The Only Hope For Me Is You

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Chapter One

"Battery Bled seems to be settling in nicely, huh?"

"Yeah," Lady Luck could not help but smile at Space Biscuit's observational remark. "I think he's just glad to have a safe place to stay." She flicked some of her wavy dark hair back over her shoulder and let out a huff. "Though I still think that Wolf Venom doesn't like him too much."

Space Biscuit chewed on the inside of her lip stud as she thought. "Well, I guess he just needs a little more time to get used to him. Don't forget that Wolf Venom was once a lone Zone Runner too. He's obviously going to be wary of strangers," she snorted as an amused smile crossed her face. "And maybe he's not used to another male Killjoy living here."

Lady Luck rolled her green eyes. "Jeez, you make him sound like some kind of pimp, Biscuit. This isn't some sort of brothel and we are most certainly not anybody's bitches."

Space Biscuit groaned as she slapped her palm to her forehead. "I didn't mean it like that and you know it!" she huffed loudly. "Besides, don't forget that Fiend is still trying to get intell. on where Sonic Zombie is being held. So when we finally spring him, we will have three guys taking up permanent residency here."

"You have a point…" Lady Luck nodded her head before she trailed off, cocking her head, listening intently. "Hey, you hear that?"

The pink haired Killjoy blinked in confusion at her friend. "Huh?"

"That sound…" Lady Luck frowned. "An engine?"

The dark haired Killjoy's words were all it took to get Space Biscuit in motion. In a flash, she was already running to the side of the rooftop, grabbing up the pair of binoculars that they had acquired during a supplies run. Leaning against the concrete barrier, she peered through the binoculars, scanning the road that lead up to the abandoned hospital.

"What do you see?" asked Lady Luck as she approached her friend, a worried expression upon her face. Her hand instinctively going for her white ray gun, holstered at the small of her back. Even though they were all relatively safe in their base, it was no guarantee that they would not be subject to Draculoid patrols. And with Better Living Industries' recent threat to increase Killjoy extermination efforts, Lady Luck could not help but feel more than a little edgy.

"It's a white van. Approaching fast," Space Biscuit's brow furrowed as her eyes fought against the glare from the scorching day sun. "I don't see any of BL/Ind's markings on it though… Wait… Hang on a second. That's… That's Doctor Death Defying's van from Zone Six!"

Lady Luck tilted her head to one side in a questioning manner. "Are you sure?"

Space Biscuit was silent for a moment as she concentrated on the fast-approaching vehicle before she confirmed what she was she was seeing with a slight nod. "I'm one hundred per cent sure. I don't know any other white vans with those markings on the side…" She tore the binoculars from her face and snapped her head to look at her comrade. "We better get down there and see what their big hurry is!" She frowned when she saw the concerned look on Lady Luck's face; the wavy haired Killjoy biting her lower lip as she stood there.

"Biscuit, should we really be leaving our post?"

"Well, who else is going to be there to great our Zone Six visitors?" Space Biscuit huffed, putting her hands on her hips.

Lady Luck pulled somewhat of a lopsided smile at her friend. "Alright, Biscuit. But just for the record; if we get in trouble with Fiend, this was all your idea."

In response, Space Biscuit winked a green-brown eye at her comrade. "Don't worry, Luck. I'll take full responsibility! Fiend will understand." The pink haired Killjoy flashed a smile at her friend, leaving her no chance to protest as she grabbed Lady Luck's wrist, pulling her towards the rooftop access door and the stairwell that led down to all floors of the old hospital.

Running through the corridors along the ground floor, the two female Killjoys nearly bumped – quite literally – into Rocketship Dropout; the younger Killjoy letting out a startled squeal as she almost jumped out of her skin in fright.

"Hey! What's the big deal?" Rocketship Dropout pouted as she glared at Space Biscuit and Lady Luck, placing her hands on her hips with a huff. "And aren't you two supposed to be on lookout duty?"

"Yeah, we are," Space Biscuit waved her free hand hurriedly, her other hand still clamped firmly around Lady Luck's wrist. "We just spotted Doctor Death Defying's van heading our way in a hurry."

Rocketship Dropout's eyes widened at the breaking news. "Wh-What? Are you sure? Have you told Fiend?"

