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Mathew hated going outside during the winter solstice. Really hated it. Its not that Mathew hated winter, oh no he loved winter, even thrived in it. Unlike his brother who likes to be boarded in during this time. No, he hated going out around the 21 of December for one reason and one reason only. Heat. Yes, Mathew Williams went into heat. To just clear it up, so did his brother but that was during the summer solstice and he had found mate. Lucky Bastard

Ever since Alfred and Mathew turned 16 they knew they where different from everyone else. A need coursed through their veins begging to claim or to be claimed. They were told it was part of their heritage, old ancient blood that lived within them. Wolf Blood.

Alfred liked to say they were werewolves that fought sparkling vampires, but if you asked Mathew, he would tell you that no, they do not transform, and no they did not eat raw meat. They just had a more glow in their eyes, something that normal people would just dismiss as a trick of the light. They also mated and once they did mate, they became very possessive of their mate. It did not matter if they where submissive or not.

Mathew hated all the terms associated with mating, like if someone was the dominate or submissive. It made them seem so animalistic. Don't get him wrong, he was proud of his heritage, but it was just something that separated him from normal humans. Not that it really mattered. For the one rule they did have was you had to mate another wolf-blooded human. That made Mathew have a very small selection and the ones that where unmated didn't even notice him. But its not like he expected them too. He was very used to being ignored.

Mathew really hated going into heat, mostly because it was an annoyance. Even though it had been 4 years since he became of age, he still gave off pheromones that declared to everybody, Hey! I'm in heat! I need a mate! Which was seriously embarrassing when animals would flock to him. And the fact that he was a submissive didn't really help.

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"Mattie! We need milk, go get some!" yelled Alfred from the kitchen. Mathew sighed, setting down his book. Why is it only when Alfred needs something, he remembers my presence? "How many times do I have to tell you, I'm going through heat right now! I don't want to go out!" and muttering under his breath " and you just want the house to yourself so you and Arthur can get in on". Picking up his book again, diving into the wonderful word of fiction. " bbuuuuttt Mattie you know how I hate the cold, and Arthur is here!" whined Alfred. "You just want to mate!" "At least I have a mate!" Mathew frowned, throwing the book on the bed. Standing up he crossed the room and grabbed his coat and scarf. With a frown on his face he went downstairs.

"That was a low blow Alfred and you know it!" shouted Mathew as he passed the kitchen and stepped out the door. Breathing in the frigid air, Mathew pulled his scarf tighter around his neck and headed to the store.

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Breathing in deeply blood red eyes opened with a snap, a smirk coming across the owners face. Kesesesese, finally, someone who seems deserving of my awesomeness. Interrupting his brother in mid sentence Gilbert stood from his seat and started to walk out of the restaurant. "Bruder! Vhere are you going?" "Ve~" were the reactions of the people siting "Ksesesesseese! I'm going to find my little mate" stated Gilbert as he walked out the door. Shouts could be heard from inside of the building, but Gilbert didn't pay attention. All that mattered was finding the source of the delicious smell and to make it his.

Following the delectable scent, Gilbert walked quickly in search of HIS mate. Slowing down when the scent became strong, Gilbert looked around for the tell tale sign of a wolf-blooded human: glowing eyes. Turning to look at the entrance of the grocery store, his world stood still. Coming out of the store was a gorgeous violet eyed submissive. With orange-blond hair and curly ahoge sticking out,Gilbert couldn't help but stare. Mein Gott! Vhat the hell is submissive like that still not mated! Is there something wrong with him? Shaking his head Gilbert walked up to the adorable male. "Hey cutie vhat is your name?" The guy just kept on walking reaching out Gilbert put a hand on the male's shoulder "Hey, I talking to you" Maybe he is deaf?

