A shadowy figure lumbered through the darkness of the forest-surrounded road, her breath

was heavy and she clutched an old sack to her chest. She tired to run faster but had an obvious limp, eventually she tripped over and collapsed on the side of the road.

The girl wore a ripped, knee-length, lacy black skirt and a black and purple corset. Her long,

dark blue- dyed hair, was caked filth and pulled back into a high ponytail. Her pretty face was covered with blood and dirt, she had various cuts and scars all over her body. Some of the blood was her own, the rest was from various others. Tears started to streak down her face, making the grime run. Her eyes fluttered closed a she clutched the sack ever closer and a thick, crimson liquid started to seep out.

It was an early morning in the Firefly household, Mama was cooking breakfast, Grandpa Hugo was swearing at the television and Baby was busy trying to drag the others down stairs.


"Urgh! Have I got to?"


"Can I go too? Can I go too?" Baby burst in.

"Sure hun," Baby beamed at her Mama and dragged Rufus out to the truck.

Rufus stayed completely silent for most of the truck ride, he grumbled to himself mentallyabout how unfair it was that he was always picked to run errands. Baby sat and hummed to herself quietly while thinking of fun ways to torture their next 'guest'. Suddenly she saw something out of the corner of her eye.

"RJ! STOP THE TRUCK! STOP THE TRUCK!" she shrieked excitedly. Rufus swerved the truck to a side, nearly crashing it into a tree.

"Now what the fuck what that for Baby!" he grumbled at her.

"There's a girl out side!"

"Probably already fucking dead so why bother, She's just gonna be one of Dr. Satan's cast-off's anyways," Baby didn't hear what her brother as she had already leapt out of the truck and was sitting by the girls body, poking her with a stick.

The girl stirred a bit, making a small whimpering noise as she did so.

"Well whaddo yah know... the bitch is alive," Rufus murmured "at least we don't have to go get the chicken now if we have her..." he slowly walked over the Baby and through the girl up, over his shoulder.

"Come one Baby, we've got what we need..." he said as he through the body into the back of the truck.

Baby hurried over to her brother, but not before she had grabbed the old sack that the girl had dropped just seconds ago.


Mama Firefly was getting impatient, she had sent Rufus and Baby out nearly two hours ago,

so where the hell were they?

Otis was complaining about the current lack of breakfast, Grandpa Hugo was, still, swearing about the television and Tiny said nothing at all.

Just then the door burst open and Baby skipped inside, Rufus strolled in proudly behind her, carrying the girl on his shoulder.

"You forgot the chicken didn't you?" Mama sighed.

"Maybe... but we got something better," Rufus said as he though the girl onto the table.

"What the fucking hell!" Otis yelled "the bitch is already dead!"

"Nu-uh," Baby waggled her index finger mockingly at Otis "she's still alive! Look!" Baby slapped the girl round the face which made her breath in sharply.

" Well done my darling," Mama clapped her hands and smiled.

"Wait! Wait! I've got something else!" Baby ran out side to get the sack.

"The Bitch had this as well," she said cheerily as she showed every one the old, stained sack.

Baby then proceeded to run into the lounge yelling that she wanted to open it. The others followed her slowly.

Delilah opened her eyes and sat bolt upright on the kitchen table. Her cuts were stinging

badly but she ignored it, she had worse problems to deal with like, where she was and who the fuck had take her sack. She could hear voices coming from the next room.

'It must be them...' she though hatefully.

Delilah pulled a Cold Steel knife from out of the back of her corset, it slice the skin but she didn't care. All she wanted was to kill the fuckers who had stolen her sack.

Slowly, carefully. Delilah slipped into the lounge without even being noticed.

There was a pretty blonde girl sitting on a sofa with the sack.

Quick as a flash, Delilah grabbed the blonde girls hair and yanked her head back. Holding the knife to her throat.

"Give me the fucking sack you slut!" she hissed venomously.

A plump blonde woman leapt up off the other seat and yelled at Delilah.

"Get off her you whore!" she shrieked.

Delilah pressed the knife harder against the blonde girls neck, blood started to seep from, the now obvious, cut.

"Only when she gives me the sack!" she hissed again.

"Baby, darlin', give her the sack!" the plump woman said.

Baby slowly pass Delilah the sack.

Delilah opened it and pulled out the content without ever moving the knife from Baby's neck.

The sack contained a severed head. It was missing chunks of its hair, scalp and even skull.

The eyes had been gouged and the mouth had been slit from ear to ear in a permanent smile, several of the teeth had been knocked out too. It was rotting in places and the face was caked in blood.

The head was, overall, disgusting but Delilah look at it like it was the most beautiful thing in the world.

"You're lucky that it's not damaged," she spat before moving the knife from Baby's neck.

"It's OK, my love... you're safe now," she stroked the remaining hair before putting it back in the sack.

"YOU SLUT! YOU FUCKING LITTLE PIECE OF SHIT!" Baby screamed before trying to attack Delilah.

Then the door flew open and Captain Spaulding casually walked in.

"Good day Firefly's, have you seen the news? There's a killer round these part. Fancy trying t-oh... well... I see that you've met her already..." he trailed off.

Baby realised Delilah.

"You want us the accept her! SHE JUST TRIED TO FUCKING KILL ME!"

"So you're the Firefly's then," Delilah sighed dramatically.

"Well, I had come the find you, hearing about the kind of people you were. But, I see the kind of people you are now and I think I'm wasting my time." It was only now the Delilah's thick, Australian accent could be heard.

"What do yah mean, 'the kind of people we are?" Otis spoke up, sounding pissed off.

"I mean killers, of course. I know a lot about you people, about Dr. Satan and most of all about what you keep in your basement." she smirked "so it might be for all your best interests that you keep me around. I mean, I have nothing to lose. So even if I'm locked up that wont matter as long as I take you down with me. But then again, I am quite the escape artist so I don't think I would be locked up for long,"

Otis glared.

"We'll kill you before you even step foot out of the door!"

Delilah laughed, a loud, crazy laugh.

"You'll kill me will you! HA! As if you could! You really don't know how many times that I've heard that line! Where do you think I got all these scars from!"

It was true, her body was covered in scars. Even so, she was still obviously pretty.

Mama sighed.

"I guess we have no choice then. Welcome to the family... urm... what's your name?"

"Delilah, Delilah Wright," She Smiled slyly.