Space Biscuit shook her head, bouncing slightly on the spot with anticipation. "Not yet, but at the speed they were approaching, Doctor D is going to be pulling in at any moment now!"

A puff of air blew noisily through Rocketship Dropout's lips as she rolled her eyes, flicking some of her curly brown hair back over her shoulder. "Fine. I guess I'll go tell Fiend. You two better get going…"

Both Space Biscuit and Lady Luck were already hurrying down the corridor before Rocketship Dropout could even finish her sentence. The teenage Killjoy let out another amused sigh before she headed off in the opposite direction to find her Zone leader. Part of her could not help but wonder what news would bring their Zone Six friends hurrying to see them. She really hoped they were not visiting to bring anymore terrible news. Rocketship Dropout was not even sure just how much more bad information she could take before she would succumb to a complete and utter breakdown.

"Yo, Dropout! What's the hurry?"

Skidding to a stop so fast that she nearly tripped over her own feet, Rocketship Dropout managed to regain her balance and turn around to see Little Red standing here; arms folded across her chest and one eyebrow raised in a quizzical manner. Tilting her head to one side, Little Red repeated herself. "So, are you going to tell me why you're rushing around like a headless chicken?"

"I just ran into Space Biscuit and Lady Luck. Quite literally," Rocketship Dropout explained in a hasty manner, bouncing slightly on the balls of her feet as she spoke. "They were on lookout duty and spotted Doctor Death Defying's van speeding here. They've gone ahead to meet him and they told me to go find Sugar Fiend. They reckon it's gotta be something important."

There as an unreadable look on Little Red's face as she listened to Rocketship Dropout's quick explanation before the older Killjoy gave a nod of her head. "I guess we better go look for Fiend then," she said to Rocketship Dropout. "Though I'm intrigued to find out what the news is too. Maybe we should round up the others too. I have no doubt that Fiend would want us all present at a meeting to discuss just what is going on."

Brown curly hair bobbed as Rocketship Dropout nodded her head quickly. "Well, Mercurial Crash and Battery Bled were chowing down in the canteen about ten minutes ago. They may still be there?"

"Motorbaby said she was going out for a ride," Little Red thought aloud. "She might even bump into our Zone Six friends on the way…"

"What about Fiend and Wolf Venom?" asked Rocketship Dropout.

"Well, Wolf Venom is right here…"

The two female Killjoys blinked at each other in surprise before glancing back over their shoulder to see Wolf Venom leaning casually against one of the support pillars, arms folded across his chest.

Little Red let out a soft snort. "And just how long have you been standing there, eavesdropping?"

A wry smile played across the male Killjoy's face as he pushed himself away from the pillar. "Long enough to not ask any questions on the matter. By the way, Sugar Fiend is in her quarters. She said she was feeling tired and she did look pretty drained."

Rocketship Dropout and Little Red both nodded their heads in an understanding manner. Considering the salvo of shocking news to hit the Zones recently, everybody had been feeling some degree of emotional drain, though arguably none so much as the Zone leaders themselves.

Wolf Venom glanced at Little Red and Rocketship Dropout respectively before he spoke in a decisive manner. "How about the two of you find Crash and Bled? I'll risk disturbing Fiend. We can meet up in the usual conference room where Fiend holds our meetings."

It did not take long at all for the rest of the Zone Seven Killjoys to be located and for everyone to converge within the old conference room.

The atmosphere within the room was pretty tense as Sugar Fiend and Motorbaby sat side by side; both with expectant looks upon their faces as they regarded Dr Death Defying silently. A little behind them lingered the rest of the Zone Seven Killjoys. Everyone in the room seemed to be waiting on bated breath for what the Zone Six DJ had to say.

Dr Death Defying was silent as he sat there, running his fingers through his beard in a thoughtful manner as he tried to come up with the right words to say.

"I received a call today…"

At Dr Death Defying's words, a silent shudder travelled through the Zone Seven Killjoys who stood behind Motorbaby and Sugar Fiend.

"The call came from Battery City, with a comm. code from BL/Ind tech."

Again, the Zone Six DJ's words kept the room in an uncomfortable hush. However, a split second later, the thudding of Sugar Fiend's heavy boots on the floor caught the attention of everyone in the room as the Zone Seven leader abruptly rose to her feet. Her dark brown eyes met Dr Death Defying's own gaze, an unspoken question being passed between the two Killjoys.

