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Yamato's New Apartment

Yamato was looking around in his new apartment and put his bags down. He looked around, checking out his living room, his kitchen, and his bedroom. He was happy to be where he was now. The man that was with was the owner of the building.

"How do you like the place?" the middle-aged man asked.

Yamato nodded, "It's excellent, thank you very much Mr. Hirugashi"

"Good, now that you are settled with the place, I want to show you what you will be doing."

"Yes sir."

Yamato followed Hirugashi out of his apartment to see what work he would be doing.

Akitsuki Residence in Hiroshima

"What? Yamato left Ayano's apartment complex?" Yamato's father, Yoshio Akitsuki asked.

"Yes, that's right," Kotono said still upset about the whole thing.

Yoshio was angry, "That boy is acting like an idiot. Just what is he thinking? If he was going to be like this, then we would have never agreed to let him live in Tokyo."

"I want to know what has been going on, it's not like him to just go and leave the place. Something must have happened."

"Even so, you said yourself, Yamato wouldn't tell you his reason," Yoshio got angry again, "I need to teach that boy not to be disrespectful."

"I know Yamato wouldn't tell me but I think we'll know if we ask Ayano. Surely she would know what that son of ours was thinking."

Yoshio puffed one of cigarettes, "Fine, then let's go pay Ayano a visit.

Living Room of Ayano's Apartment/Bathhouse Complex

Ayano was serving Saki tea. They were both upset that Yamato left and he wouldn't even say anything to either of them.

"Here you go Saki-chan," Ayano said as she gave her the tea.

Saki nodded, "Thank you," Saki took the tea and sipped it.

It helped calm her down and but was still upset at what happened.

Ayano sighed, "This has been very unpleasant."

Saki nodded in agreement.

In a street somewhere

Suzuka was walking with her friend Miki and told her what had happened regarding Yamato.

"What? Seriously?" Miki spoke, "Akitsuki moved out?"

"Yeah, he did," Suzuka responded upset.

Miki sighed, "Ah man…well do you know where he moved to?"

"No, he didn't tell us. Ayano-san and Miho-chan are upset about the whole thing. He willfully turned his back on them."

"So…what are you going to do?"

"I'm not going to do anything."


"It's his choice. If he wants to move out and doesn't want to talk to us, that's his business. I'm not going to try to force him."

Miki looked at her friend with concern. She could tell that even though she say and act like she's not really concerned, she could tell that it bothered Suzuka as well.

"And here I thought, you two were getting along so well again," Miki said sadly.

Suzuka flinched a little and had her thoughts, "Maybe…I did go too far…I didn't think that he would feel…" Suzuka shook her head, "I don't think there's anything I can do about now."

Ayano's Apartment/Bathhouse Complex

Ayano was in the kitchen washing dishes. She still couldn't shake her head out of what happened. Her own nephew walked out of the building and her and may have well intend to walk out of her life. She shook her head about this and wanted to do something. She wanted to talk to Yamato again and try to work things out. She cared for nephew and it saddened her that she was accused of not being that and wanted to talk to him again. She also thought about the things he had said to her. She didn't believe she was being malice towards him, she thought that when comparing him to Suzuka, that it would motivate him to change some of his habits and get his act together.


"The one who tends to be unfair is you Ayano-san," Yamato countered what Ayano said to him.

This surprised Ayano, "What do you mean?"

"I need to ask, why do you seem to take pleasure of belittling me?"

"What are talking about?"

"You always have some sort of snide comment towards me, like I'm some sort of brainless pinhead. You always seem to enjoy that I'm nothing compared to Asahina and you're always worried that I will make a fool of myself. Honestly, if I wanted to just hear what an idiot I am, I would have stayed with my parents and siblings in Hiroshima since they always do that every day."

Flashback End

Ayano had her head down remembering what her nephew said to him. She suddenly heard the phone ring. She dried her hands and went to answer the phone. She went to the living room and picked up the phone that was ringing.

"Hello?" Ayano answered.

"Hello, Ayano, it's me," Kotono said on the other line.

"Sis?" Ayano was surprised.

"Ayano, Yamato called me earlier and told me that he was moving out of your apartment building."

