one behind him, before fully ending up facing where he began. It was here the reaming clones realized that such tactics wouldn't work, so they mere drew their fake Kunai and Shuriken and began launching them at Kabuto.

Kabuto bit back a remark at this lame tactic, merely launching himself at the nearest five Bunshin while easily evading the crappy aim of the Naruto copies. In a matter of seconds he arrived, slamming a knee into the closest one, before following it up with a quick hit from his right arm to the two on his right. The remaining two held the kunai they had been using in a reverse grip, one moving in with the other right behind it. As the first one went to slash, Kabuto ducked it, throwing his right arm into its chest, before continuing on as he used the dismissed clone's smoke to hide his attack on the last one until the last second.

It was here that Kabuto turned around, facing the remaining ten... or eight it seemed as he could only see eight. Two of the clone's suddenly launched Fuuma Shuriken at him, Kabuto smirking as he easily dodged each one.


Kabuto tensed at the sound, turning around quickly only to find two fists slamming into his face... only to be replaced by a log. The two clones' whom had transformed into Shuriken stared in shock, wondering where Kabuto had gone, only to hear the sudden dismissals of the other eight. They looked over, finding Kabuto in the center of where they had been, a mocking smirk on his face as he pushed his glasses back up the ridge of his nose, they having lightly slipped during the whole attack.

"Well... That was quite the warm-up", Kabuto noted mockingly, before holding his right hand up in a familiar seal", Katsu".

The two clone's didn't have a moment to react before the Explosive Note's he had left on the Log exploded, taking the last of them out. Kabuto hummed happily to himself, before turning to face the glaring but obviously nervous Naruto, along with the equally troubled Dosu. Deciding to mess with them both a bit, Kabuto rose his right hand up and gave a "Bring it" motion with his fingers.

Naruto grit his teeth, finding himself feeling the same as when he had faced both Zabuza and Orochimaru, Kabuto's actions even somewhat reminding him of how easily Kakashi had been able to deal with him during their graduation exam so long ago. Could it be that Kabuto was Jonin level?

Dosu had watched, his single eye capturing all he saw while memorizing it for further use. It was one of his best skills, being able to easily analyze and access his opponent's strengths and weaknesses... but with Kabuto he found almost nothing he could exploit, not with his skill set at least.

Kabuto frowned at this, finding both Genin seemed to intimidate to do anything against him at the moment. It was a shame, he was actually hoping to mess with them both a bit... but if he took too long someone might come upon them... plus he still had to hunt down Kin and Zaku for Orochimaru's jutsu. With a sigh he launched himself forward, smirking lightly as both Genin quickly shifted into fighting stances, glad they at least were still willing to fight back.

"Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu!"

Kabuto had seconds to push his foot back against the ground, launching himself back before the large ball of Fire struck his side. Kabuto turned with a QUITE unhappy glare towards the attacker, only to be forced to draw a kunai out with his left hand to block the incoming Shuriken, however missing one that cut into his right leg, making him wince lightly. Kabuto's attacker then moved in front of both Naruto in Dosu, hands set up in a familiar seal Naruto spammed constantly.

Naruto blinked, unsure what had just happened before looking to the man in front of him... only to point in shock", Y-your that Closet Perv!", He called out.

Ebisu fought the urge to face plant, an annoyed blush coming to his face as he recalled what Naruto had forced him to go through the last time they met", Y-you be quiet about that!", Ebisu spoke loudly, eyes focused on Kabuto still", Is that anyway to thank your rescuer!?".

"Thank you, though I seriously doubt your here for my sake", Dosu spoke up; aware do to Ebisu's attire he was at least Jonin in ranking, meaning their luck had just went up immensely.

Ebisu quickly spared Dosu an uncertain look, before returning his full focus onto Kabuto", Your quite right about that, I'm however trusting the fact you are standing against Yakushi and standing besides Uzumaki-san that you're on our side", Ebisu reasoned",... However, I will require you not to try and flee the area as the Hokage will want to have a word with you and your teammates".

"And you think I'm going to let that happen?", Kabuto asked, regaining his cocky smirk as he recalled all he knew of the Special Jonin before him, quite sure he could deal with Ebisu and get away without too much trouble.