Dr Death Defying gave a subtle nod before he spoke, answering the unspoken question. "They're alive. Kobra Kid and Sonic Zombie talked to Show Pony."

Silence filled the room.

However, it only took a matter of seconds before the Zone Six DJ's words finally hit home and the conference room was instantly filled with sounds of celebratory cheers. The atmosphere was a complete and utter turn around compared to the last meeting that Dr Death Defying had been involved in with the Killjoys he was currently in the company of. The scene before him gave the bearded Killjoy a somewhat heart-warming feeling.

There was still hope after all.

Standing directly opposite Dr Death Defying, Sugar Fiend's tense posture seemed to give as she let out a deep sigh of relief.

They were alive.

Party Poison, Kobra Kid, Jet Star and Fun Ghoul…

…And Sonic Zombie.

All this time, she had been hoping for some ground-breaking news. And now she had it. Her gut feelings had been right all along.

Before her thoughts travelled any further, Motorbaby was standing in her line of vision, arm outstretched and offering her a congratulating handshake, a warm smile upon her face. Hesitating only for a moment, Sugar Fiend accepted the gesture; meeting the Zone Two leader's hand with her own. No sooner had their hands met, the Zone Seven leader was almost tackled to the ground by Lady Luck's overenthusiastic hug of joy.

"I'm so glad they're all alive!" Lady Luck could not stop grinning with happiness at the breaking news. "This is great! Things are going to get better! I just know it!"

Sugar Fiend smiled and nodded in acknowledgement as Little Red gave her a pat on the shoulder. Hesitating only for a second, the red and black haired Killjoy turned her attention back to Dr Death Defying, a serious look on her face as she dared to ask what their next step would be. "When do we get them out?"

The cheery atmosphere in the room subsided – just barely – as everyone became suddenly interested in any plan of action to rescue their captive friends.

Dr Death Defying's reply seemed somewhat vague. "There's just one more stop we have to make."

"Crimson Sigh?" Sugar Fiend raised her eyebrows as she tilted her head at the temporary Zone Six leader. She knew that there was a lot of uneasiness within the Zones after the big meeting in which Dr Death Defying had made everybody aware of the apparent demise to all of the remaining Killjoys. Since then, the general morale of the surrounding Zones had been somewhat turbulent. There were some Zone leaders – such as Quantum Kill of Zone Eight, Blood Ballistics of Zone Nine and Volume Virus of Zone Twelve – who had already made the decision to give themselves up to BL/Ind in the hope of a fresh start and a better life. However, there were also Zone leaders that refused to give up the cause no matter what. Alongside Motorbaby, Dr Death Defying and Sugar Fiend, Crimson Sigh had also made himself quite clear that he was not going to turn his back on his fellow Killjoys. The Zone Thirteen leader would most definitely want to have a part in the rescue and recovery of Sonic Zombie and the Fabulous Killjoys.

Dr Death Defying nodded at Sugar Fiend's assumption. He had obviously been thinking the same things as the Zone Seven leader before he had even set out to Zone Seven. "Definitely."

Sugar Fiend's dark brown eyes regarded Dr Death Defying for a moment before she opened her mouth to speak.

Suddenly, the door to the conference room burst open – causing half of the occupant Killjoys to reach for their ray guns – and Show Pony bolted into the room, sans roller skates.

"Doctor D! There's a call coming in, to the comm. unit in the van."

At the urgency in Show Pony's voice, Dr Death Defying immediately knew that the call was from Battery City – most probably from the captive Killjoys – and that they needed to make the transmission as short as possible. After all, it would be pretty easy for any broadcast coming in or out of Battery City to be traced by BL/Ind if given enough time.

They could not take that risk.

The DJ looked up at Motorbaby and Sugar Fiend. He knew as well as they did that they had to be quick to take the transmission – and that it was highly unlikely that the Zone Six Killjoy would make it back to the van before whoever was calling would hang up before things got too risky. Dr Death Defying gave the two female Killjoys a short nod.


Both Motorbaby and Sugar Fiend were out of the door and heading for the Zone Six van before anybody else could register just what was going on.

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