The Only Hope For Me Is You

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Chapter Four

"Time check, please."

"It's seven minutes past midnight."

"Thanks, Motorbaby."

Sugar Fiend let out a sigh as she clicked off her radio, slotting the two-way receiver back in its place. She adjusted her protective shooting shades on the top of her head before her right hand rested back against the throttle of her motorbike.

The scientist – Brian Pelisser – was running late.

Neither him, nor Sonic Zombie, nor any of the Fabulous Killjoys were in sight.

The engine of the motorbike hummed almost impatiently beneath her and her fingers tightened around the tempting throttle.


She would have to be patient.

They had all come so far. Another couple of minutes would not hurt, right?

… Right?

The Zone Seven leader let out a soft growl, frowning as her hand moved away from the throttle, resting instead upon her ray gun; the weapon still holstered securely against the side of her thigh.

"There's a vehicle approaching!"

Space Biscuit was barely able to contain the mixture of excitement and apprehension in her voice as she leaned out from the rolled down window of her old military jeep.

"Is it them?" Crimson Sigh squinted against the glare of headlights as he peered out from his truck.

Nobody dared to make such a premature speculation.

Sugar Fiend's grip tightened around her ray gun. Behind her, she could already hear footsteps on the tarmac as Mercurial Crash and Lady Luck disembarked from the back of Space Biscuit's jeep.

"It has BL/Ind's markings on it," Wolf Venom noted in a low voice as he stepped out of Dr Death Defying's white van, leaving Sequin Anarchy alert and waiting in the driver's seat of the borrowed vehicle. "Everybody stay on guard."

All of the Killjoys remained where they were – bodies tense – as the jet black Better Living Industries transport van slowed to a stop. With the engine still running, the driver and front passenger cautiously stepped out, both shielding their eyes from the bright headlights facing them.

Whilst everything was slowly sinking in for all involved, Space Biscuit was the first to respond; her green-brown eyes lighting up with joy and relief as she practically leapt forth from her jeep.

"Fun Ghoul! You're alive!"

And although he felt that he had been dragged and drugged through Hell and back, Fun Ghoul managed a small, somewhat tired smile and a wink.

Crimson Sigh let out a happy laugh as Wolf Venom cheered in success – Rocketship Dropout and Sequin Anarchy jumping from the white Zone Six van to join their comrades.

Standing a little behind Fun Ghoul, Brian Pelissier seemed to hesitate for a moment before he moved back to the black van, tapping on the side of the vehicle twice, alerting the occupants within. Almost immediately, the back of the van opened.

Still wary of the situation – and the newcomer – Rocketship Dropout and Lady Luck immediately went for their ray guns.

Both of them froze at who they saw.

"I'm not sure if I like your new haircut, Ghoul," Sugar Fiend teased as the tattooed Killjoy pulled her into a tight hug. "You guys had us all pretty worried, y'know?"

Fun Ghoul gave a small smile. "Well, I guess we can't really take all of the credit for escaping. We did have inside help too."

Sugar Fiend nodded her head, pulling away from her friend, the smile leaving her face as she glanced over to where Brian was standing. Fun Ghoul, sensing the sudden change of atmosphere, looked over his shoulder and immediately understood.

The Zone Seven leader's gloved hands clenched into fists as she moved past Fun Ghoul and towards the back of the black transport van, her mind a wild flurry of emotions. Jaw set and dark brown eyes burning, no words were required for Lady Luck and Rocketship Dropout to scamper out of the way as the red and black haired Killjoy continued along her warpath, stopping only mere inches away from the cause of her provocation.

Said cause simply stood there, offering her not much more than a lopsided grin.

The crisp sound of a slap echoed in the cold desert night.

Sonic Zombie brought a hand to his reddening cheek, still looking as calm as before.

"Hello to you too, Sugar."

The words had barely left his mouth before Sugar Fiend shifted quickly, moving towards him. Part of him was preparing himself for another slap – maybe even a punch this time. However, he was pleasantly surprised when she wrapped her arms around him, pulling herself close to him, her face buried against his cheek.

"You left me, you selfish bastard."

Sugar Fiend's voice was muffled against him but he could totally understand why she would be so angry and upset. Slowly, carefully, he brought his arms around her, holding her tight. There was still some part of himself that was coming to terms with the fact that he had made it out of Battery City alive. And not just him…

"I wish I could apologise, but I'm not sorry, Fiend," he said quietly. "I can't be. You were safe and that's all that mattered."