The boy turned around quickly, a look of surprise etched on his face, a soft voice floating into Gilbert's ears"Oh-h! I didn't know you where talking to me. I'm sorry!" So. Cute. Must. Have. "Ksesesesese! Don't apologize Birdie, just tell the awesome me your name!" A nervous and confused look came across the boys face. "Why did you call me Birdie? My name is Mathew." Mathew, Mathew Beilschmidt. I like that, it is so.. "Awesome! Kesese! Now, I must ask is there anything wrong with you, like do you consider yourself a personification of a country or something crazy like that?" asked the Germa- I mean Prussian.

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"WHAT! How could you ask someone that! I don't even know your name! And for the record I am perfectly normal! Id never!" huffed Mathew,turning to walk away with cheeks dusted with a slight blush. Walking in front of Mathew, Gilbert forced him to stop by putting his hands on Mathew's shoulders. "Whoa! Slow down Birdie! The awesome me in named Gilbert Beilschmidt! And I just wanted to know why someone as sweet smelling as you did not have a mate yet." Startled at what this man named Gilbert just said, Mathews head shot straight up and finally looked into Gilbert's eyes. That is when he saw it, the glow.

Mathews eyes widened No, this isn't right. I've met all wolf-blooded humans in the area. Who the in the hell is this guy? Eyes narrowing Mathew, opened his mouth to speak, but stopped. Gilbert had grabbed Mathew's arm and dragged him into the nearest alleyway. Pressing Mathew up to the wall and nuzzling his neck he breathed into his ear "Become mine, we would be so awesome together." Shaking Mathew started to speak, "W-who do you think you are! I don't even know you, I've meet all wolf-blooded humans around here, and I've never heard of the name Beilschmidt. Let me go I need to get home." Anger starting to rise as he continued talking, Mathew struggled to get away. Oh Maple! I'm responding to him. GOD DAMN HEAT!

Pulling Mathew back,Gilbert caged him against the wall. "Your not getting away from me Birdie, now that I have met you, I'm going to make you mine" and with that statement Gilbert kissed Mathew. Mathew froze W-wha? Over come by instincts Mathew started to kiss back. When Gilbert felt the other respond he let out a growl MINE MINE MINE. These lips are MINE! Pulling apart, Mathew let out a low whine. Smirking down at the embarrassed male in front of him, Gilbert swopped down to steal one more kiss before starting to trial kisses down Mathews neck. "Ah-h~" Oh Maple was that me? Mathew thought before his mind went blank.

Biting down on the conjunction of his soon to be mates neck, Gilbert pulled away to survey his work. "Ksesesese, you seem to enjoy that Birdie! Now you can go if you want. You bare my mark so no one else can claim you" WHAT! Thought Mathew glaring up at Gilbert "I don't even know you, for all I know you could be a serial killer who will try to kill me!" Gilbert chuckled at that, oh his mate is so cute! "If I was going to kill you do you think the awesome me would have done it already? No, I would never harm you" Gilbert then went back to nuzzling his mates neck. "You already know that the awesomeness that is I is named Gilbert und I have a Prussian accent, so that must mean I'm from East Germany, ja? I'm 24 and I have younger bruder. I have moved here because of the wolf-blooded population here. Now tell the awesome me about you." Whispered Gilbert into his ear.

Blinking at the calmness in the others voice, Mathew grabbed the bottom of his coat and started playing with it. All previous confidence gone, Mathew fought to come up with the words. "Wwell I'm 20 and have a older brother and his name is Alfred! And uh.. I'm not really used to attention and I've lived here my whole life." Mathew's blush grew with each word. I'm not used to being so close to an unmated dominate during heat, I really should go. Trying to pull away Mathew let out a low whine, "I really need to go, I'm sure I will see you around"

"Ksesesese! I'm not going to let m future mate walk alone! The awesome me escort you to your house!" What! Mathew shrieked- no I mean manly yell. Totally that's what happened. "Nice scream Birdie, now do you really think that I would let my mate walk around at night while he is in heat? Not going to happen. There are to many things that could happen." Gilbert said wrapping his arms around Mathew. "Now! Onward!"

Well, I guess this could have turned out worse. And he is pretty hot. Wait. Did I just think that? Crap..but he did notice me! If he doesn't forget me then maybe this could work out...

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