"Hmph, I don't even need to worry about you", Ebisu said with an assured tone as he lightly pushed his sunglasses up the bridge of his nose as Kabuto was prone to do", I've been flaring my Chakra for some time now, it won't be long till Back-up arrives".

Kabuto mentally cursed, quite aware if even one other Jonin showed up he would have almost no chance of getting out of there unscathed. This was not good, as Orochimaru would be quite unhappy to learn that not only had he failed, but the Hokage had the Sound Genin in hand to question about the upcoming invasion. However, Kabuto was NOT getting caught over three brats. With one last glare Kabuto quickly withdrew a smoke pellet before throwing it down, shrouding the area in smoke so he could make his escape.

"Hmph, coward", Ebisu stated, though he was inwardly glad Kabuto had left without trying anything. While Ebisu was sure he could handle the traitor long enough for the back-up to arrive, he was unsure if he could protect Naruto or the Oto ninja at the same time. With a sigh he turned towards both Genin", The Hokage will want to see both of you, this needs to be explained", He stated, before focusing his gaze on Dosu", I will be forced to MAKE you go if needed".

"Hey, you don't need to talk to him like that!" Naruto stated loudly, earning a surprised look from Ebisu AND Dosu for that", He's not with Kabuto OR Orochimaru... at least not anymore!" Naruto explained, before looking to Dosu warily", Right?"

"... No, my team and I no longer want anything to do with Orochimaru or his ilk", Dosu replied, recovering from his moment of shock, finding himself confused about the blonde's reaction to Ebisu's words... and strangely appreciative, which was not a feeling he was used to. Dosu returned his gaze to Ebisu", I will go without any trouble... merely allow me to gather my teammates and I shall speak with your Hokage... I have a deal to offer him", Dosu finished, allowing himself to smirk under his bandages.

If he was a mere Pawn to Orochimaru... it was time to show the bastard of a Snake could do even to a King!


Not sure how many people will like this idea, though I myself always felt the Sound Genin had MUCH potential, too much to die so easily like they had. I myself liked Dosu and Kin's characters quite a bit, Zaku not so much but I figure I can add some more character to him. More so I wanted to get into their characters in general, as the most we got out of them was a basic back story for how Zaku ended up with Orochimaru. I have quite a few ideas on backstories for Dosu and Kin as well, as well as plans for all three of them to gain some actual skills as they each are all one trick ponies sadly... but I shall rebuild them for I have the technology... and little thing I found online detailing QUITE a lot of options for different Ninja types.

A lot of you may notice not much on Naruto in this chapter, as Dosu was kind of the main focus here. Don't worry too much, Naruto is going to get his position back on the spot light while finding himself quite involved with the Ex-Oto Genin in the future. I added that little scene with Naruto's reaction to Kakashi because I felt Kakashi was bumming Naruto off for specific reasons, but did NOT want to go with the usual thing most writers do... which is basically have Kakashi act out of character and say Naruto plainly sucks and should have never been a ninja bla bla bla. Here I wanted Kakashi to have more valid reasoning then that, such as Naruto's chances against Neji being slim no matter what and the fact Neji won't kill him like Gaara would Sasuke. These along with the face-off with Kabuto are meant to both give Naruto more drive for his training for the upcoming month.

Also, expect Ebisu to have a part in this quite a bit, as unlike a LOT of writers... I like him. I didn't like him at first of course, but he's one of the few characters we've seen not only get an early change of view on Naruto, but even is willing to die for Naruto against Pein. More than that he's an Elite Teacher who specializes in Ninjutsu! Honestly, I can't help but feel if Naruto would have stuck being trained by Ebisu he would have better off as Jiraiya taught him summoning (Which he couldn't use against Neji) and learning how to use the Kyuubi's chakra, while merely removing the seal Orochimaru put on his seal. I realize those were all important and all, but what else did Naruto do for that month!? I can't help but think NOTHING as that's all he ended up using later on. Jiraiya will still be working with Naruto... but I'm not letting Ebisu get pushed off when that guy could help Naruto so much... and NOT just Naruto either, lol.

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