Mass Effect 3: The Last Stand

War…War isn't fair. It's an angry, unnatural force that can tear through the heart of men and woman in an instance and leaving nothing but blood and death in its wake. Many of us in the Alliance never knew a proper war, the only fighting we saw were small skirmishes with the occasional group of Batarian raiders on our out-lying colonies. When Sheppard started his fight against the Geth, That's when things got lively for the alliance.

For me, things were very lively. Originally I was just like every other grunt in the military. You know the whole laying down your life for a community of strangers. For a while things were quiet. After the first geth attack on Eden Prime the higher-ups must have gotten spooked to order the mass movement of troops to the other human settlements. I was stationed on a small colony along with my Bioticly adept sister, Karin and as anyone could guess in a cliché holovid, it was attacked.

I don't know how I managed to survive the onslaught of geth. I simply picked up a nearby sniper rifle and shot down as many as I could. Karin did her best with her biotics but eventually she was overwhelmed trying to save a small family. After that and the attack on the Citadel word had someone gotten out about the attack and my…"abilitiy" with the rifle and was quickly rushed into the training programme for the special forces division. I had just finished the training and reached the proficiency of N6 when Sheppard has destroyed a Mass Relay, killing millions in Batarian lives to stop "The Reapers" from emerging.

I'm not sure what the committee is doing about the Reaper threat. Shepard has made no attempt to keep the thing from getting out to the Alliance Military and for a while now, we've been preparing the defences for such an invasion and I've been keeping an eye on my training for awhile. But I don't think anything could prepare me for such an invasion when it eventually comes around…

I pray that it isn't soon.

I'm a huge Mass Effect fan. I'm trying to get some time aside to get through the main two games again for a file just for ME3 and I've been looking around at a ton of the videos and played the demo god knows how many times. I felt like I had to do this.

So please, enjoy and stay tuned ^_^