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Minutes seemed liked hours, and Matthew never really realized how far away the store was from his house. But, he had to admit that Gilbert was an awesome space heater. About 10 steps in Matthew also realized the gravity of his situation and maybe he should be trying to put forth a conversation with his mate.

Matthew shivered at those words, which caused Gilbert to pull Mathew closer. Now that they were getting closer to the house, Matthew thought that he should have mentioned the fact that his brother and mate where in the house, but he was distracted by Gilbert. He couldn't help glancing at Gilbert ever so often. This man, who came to Matthew, who was right now going on a rant about how awesome he was, had picked Matthew out of a crowd and saw something in him. Something he liked.

The self proclaimed most awesome man in the world was saying that as soon as he smelled, saw, and heard Matthew, or as Gilbert affectingly called him Birdie, he knew that he was awesome.

During this time Matthew saw that maybe, just maybe, Gilbert was the real deal. Even through Gilbert's talking Matthew was able to see that Gilbert was a caring person. Even though it was blatantly obvious that Gilbert had a slight ego, and he enjoyed drinking maybe a little bit more than just a pass time. But when he started talking about his younger brother he got this glint in his eye that could have been easily missed. An undertone of pride could be heard in his voice, making a unfamiliar feeling start to bubble in the pit of Matthew's stomach.

As they walked down the street he couldn't help but notice that when another person would walk by Gilbert would pull him closer and glare at them. At first Matthew was confused by this, but after being around Alfred and Arthur he was able to tell that Gilbert was getting possessive.

Gilbert couldn't help but inhale the sweet sent that seemed to encase his being. "This is what I've been waiting for, my lovely, lovely mate...mmm I can't wait until I make him fully mine". As they started to slow down near a house, Gilbert smelt it. The scent of another dominate, coming right from the house. A growl ripped out of Gilbert's throat. "They will not take what is mine!" grabbing Matthew around the waist and hoisting him up on his shoulder Gilbert turned down onto another street.

"What do you think you are doing!" yelled Matthew squirming to get out of Gilbert's hold. An almost animalistic voice growled out of Gilbert's mouth. "I won't let them take my mate!" There was something in the tone of Gilbert's voice that made him stop moving. The wolf in him told him that he should not fight his mate. And he won't ever admit it but it also kinda maybe turned him on. But we wont say anything.

And well, because it turned him on he released more pheromones which made Gilbert go mad.
Breaking out in a run, the streets around them started to blur. Matthew quickly losing track of where they were going. His sense of direction thrown off by his more animalistic desires. The next thing Matthew knew was he was pushed up against a wall. Where, he had no idea, but he really didn't care with Gilbert pressing against him like that.

Pushing his lips against Matthews, Gilbert started to run his hands along his little mates sides. Running his tongue against Matthew's lips, he was slowly granted entrance. Wrapping his tongue around Matthew's, he drew a moan out of the others mouth. Smirking, he pulled away and started to attack Matthew's neck. Running his tongue against the mark he made earlier, he started to bite up Matthew's neck going back to his lips and once again claiming them. Mapping out the inside of Matthew's mouth, claiming it, he was quickly become addicted to the taste of his mate.

All through out this, his hands where touching any patch of skin they could find. Working off Matthew's coat, Gilbert realized how lithe his little mate was. This made the wolf inside growl with happiness, his mate was awesome. Even though he know his mate should be treated like a shrine, all that mattered was satisfying his mate. The only way to calm the need was a rough mating.

One hand slipping around Matthew's head bringing their mouths even closer together, the other grabbed onto Matthew's leg slightly lifting up so he could get the hint. He did. Matthew's legs wrapped around Gilbert's waist bringing them even closer. But that wasn't enough. All they could think about was Closer Closer Closer. Feeling the wall disappearing from his back, Matthew slightly pulled away to see what was happening.

Gilbert was going to have none of that. Smashing his lips against Matthew, he demanded all the attention. Unknowingly to Matthew, Gilbert started to walk through the hallway. Seeming to pick a random door, Gilbert pushed through it with his back, turning around and walking into the room. Pushing up against this wall, Gilbert pulled away from Matthew's lips, a string of saliva breaking when he got far enough away. This produced a moan from Matthew, leaning forward in hopes to reunite their lips. Gilbert growled into his ear "Soon my little mate."

Working Matthew's shirt off his torso, Gilbert took a second to really look at his mate. Hair messed up, lips a beautiful red, face flushed and that mark declaring that he was his made Gilbert's already growing member to become fully hard. Wrapping his arms around Matthew he quickly brought him over to the bed, all the time Mathew moaning in his ear "Please Please Please Gilbert!" not knowing what he was really begging for, Matthew only hoped that Gilbert would understand.

