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"Jack push it a tiny bit to the left then a little bit foreword." Jack did what Kim said. "no oh my god jack do you not know what a little bit means."

"You know what Kim this desk is very heavy why don't you try moving it."

"What? I can't I don't have that much muscle."

"Yeah more like none." jack said sitting on the bed. Kim jumped on him

"Take it back." she said every word hitting his arm like it hurt. Then jumped him.

"Ahh there is a fat girl on me." jack said sarcastically.

"You are such a jer..." Jack flipped them over and pinned her hands above her head.

"You really don't wanna finish that sentence."

"You. Are. A. Jerk." she said each word with confidence.

"That's it." jack said then picked Kim up and slung her over her shoulder.

"Jack put me down." Kim whined. Jack continued to carry her downstairs.

"hey Mrs. Crawford."

"Hello jack. Can I ask you why my daughter is slung over your shoulder."

"oh yeah she needs to be taught a lesson."

"Okay just don't break anything."

"Mom make him put me down." Kim whined. Her mom just shrugged. Jack continued to carry her outside then stopped.

"Okay Kim this is your last chance to take it back." Kim turned around to see the pool in front of Jack.

"Okay jack I take it back just don't drop me in there. You are the nicest person ever." she begged

"Hmm say I'm sexy."

"EW no your my best friend."

"fine." he said the dropped her in the pool.

"Y-y-you did n-n-not j-j-just do th-th-that."

"Oh but Kimmy I did." Kim got out of the pool and walked towards the house, but before she got there jack grabbed her and pulled her into a bear hug. "Kim you didn't call me sexy."

"W-w-why are you s-s-so warm."

"What can I say maybe I'm just soo hot or your just too cool. It is a mystery."

"Shut up"

Aww we look so cute right now. Kodak moment." he grabbed his phone and took a picture.

"your such a dork." she murmured into his shirt.

*2 days later*

Kim and jack were walking to falafel Phil's. It was starting to rain but they got inside just before it started to poor. They saw grace in the far corner sitting in a booth.

"Hey grace can we sit here?" Kim asked.

"sure." she said scooting over so Kim could sit next to her.

"Hey Kim I'm gonna go order do you just want to split a basket of falafel balls?"

"Sure Thanks jack." she said smiling. Jack walked away and got on line immediately Kim switched side of the booths and stared at grace.

"I have a problem."

"What is it?" grace said still texting.

"I think I'm in love."

"Kim I know you love Justin Bieber. Everyone does."

"No I'm not talking about Justin Bieber."

"Then who." grace said still texting, not thinking it was serious.

"it's jack."

Grace dropped her phone and screamed "you're in love with.." Kim quickly covered her mouth but it was too late everyone was already staring at them.

"Sorry she was dropped on her head at birth."

"hey." grace protested.

"Just shh."

"So since when?"

"Well I have always liked jack but never this much."

"Well jeez it is about time."

"What do you mean it's about time ?"

"We all knew it was gonna happen just didn't know when. Hey could you do it before the winter dance. I kinda have a bet placed."



"Shh here he comes."

"Hey guys what is with that outburst grace?"

"Nothing. Ohh look I got to go." she said slipping out of the booth.

"Grace." I said begging her to stay.

"Bye Kim." great now I was alone with jack. Perfect. I looked out the window.

"Kim are you okay?"


Why what's wrong?"

"So my friend has this problem. She has a best friend who is a guy and is like head over heels for this guy but is scared to tell him how she feels cause she doesn't know if he likes her back and doesn't want to make things awkward. What should she do?"

"Well I think if she doesn't want to make things awkward she shouldn't do it. That is what I would do."

"Great" she was hurt bad. "Look I gotta go jack bye." she got up and ran outside into the pouring rain. She heard jack calling her name but didn't care. Then she felt someone touch her arm then spin her around.

"Kim what are you doing? Wait why are you crying? Who did it I'll punch him?"

"it was you jack."

"Wait what did I do."

"You're so oblivious sometimes."

"What do you mean?"

"Jack my "friend" was me and you were the "best friend"." she said looking down she couldn't look him in the eyes she just ruined there relationship.

"Kim look at me." when she didn't look up he tilted her head up he was smiling.

"You know what it is one thing to break my heart but then to laugh at me. Wow jack and you say you aren't a jerk." she was crying again. Then jack kissed her.

"Wait I don't understand."

"Kim I have been crazy about you for a long time. I just never told you cause I was scared you didn't feel the same way." then she kissed him.

"That a good answer?"