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Chapter 6

Allen rested his head on Kanda's lap, smiling in contentment. They were on the sand, watching the sunset. Just then, Allen's phone rang. Seeing that the caller was Komui, Allen stood up and excused himself to take the phone call.


"Oh hi, Allen-kun! I'm sorry to tell you this but you're going to have to finish that mission by today. That's all. Bye bye!" Komui ended the connection on the other end and Allen was left standing on the sand, eyes widened by a fraction. He had been hoping to avoid his job, but now, he was left with no choice. Placing his phone in his pocket, he walked back towards Kanda, a smile on his face. Sitting down beside Kanda, he fingered the dagger in his sleeve. Avoiding the other's gaze, he hugged Kanda for what would probably be the last time.

"I love you, Kanda." Since his head was resting on Kanda's shoulder, Kanda could not see the expression on Allen's face.

"And I'm sorry…" With that said, Allen grabbed the hilt of his dagger and closed his eyes, plunging it towards Kanda. His eyes snapped open, however, when he felt something cold resting against his neck.

'No way. There is no freaking way that Kanda is…' Pulling himself away Kanda, he stiffened when he saw Kanda holding a sword.

"Kanda?" Allen asked. He remembered that he had seen such a sword before. When was it? In the midst of his cloudy mind, he finally found his answer. 'It was during the Tyki Mykk assassination! There was this guy with long hair…'

Backing away from Kanda, Allen stumbled and landed on the sand ungracefully. Kanda towered over him with that sword in hand, an unreadable expression on his face. Resigning himself to his fate, Allen closed his eyes.

"Oi, bean sprout." An annoyed grunt was heard. Allen opened his eyes one at a time and saw Kanda holding his hand out to him. Taking Kanda's outstretched hand timidly, Allen stood up with the help of Kanda.

"Aren't you going to kill me?" Kanda got into his fighting stance as he heard the question.

"I want to make this a fair battle, seeing that you also have to kill me. Not that you can." Kanda snorted in reply and he tightened his grip on his sword, charging at Allen with a war cry. Allen immediately parried the attack, before aiming to kick at Kanda's stomach. Kanda merely smirked and grabbed Allen's leg, then dodged an attack from Allen's fist.

"Not bad, bean sprout. Not bad at all." Kanda said after the two broke apart. He looked to the side and saw that the sun was almost down. He would have to finish this quickly.

"Don't underestimate me, Kanda!" Allen shouted, fury in his eyes. Allen threw his dagger at Kanda and it grazed Kanda's shoulder slightly. Caught off guard, Kanda quickly composed himself and took advantage of the situation, seeing that Allen was weaponless. Or not. Allen took out a dagger from his other sleeve and the two men charged at each other, a look of excitement on both their faces.

A clash of metal was heard and Allen was seen holding his side, blood seeping out of the wound. Kanda, on the other hand, was seen pulling a dagger out of his arm. He winced slightly and threw the bloodied dagger on the ground.

"Che…Looks like you got injured, bean sprout." Kanda said as he spat blood out of his mouth.

"Same goes to you, BaKanda." A wry chuckle was shared between the two and it soon erupted into laughter. A few moments later, an awkward silence filled the air.

"You still alive there?" Kanda asked the figure collapsed on the ground. A grunt was heard and Kanda helped Allen up, pulling him close. Kanda bent down till he could feel Allen's breath on his face. Allen's cheeks were dusted pink and he was for once glad that he had magnificent hearing abilities. The way that Allen's heartbeat kept beating erratically as he went closer was amusing. Pausing for a while, he admired Allen's face for a moment.

Allen felt his head heating up as Kanda came closer and closer to him. 'Damn it. Why was he reacting like this? And why was Kanda doing this in the middle of their battle? Ugh, screw logic.' Allen grabbed the collar of Kanda's shirt forcefully and pressed their lips together, smiling as he saw Kanda's dumbfounded face. Closing his eyes, he savoured the taste of Kanda and unconsciously licked Kanda's lips. Eyes shot open when he realized what he had done and a blush crept its way to his face. Just when he was about to pull away, he felt something wet against his lips, which felt a lot like a tongue.


A tongue entered his mouth, exploring it and Allen blushed harder, unable to find the strength to pull away. Suddenly, the tongue receded and Kanda said something against his lips which sounded a lot like…Sorry? Allen froze and a tear slipped down his cheek as he felt a sword pierce him from the back. However, what hurt most was the pain in his heart as Kanda looked at him with utmost remorse. Pulling the sword out, Kanda threw it to the side and grabbed on to Allen before he could land on the sand. Cradling Allen close, he let his tears fall and whispered his apologies again and again.

"Yu, I…love…you." Allen whispered in between breaths, holding on to Kanda's shirt. Kanda's eyes wavered and he rested his forehead against Allen's.

"I'm glad that I didn't have to kill you in the end." Kanda bit his lip as sobs escaped his mouth.

"Idiot. I love you too, Allen." A look of happiness came over Allen and he loosened his grip on Kanda's shirt, hand falling limply to the side. Trembles came over Kanda's body and he let out a hoarse scream, crying in the darkness.

3 years later…

A rose was placed on a grave. A huge shadow was towered over the grave and words, though very faint, could be heard. Snow was seen falling behind the silhouette.

"Happy birthday, Allen."

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