Back with the rest of the crowd, Fun Ghoul's relief was slowly succumbing back to worry; an emotion which was starting to reflect upon the rest of the Killjoys as well as Brian. The Better Living Industries scientist bit his lip as he closed the rear door of the transport van and ventured slowly back towards the group of Killjoys – Fun Ghoul in particular. Shuffling closer to the tattooed Killjoy, the somewhat timid scientist spoke up. "Not to impose on things, but we probably shouldn't be staying out here like this. We're practically sitting ducks if reinforcements are sent out to look for you guys."

The general atmosphere grew suddenly more serious at Brian's words.

"He's right," Crimson Sigh gave a short nod of his head. "We need to get going. The sooner, the better," he glanced at Brian and Fun Ghoul. "Can we transfer the others to our vans?"

There was an uncomfortable pause as Fun Ghoul glanced at Brian, the two men exchanging a silent conversation between each other. Eventually, Fun Ghoul let out a sigh. Hazel eyes appeared weary as the tattooed Killjoy glanced back at the others. "I don't think that would be a great idea at the moment," Fun Ghoul frowned. "Kobra and Party aren't in the best of ways at the moment and it would probably be best for us to get back to a safe place before we wake them."

Wolf Venom emitted a small cough and Fun Ghoul became suddenly aware that the majority of his friends were looking at Brian with uneasy expressions. On the receiving end, Brian shifted uncomfortably, shuffling further behind Fun Ghoul. Said Zone Six Killjoy was quick to raise his hands in a defensive manner. "It's okay, guys. Don't worry. Brian here is on our side," Fun Ghoul explained. "If it wasn't for him, we would all still be rotting away, being prodded like lab rats in Battery City."

Space Biscuit chewed on the inside of her lip stud as she thought carefully about the situation. They needed to make a safe and quick decision. However, before she could speak, Mercurial Crash was already saying what everyone else was thinking:

"But he still works for BL/Ind, right?"

It was at this moment that Brian cleared his throat, shuffling out from behind Fun Ghoul, still feeling intimidated and overwhelmed by the number of Killjoys around him. Glancing nervously at all of the expectant faces, he straightened his posture as much as he could muster, deciding that this was his moment to speak up.

"I do work for BL/Ind," he said, choosing his words carefully. "But I had not realised until recently the actual extent of how they ran things. I'm not trying to give excuses but even though I work on the science and research aspect, we are still kept in the dark about most of the things that the higher uppers get up to. It was only when the news broadcasts went out about the Fabulous Killjoys that I really started to think more about what I was a part of. And then, when I found out they were actually alive… Well, after seeing what was happening to them, I just… I felt that I needed to do something."

"Even though you knew the kind of trouble it would put you in if you were ever caught?" Sequin Anarchy tilted her head to one side.

Brian nodded his head nervously.

"He really has gone out on a limb for us, guys," Sonic Zombie added, deciding to put his own say into the situation. "Considering all that Brian has managed to pull off thus far, I think we should all be able to trust him enough to drop Jet, Party and Kobra off somewhere safe."

All eyes glanced from Sonic Zombie to Fun Ghoul and then to Brian. Finally, Sugar Fiend spoke up. "Well, if nobody is going to make a decision, I will: Let's get going back to base. I don't like the fact that we are still hanging about here like sitting ducks," her dark brown eyes shifted to Brian. "If Sonic and Ghoul trust you, then I will put my faith in you to follow us back too. However, I just want to make things clear to you that if this turns out to be some sort of elaborate scheme from BL/Ind, you will be one of the first people that I ghost. Are we clear?"

Swallowing hard, Brian nodded his head.

Sugar Fiend gave a short nod in response. "Good," she snorted before she turned on her heel and head back towards her motorbike, motioning for everybody else to return to their vehicles. "Now, let's all get going. The sooner we get back, the better."

Sonic Zombie watched quietly as everybody began to return to their vans and motorbikes before he noticed Sugar Fiend glaring at him from where she was seated upon her motorbike. Understanding the silent invitation, the male Killjoy made his way over to her, his somewhat goofy grin playing across his face as he approached. He knew that she was not going to be able to stay mad at him for too long.

Almost as if she knew what he was thinking, Sugar Fiend scowled as she turned the ignition, starting up the engine. "This conversation isn't over, Sonic. If you think you're getting off the hook that easily, you're not."

"I know, Fiend," Sonic Zombie still had the same expression plastered on his face as he mounted the back of her motorbike, wrapping his arms securely around her. "I know you all too well."

There was a snort from the red and black haired Killjoy before she jabbed him hard in the ribs with her elbow, causing Sonic Zombie to actually laugh before they rode off back down the road, following behind Dr Death Defying's van – the rest of the convoy in tow behind them. And despite everything that he had been through… Despite the dread that he was feeling about the others discovering the terrible states that both Party Poison and Kobra Kid were in… Sonic Zombie still could not help but feel some of the tension ebb from his body, slowly being replaced by a tired relief.

He was going home.

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