"Who was that?" asked Seth suspiciously.
"Um.. Herm...an. His name was Herman," I mentally slap myself at the stupid cover-up.
"Yeah." I say.

***Seth's POV***

"Who was that?" I asked.
"Um.. Herm..an. His name was Herman," Alison looked unsure as she said this.
"Herman?" I asked again.
"Yeah," she shrugs. "He's the mailman. Di-didn't you know that?"
I glance at the package under her arm. "What did he give you?"
"I don't know."
She walked to the table, and I followed instinctively. "You should open it to find out."
Alison glimpses at the address. "Oh, uh, I'm not sure if-"
Another blast of thunder shakes the door, and Alison's eyes grow wider. "Okay," she whispers. Then to me, "I will. Later. Because it might be, you know, private."
I nod my okay so she won't sense any disappointment in my voice. She walks off, and I can't pull my eyes from her. Dark brown hair that falls past her shoulders-so dark it's practically black-perfectly formed body, not too short, not too tall, startling green eyes and just the right skin tone. And she probably works out too. But that bracelet (.com/cgi/set?id=42850318) she always wore. Why? It's not like it's a prized possession. The way she twists it; when she appears nervous.
She glances back at me and her eyes flicker to the window. She gasps, the color draining from her skin, making her look like a sick vampire. Her eyes grow wider than I imagined possible, she flips off her bracelet and begins twirling it, When she accidentally touches the ends of the bracelet and tosses it gently in the air, and drops it and mutters a few unintelligible words.
Alison runs into her room, the package's tape ripped from her bracelet, when she brought from her wrist to her side, she ripped the tape with the sharp edges. A cap falls out.
I walked over, and picked it up. It sent a rush through my arm and I put it on for a second, and knock on her door to give back to her. I take it off as she swings open the door, and she falls backwards in surprise. "Seth!" she yanks the hat from my grip, her touch shockingly cold.
"What?" I ask in worry.
"My mail's private stuff!"
"An old Yankees cap?" I ask.
"You have no idea... did you happen to look at yourself when you had the cap on?"
"No..." I shake my head. I run through what'd happened from the moment I put on the cap to the moment Alison had taken it. She looks even more worried as she closed her door. I put on the cap, and I heard a knocking. She opened the door, and took the hat, and closed it again.
I run through the scene several more times before I realized that I had heard a knocking. But I felt my fist, surely, on the wooden door. But I didn't see it-missing an important sense here! And I hope I never have to taste my hand. Or smell it. But I wanted to see and feel it, and hear it if I hit something... so maybe...
I don't know. Maybe I turned invisible? But nobody could do that. Correction: no werewolf could do that. Probably some vamp with a special ability could, but not one I knew. Only a mind-reader, psychic, emotion-bender and whatever Bella'd turn out to be.
So did I turn invisible? Is that even possible? Did... did the hat do it? Alison did ask if something had happened when I put on the hat. Maybe she was talking about the weird invisibility thing.
I considered knocking on her door, but my legs pulled me toward her door as I thought no. My hand knocked and the door fell open. Not literally, just pushed open by itself.
The room was empty. A wave of panic swept over me. Her window was open, Alison's scent carried on it. I flipped out the window and followed the scent.