Ayano had a sad expression, "Yes, he did just that earlier."

"Why didn't you stop him?" Kotono asked upset.

"I tried, I tried to tell him think about it and get him to change his mind but he wouldn't budge. There was…really nothing I could have done."

"There was nothing you could have done?" Kotono was angry, "You promised me and Yoshio that Yamato would be in good hands that there would nothing to worry about and now I'm hearing that Yamato left and you are telling me that there was nothing you could about it?"

Ayano was flinched with the tone her sister gave her and tried to remain calm, "Kotono, please understand, I couldn't really stop it. If I tried, I feared that it would have gotten worse."

"Ayano, Yoshio and I are going to visit you and Miho-chan."

Ayano was surprised, "What? You're coming from all the way from Hiroshima?"

"Yes and we're going to find Yamato."

"But how? Yamato wouldn't even tell me or anyone where he was staying. What makes you think you would be able to find out?"

"Yoshio has a clue in where he might be. Anyway, you can expect us to see you there very soon," Kotono declared as she hung up the phone.

Ayano was shocked and looked at the receiver of the phone as she hung up the phone. The widowed building owner sighed heavily, "…Yamato-kun…"

Yamato's New Apartment

Yamato lay on his floor of his apartment and sighed with his thoughts. He had gotten the feel of what his work was going to be like and it was very tough. He rubbed his forehead and got up from his floor. He looked out the window of his apartment.

Yamato was outside of the building and stretched his arms and took a deep breath, "Well, I better get going."

"Yamato-kun?" A female voice spoke.

Yamato looked and saw the owner of the voice and was surprised to see who it was. Standing across from him was the girl he hadn't seen since she came by to his old apartment and attempted to help him move on and when she declared her love for him and when he hurt her by not saying anything to her and there was no doubt she left him, crying and heartbroken.

Yamato couldn't believe it, "Yui-chan?"

Yui Amami had her eyes widened to see Yamato again, "Yamato-kun…"

For Yamato, seeing Yui again, brought up the bad memory of that day and it made him feel like he was garbage, looking at Yui, he felt like he was the lowest of scum. Here was this girl, who wanted to help him and tried to forget what she attempted to do as well as trying to just go back as friends and he said nothing to her. He couldn't understand why he did that and he had felt horrible ever since.

"Um, it's good to see you again, Yamato-kun," Yui started although it was hard for her, "Have you been well?"

"It…it's good to see you again as well, Yui-chan," Yamato said although it was hard for him to face her, "so…how have you've been?"

Ayano's Apartment/Bathhouse Complex, Yamato's Apartment

Miho was depressed and was sitting on the floor of the apartment holding Goro. The cat meowed and Miho was just sitting feeling depressed.

"Yamato-kun, you jerk," Miho muttered sadly.

The door opened and it was Yuka and Megumi.

"There you are Miho-chan," Megumi said.

Miho looked up and saw the two college students, "Oh, it's you two."

Yuka sighed, "Listen, we know that you're upset that Yamato just left but that doesn't mean you should just coop yourself up in his room."

Miho scowled, "What would you know any way?"

"I know that keeping yourself in Yamato's room with Goro-chan isn't going to bring him back."

Megumi put her hand her friend's shoulder, "Yuka…"

Yuka looked back at Megumi.

Megumi went to Miho and went on her knees facing Miho eyelevel, "Miho-chan, I understand that you're upset but please don't coop yourself in here like this. We're worried about you."

"Please, just leave me alone. Just go away," Miho pleaded.

Yuka sighed and Megumi was upset that she wasn't able to get Miho to see reason.

In front of Ayano's Apartment/Bathhouse Complex

Five people were standing in front of the building. It was the rest of the Akitsuki family, Yoshio and Kotono with along with them, their daughter, Rie, their younger son, Hirakazu, and Yoshio's mother, Hatsuko.

"Well, we're finally here," Yoshio commented.

The kids were stretching their arms.

Someone was coming out of the building and it was Saki.

"Saki-chan?" Kotono said surprised.

Saki was surprised to see Yamato's family, "Wh-What are you all doing here?"

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