Title: Whispers
Summary: My DS9 drabbles. All in one handy place. Connected to "I Have A Story To Tell" by thought alone.
Disclaimer: I still don't own Star Trek. If I did, these shows would have never ended.
Lyrics: To Win Just Once - The Saw Doctors

Only 3 left after this one. Sisko.

To win just once would be enough
For those who've lost in life or love
For those who've lost their guile and nerve
Their innocence and their drive and verve

The catcalls of his team, his friends, and all the people who had played in the game reminded him of why they played. It wasn't to win. It was to have a good time. When Julian shouted "To manufactured triumph" he'd never heard a toast he'd appreciated as much. Turning the Vulcans insult into their rallying call was a stroke of genius on behalf of his doctor.

"Manufactured triumph, hear, hear!" He echoed, taking a sip of his drink. He didn't look away, but he could tell in that moment. His entire crew was behind him, and they were having a good time. What did the score actually matter?