2 weeks after the escape from Earth

Flynn was waiting in the elevator that connects the Citadel to the various wards. He had come here once before with Karin but this was his first time actually exploring it. He had visited the Zakera Wards for some entertainment and drinks when he had first arrived while waiting to hear news on Roxy and Samantha. Last he heard, the pair of them were doing fine. Despite Roxy suffering several major wounds in the arteries in her arm, she had pulled through and with the advanced medical equipment in the Huerta Memorial Hospital, was undergoing physiotherapy for her arm. Samantha on the other hand was better off. The wound in her stomach was not severe despite the patch-up jobs they had to do on her when on Earth and it was a simple case of using some blood transfusions and medi-gel to seal the wound. He gripped two pairs of flowers in his arm; a bundle of violet lilies and a second bundle of roses. Roxy absolutely hated the flowers but she was so miserable the last time he had checked in with her. She hated hospitals with a passion. He felt a vibrating in his shirt pocket and took out his communicator and placed it in his ear. "Flynn Silvers speaking."

"Flynn! Finally got a hold of you. It's Natsura. We're stuck on the Alliance Space Station in god know's what system…"

Flynn smiled. Natsura had practically fallen off the face of the universe since she had fled the events on Earth. Enquires into her and Ash were stopped by restrictions only granted by those with the N7 designation. "Glad to hear you're fine. How's Ash doing?"

"He's…incarcerated. The Alliance Brass isn't too keen on him when we told them what happened on Earth. Scientists are trying to study the effects on his brain now. They're hoping it'll lead to a way to protect against the indoctrination or at the least, monitor it."

Flynn nodded to himself. "Glad to hear he's safe too…Hopefully he'll forgive me for that bullet hole in the arm." He chuckled weakly to himself as the Elevator stopped in-front of the reception area of the hospital. He stepped out of it and sighed.

"Yeah…listen I'm not sure when I'm going to be able to get another call out like this but before anything happens…I want to thank you for everything you did that day."

"Only doing my Job Nat. Take care of yourself ya hear." Flynn ordered in the best order-like voice he could muster.

Natsura giggled on the other end of the line. "Yes Sir. See ya around Flynn." The line went dead seconds later.

Flynn only shook his head and walked down to the receptionist area. He smiled at the Turian volunteer behind the desk. "I'm looking for a Samantha Valentine and Roxy Santangelo."

"One moment please." He typed something into the holographic interface and brought up a screen and examined it for a moment. "It seems they're both being checked out by the doctors now. I can page their doctors now to let them know they got a visitor."

Flynn nodded and smiled. "I'd appreciate it." He walked over to the seating area and sat down on the comfortable chairs nearby. Since they had arrived on the Citadel, he had unofficially claimed the seat as his own. It was the best view of the door where all the patients were located. Normally he'd just walk on in and talk to them while they were resting but if the doctors decided to discharge them from the Hospital, not much point from interrupting their work. He glanced out of the windows at the view that he was offered. It was truly an amazing view even if it was built by one race or another. They certainly knew how to build a view that's for sure.

He heard the door open to his side and watched as Roxy and Samantha emerged from them. Roxy was wearing her usual Alliance uniform, her arm in a white sling and a single plaster on her cheek. A weak smile was plastered on her face when the two caught the other eyes and they both waved.

Samantha wore a low-cut dark green shirt and a pair of skinny jeans. If she had any bandages or other medical things around her stomach, the shirt was loose enough that it didn't show them. She also waved and jogged/walked over to Flynn and threw her arms around his neck, almost crushing the flowers in his hands. "Roxy said you were going to come down to see us."

Flynn only chuckled and held out the bundle of flowers to the pair of them. "A little get-better quicker gift. I did consider chocolates, but then I thought that's ruin your figure."

Roxy playfully scowled and tapped him gently on the shoulder, but accepted the gift anyway. "That's thoughtful of you Flynn." She gently inhaled the scent of the violet lilies. "Any word about Earth?"

He sighed and shook his head and handed Samantha her own bundle of flowers. "It gets worse every day on the news. Every time the news centres on Earth, a higher death toll is always issued. Shepard is out trying to recruit the galaxy to fight the Reapers but the council aren't budging from saving their own hides." He whispered the last part quietly. He respected the Galactic community and the needs to save their own home worlds, but they could at least spare something. "How are you two feeling?" He asked, wanting to steer the conversation to a happier topic.

Samantha smiled. "I'm feeling better than ever. I'm worried about the things on Earth but I can't let that distract me from the now. I plan on signing up to the Alliance and helping out with information and technology and going around negotiating deals." She put the flowers in her hands and grinned. "I'm not going to sit around and do nothing. You've shown me what you can do if you have the determination."

Roxy chuckled. "Well I got a course of physio to follow through before I get back on the field. Even then I'm sticking to tech upgrades and vehicle maintenance. I've seen my fair share of combat I think. What about you?" Roxy asked.

Flynn looked at the two and then walked up to the window. He wasn't sure how he was going to answer that question but somehow…he already knew it deep within his heart. He turned and glanced at the two with a smirk. "I'm going to fight for the future. Our future. The future of those unborn and for the chance to move on." He faced Samantha and winked. "Besides. I have something worth fighting for."

Samantha looked at Flynn for a moment and felt the heat rise in her cheeks, making her blush behind the flowers he had given her.


Love. Love is a powerful weapon that can be wielded by anyone with a passionate heart. Love is what forces the most stubborn of people to become that bit more stubborn to get through the fight. During any war, a handful of shoulders will hold onto their feelings for their wives, their fiancées, family, friends and even memories to help them pull through the tough times.

Flynn Silvers ultimately became Samantha's fiancée and for a few weeks they pair enjoyed the solace that the Citadel offered. It lasted till Flynn has gotten a letter of promotion stating he was promoted to the highest rank of the N Programme, the N7. The two went on to becoming a formidable duo: Samantha would provide the intelligence and fire-support and Flynn doing the hard combat. The pair went on to gather various resources for the fabled 'Crucible' project and even partook in the assault on Earth after Shepard had finally united the galactic races against the Reapers. It is currently unknown as to their current status, the pair of them believed to be MIA after Sovereign's interference during the final push to the beam.

Roxy had made a full recovery and as planned, did indeed serve with technological advances and vehicle maintenance. She was one of the bright minds that developed the technology that would allow the soldiers to monitor their comrades brain-waves in case of Indoctrination. She was the head mechanic that tuned up the Shuttles for Hammer Team to drop on Earth.

Natsura and Ashley did have a happy ending. Ashley's Indoctrination was only temporary and had stopped when his implants were surgically removed. True to his word, Flynn had forwarded a recommendation to the Special Forces for Natsura to start training as soon as it was possible, Detailing that her bravery and courage and strong will would serve the alliance well in that position.

This was simply one of many untold stories of Flynn Silvers. With time, maybe more would be found. But he was simply one man, one hero in a sea of heroes who deserve such praise for their dedication and heroic actions but each story is connected to the other. Each soldier contributed to the victory that led to the Reapers demise.

And with that, the journey ends for Flynn and his comrades...for now at least. Maybe we'll pick him again again during these apparent exploits during the Reaper War and the fight against Cerberus.
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