Title: Whispers
Summary: My DS9 drabbles. All in one handy place. Connected to "I Have A Story To Tell" by thought alone.
Disclaimer: I still don't own Star Trek. If I did, these shows would have never ended.
Lyrics: The Soft Goodbye - Celtic Woman

A tiny little Kasidy Yates drabble. Set after "What You Leave Behind..."

There's a dream that will not sleep
A burning hope that will not die
So I must go now with the wind
And leave you waiting on the tide

She was left waiting. Pregnant and waiting. Not only her, but Jake, and all the other members of the crew. They all understood Ben's connection to the Prophets, and in some way, they all understood why he had gone.

But he had left her, to go and live with the Prophets in their temple, and she just had to wait. Have their baby. Live their dream. That was all she could do now.