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A/N: This from Chapter 127 from the manga, Suzuka with difference in choice of action. It's something that I thought of when I read the chapter in Suzuka.

Feeling Defeated

The night was a horrible night for Yamato Akitsuki. He went in to his room after feeling embarrassed and humiliated and it started with Saki Asai. It was the reason why he was not comfortable of Saki coming over to the apartment complex as he guessed that she would bring up stuff from the past, things that made him feel embarrassed. Unfortunately, it didn't stop with her. Soon, his younger cousin Miho Fujiwara scolded him and then Suzuka Asahina told everyone at the table about how Yamato forgot her birthday in which caused Miho and Yamato's Aunt Ayano to be disappointed in him. The next thing he knew, all four ladies were pointing out his faults about how he never pays attention, especially to women's feelings to how he always had a habit of doing things half ass. It made Yamato felt very awkward and uncomfortable and it had already felt a new low.

Yamato's Apartment

Yamato went into his room and crashed on his bed, "What's up with everyone? Am I really that bad? Huh, Goro-chan?"

Yamato, for some reason waited for the cat that was relaxing in his room to give him an answer. The cat simply waved his tail and when Yamato saw that, he got upset and went to pick up Goro.

"Don't answer me with your tail!" Yamato said upset, "Am I really an asshole? Am I?"

That was when Yamato stopped ranting and blinked and looking at Goro. He thought about some things for the moment and then put the cat down.

"Sorry, Goro-chan," Yamato said, "I shouldn't be acting like this. You're just a cat, it's not like you're meant to help me or anything," Yamato felt sad and pitiful, "Man, I'm such an idiot. It's no wonder people say that I'm idiot and a loser."

The cat simply lay down on the floor and relaxed. Yamato looked out of his window and then decided he would just go to sleep.

He turned off his light and got on his bed when he heard his doorbell ring which made Yamato upset.

"Oh great, that's probably Saotome coming to give me more grief," Yamato guessed, "it feels like a whole clan of assassins is after me," he was tempted to go open his door but then he stopped himself, "Forget it, I'm in no mood for her giving me a hard time and she's probably has some remark to say what a loser and an idiot I am," Yamato shook his head, "Forget it, I've heard enough of that today. I'll worry about it tomorrow."

Yamato then just lay down on his bed and decided to ignore the ringing and get some sleep and hoped that the person would give up and just leave.

Outside of Yamato's Apartment

Saki kept ringing the doorbell and still she got no answer.

"He's not answering," Saki said, "and here I brought some Momiji Sweet Buns with me."

Saki rang the doorbell again and like before she was getting no answer.

"I don't believe this, is he sleeping already?" Saki asked, "It's a little early for him to sleep, isn't it?" Saki then thought of another reason why Yamato wasn't answering his door, "Wait…don't tell me he's upset about what happened at dinner," Saki sighed, "I know he asked me not to say anything but still…he just doesn't understand a woman's emotion, it's no wonder he get's dump…and when he asked me out…" Saki closed his eyes and though for a moment and then opened them again, "oh well, since he won't answer, I guess I'll try talking to him tomorrow."

Saki left and went to her own room.

It was the start of a new day and Ayano was calling for her nephew.

"Yamato-kun, telephone!" Ayano called out.

Yamato was still in his room sleeping but he was hearing Ayano's voice.

"Wake up and answer the phone!" Ayano called out, "It's your school teacher! He says it's important!"

"Tell him I'll call back later!" Yamato responded.

"What? Just get up!" Ayano was a bit irritated.

Yamato had no choice but to get up and go to answer the phone. Moments later, Yamato finished his phone call and went to the dining room.

Dining Room

"Morning…" Yamato greeted in a low tone as he sat in.

"Are you gonna sleep forever?" Saki asked as she attempted to fix his hair, "Your hair's a mess."

"Just stop," Yamato demanded as he directed Saki's hand away from his hair, "I'll fix it myself. I'm not a complete moron."

Saki and Ayano were taken back at Yamato's reaction.

"Hey, what's with you?" Saki asked.

"It's nothing," Yamato answered.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes…I'm sure…" Yamato just looked down on the table.

Ayano wasn't sure herself but gave Yamato his portions. Yamato just gave his thanks and went on to eating.

"By the way Yamato, I came by your apartment last night but you didn't answer," Saki said.

"…I see…" Yamato responded, "So it was Saki that came by last night…oh well…"

"I brought some Momiji Sweet Buns with me and wanted to share them with you."

Yamato didn't even look at Saki and just nodded. Saki and Ayano weren't expecting this reaction from Yamato.

"You should get ready soon," Ayano said, "Suzuka-chan has already finished her breakfast and left hours ago. She's so serious; you're her exact opposite, Yamato-kun."

Yamato didn't say anything and just continued eating and for some reason, Ayano felt there was something wrong with her nephew and Saki decided to ask him something.

"So what was that phone call about?" Saki asked.

"I got accepted to Seijo University," Yamato answered, "so now I've got to decide to go to whether to go to Toto or Seijo."

"Wow, that's great," Ayano said impressed.

Yamato just kept eating and then finished his breakfast, "Thanks for the meal." Yamato got up.

"Have you decided to which university you'll choose?" Saki asked.

"No…" Yamato left for his room to get ready.

"Is it just me or does Yamato-kun seemed…well…distant…" Saki asked.

"Well, now that you mentioned it, that seemed to be the case," Ayano responded and then had her thought, "I wonder, what's going on with him?"

Yamato's Apartment

As Yamato was getting ready, he decided that he had to do something, "I'll have to do something," Yamato sighed, "there's no choice for me, I'll have to go on my own…"

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