For those who are curious, I wrote this for a creative writing class in which we were given several groups of three words and we had to write a rhyming, funny poem. My words? "Cinnamon ice cream, a teddy bear, and a picture frame."

I looked at Teddy Bear and couldn't stop thinking Teddy Lupin. (Vic=Victoire) XD

JK Rowling owns all characters.

Teddy Bear

Teddy was a boy with some funny colored hair.

His best friend Vic for some odd reason called him "Teddy Bear".

Anytime and Anywhere

She'd give a laugh beyond compare

And say, "Hey, look, it's Teddy bear!"

And Teddy, he tried not to care.

Of her younger age he was aware,

But it made it so hard not to glare

When she'd only call him "Teddy Bear"

So one April day when heat did stay

(which this in early spring was rare)

Vic's mum brought Cinnamon ice cream out

And told the kids "divide it fair"

And Vic told "Teddy Bear" to share

Perhaps this nickname just became

A bit too much to bare.

Cos then Teddy dumped an ice cream bowl on little Vicky's hair.

Then he laughed. (Because an ice cream bowl's a funny thing to wear)

But then young Vic, she just looked sick.

With teary eyes at Ted she stared.

"Why'd you do this thing to me?

Do you hate me, Teddy Bear?"

And from those eyes his gaze Teddy just couldn't seem to tear.

How sad she looked because of him was more than he could bare.

So Teddy took the other bowl and dumped it quick upon his hair.

"Hey, look" said Ted, "Now you're dressed like

A funny Teddy Bear."

And Vic just giggled at him like a white whinnying mare.

No one could make her smile quite like her Teddy- Teddy Bear.

When Vic's mum came back out again

And saw the messy pair.

She took a picture

(It was all she could do not to see the mess and swear)

And today inside a house that a new married couple shares

Is a picture frame upon the wall,

With a photo of two messy kids

(though they don't seem to mind at all)

And sometimes you can hear the little girl call

"I love you, Teddy Bear!"