[Author's Note: Hey, not dead yet! I just had some real crazy stuff going on in my life the past few months, and the fic had to wait. But I'm glad people are actually reading this thing! Hopefully, I'll be able to update more often now]

"Alright, I'm here! This better be important!"

MODOK was irritated, even more so than usual. That morning, one of the AIM surveillance bases situated near the border of Wakanda had reported a break-in by a superhuman attacker, who according to reports had managed to kill over two-thirds of the staff before being subdued by security. Unfortunately, this meant that MODOK had to listen while a very nervous and battered security officer gave him a debriefing over the telecommunicator. Though the man was too far away physically to telepathically read his mind, MODOK could tell from his voice and the way he was grabbing at the collar of his bright yellow uniform that whatever news he was about to hear wasn't going to be good.

"W-well sir," the man began, "I assume you've already read the basic report-"

"Of course I have, you moronic baboon!" MODOK screeched, "How the hell did you let the intruder destroy our vibranium stores? Do you know how hard it is to get a good supply of that stuff? You said he was attacking with his bare hands! How can you be so incompetent as to let something happen under your watch that ISN'T PHYSICALLY POSSIBLE TO DO?"

The man gulped, "To be fair sir, he didn't actually destroy the vibranium. But he did release some biochemical agent into the area that is preventing us from retrieving it safely. Everyone that goes in-"

"Do you think I care about safety?" MODOK interrupted, "Do it unsafely if you have to, just do it!" The statement was followed by an awkward silence as MODOK breathed heavily, attempting to compose himself. The security officer fidgeted uncomfortably as MODOK closed his eyes, and then started to speak again, this time enunciating every word he said in a barely contained rage, "I want that vibranium back, peon. Either you do that, or I will make sure that this biochemical agent is the LEAST of your problems." He stroked his chin for a second in thought, and then added, "On second thought, I'll send a team myself to get a sample of that stuff. Might come in handy later, especially if we can replicate it." He raised a brow, "What did you say it did?"

"W-well, they… they became this blob," the man replied, "Of tentacles. That won't die unless we torch it. And they're strong too. Had to seal off the whole area to keep them from getting out."

MODOK grinned, causing the poor officer to shudder in fright, "VERY interesting, Nate…"

"Actually, my name is-"

"DID I SAY YOU COULD TALK? Anyway, I can think of some uses for something like that" MODOK sighed, "A shame that the man who created it had to die. He would've made a great bioweapon developer for AIM…"

"A-actually sir," the security officer piped up, "he's still alive in containment. I could-"

"What?" MODOK screeched again, causing the guard to flinch, "Why didn't you execute him! We need that body for SCIENCE!"

"He surrendered to us!" The man retorted, "He said he would be willing to work out a deal, if he could talk to you first!"

MODOK glared at the officer in yet another awkward silence. After what seemed like hours, he finally sighed and waved his hand at the screen non-chalantly, "Fine. Let me talk to him."

Sighing in relief that he no longer had to deal with this madman, the officer typed a few commands into the console, before having his image replaced with one of a man with slicked back blonde hair dressed in a black trench coat. MODOK noted that the man looked perfectly normal apart from his bright red eyes with pupils that were similar to a cat's. He suspected that this was due to a mutation, more than likely self-inflected in an attempt at physical perfection. The red-eyed man glared at him before speaking in a strict voice, letting his words drag on in the air, "So, you are the Machine Designed Only For Killing I've heard so much about in my short time here. You have quite a… terrifying reputation amongst your men."

"It's MODOK to you, Cro-Magnon!" MODOK chuckled to himself as he noticed the man's eyebrow twitch in restrained anger at the insult, though he was disappointed that he didn't react more.

"Quite a temper. Name calling will not get you anywhere, you know."

MODOK rolled his eyes, and then spoke up, "So, I understand you wanted to talk to me?"

"I do." The red-eyed man replied, "My name is Albert Wesker. I was formally employed with the Umbrella Corporation, whom I am almost certain you never heard of, as a researcher, field operative, and double agent. About four days ago, I had appeared in the area you refer to as Wakanda. After evading the local law enforcement, I started to put the pieces together on why my situation had changed so… drastically. Based on the information I was able to procure from the news articles that I have seen, there appears to have been some dimensional concurrence that is being called 'the Merge'. I had broken into your outpost intending to make it a base of operations for myself and a colleague of mine. However, as you can see, a change of plans is necessary."

"Interesting…" MODOK said, "And I assume that superhumans are much more uncommon wherever you are from? Thus accounting for your superiority complex?"

Wesker nodded, "Correct. I was attempting to create more before a BSAA agent named Chris Redfield intervened. I tried to contact my superiors at Umbrella with your telecommunicator, but from what I can tell, the Umbrella Corporation no longer exists, which means I am a soldier of fortune without an employer."

"And that's where I come in?"

"Yes. Give me access to your laboratories, and I will make bioweapons the likes of which this world can only dream of. All I ask for in exchange is allowing me to take certain… 'liberties' with my research."

"Aha!" MODOK exclaimed, "A fellow man of science, like me! Very well, Mr. Wesker! I am naming you head of the base you are in! We'll have a trial run, and if you do well, you should rise in the ranks quickly!"

Wesker smirked, "I am certain I will surprise even you, sir."

"No easy feat let me tell you that! Oh, and one more thing before I go. First thing I want you to do is to kill the chief of security for not following base defense protocol. He'll be the sweaty one who was talking to me a few minutes ago. Well, bye now!" MODOK turned the telecommunicator off, then began thinking out loud, "Now, what to do with all that vibranium once I get it back… oh, I know! I wonder if we can graft vibranium into panthers…" He began to run the simulations, grinning maniacally in the light of the computer consoles around him.