Gilbert's response was to bite down on Matthew's nipple, causing him to cry out Gilbert's name. But then he felt Gilbert's hand make its way down to his growing bulge. The next day Matthew would wonder where his pants went, but right now that did not matter because all he could focus on was the pleasure, and the need. With one hand stroking Matthew and the other working his own pants and shirt off the wolf started to rise back up again. Never smelling anything as wonderful as his little mate, the need to claim was strong. The thought that only he will ever give Matthew this much pleasure, that he was going to be the only one to become one with him was driving him mad.

Flipping Matthew over, he started to bite his way down his mate's back, making sure that everyone would know who he belonged to. Bringing one hand down to Matthew's ring of muscles he started to circle his entrance. Matthew's mewls and moans where becoming louder and louder. Finally pushing one finger in Gilbert's mind went blank as he felt his submissive already ready. Matthew's pleasure filled scream ripped through the air

"Please! Oh God, Please Gilbert. I need you so bad, I need to feel you! Make me yours! Oh!"

Eyes dilating, Gilbert moved fast and by the time Matthew finished his last sentence Gilbert was at his entrance and pushed right to the hilt. Feeling the tightness and warmth surround his cock, a snarl came out of his mouth. Gilbert didn't waste time and started a mind blowing rhythm causing Matthew's arms to give out and face plant into the pillow. He didn't mind, all that mattered was the feel of Gilbert stretching him. Filling him up and repeatably hitting that one spot, making his mind go blank.

The heat started to get worse, and he was already so so close. Mouth open, the only sounds that came out of were moans. That's when he felt it, a tightening in his balls and lower stomach. Light flashed before eyes. Letting out a load moan, he came all over the sheets. Behind him, Gilbert moaned from the tightening of the passage but kept going. He needed to make sure Matthew knew who he belonged to.

Coming down from his high and drool making its way down the side of his mouth, Matthew felt like a bitch in heat but he had come to terms that essentially, he was. But, Gilbert just felt so right. His length and girth was just a little bit bigger than perfect, creating the most wonderful burn.

Letting out a loud mewl as he felt a hand slither down to his already half-hard cock, Matthew felt Gilbert's already brutally wonderful pace become more erratic. Quickly making Matthew's cock harden fully. Knowing he was close, Gilbert leaned down and slowed his thrusts. Causing Matthew to whine in want.

Licking the outer shell of Matthew's ear, Gilbert started to whisper to Matthew. "Ksese, look at you, begging for my cock. You love this dont you? My perfect little mate. You're mine. You have always been and always will be. I'm going to cum so hard in this sweet little ass of yours,I bet you would enjoy that wouldn't you?" receiving a load whine in response Gilbert continued. " You like it when I talk to you like this dont you? Keses, now say my name and that you belong to me!" At the end of that sentence he started pounding into Matthew, striking his prostate each time.

"OH god yes, yes, I'm yours Gilbert, all yours. Please Gilbert, I need it" screamed back Matthew, the pressure becoming to hard to take, Matthew came harder than last time. Snarling as he did so, Gilbert slammed in one last time and came. Matthew letting out a moan as he did so.

After they both came down from their orgasm they collapsed. Gilbert rolling over to his side and pulling Matthew into his chest. "Mine. Ich liebe dich, nur dich alleine." Was his last thought before they drifted off to sleep.

Matthew's eyes fluttered open, before they closed again. Snuggling into the warmth he prepared to go back to sleep "Alfred and Arthur wont even notice im not up yet. Ill just go back to sleep, mm." Eyes opening with a snap, Matthew looked at the naked male chest in front of him. Slowly tilting his head upwards he was caught off guard by the scarlet eyes gazing intently down at him. A smirk coming across the albino's face, he leaned down and nuzzled Matthew's neck kissing the most prominent mark he had made last night.

"Kesesese, So Birdie finally decided to wake up?" Jerking back slightly, a pain shot through his lower back,causing him to shiver in pain. Arms wrapping tighter around his waist, flash backs of last night swept across his mind. A deep flush bloomed across his face. Matthew realized that he was also naked and was pressed up against a very attractive male. They were so close Matthew couldn't really tell where one began and the other ended.

Then he felt it, the need start to crawl up his spine. It wasn't as bad as before but it was still there none the less. Gilbert started to kiss up his neck, going to his ear and nibbling on the outer rim. Matthew felt his member start to harden from that small about of attention. Not knowing what to really do, Matthew put his hands on Gilbert's abdomen.

Bringing his lips down to Matthew's, Gilbert slowly coaxed Matthew to open his lips. They started with slow sensual movements unlike last night. A slow build up of passion began. First just caressing each other, than mapping out each other, hands roaming over the others body. Fleeting touches turning into heated groping.

Pressing harder against Matthew's mouth,he started fighting for dominance in the kiss. Quickly over powering Matthew, Gilbert began to suck on Matthew's tongue. Rolling over so he was on top Gilbert started to play with Matthew's nipples. Unable to proses the anything past the sensations Matthew moaned into Gilbert's mouth.

Pulling away Gilbert drew up Matthew's hips and slowly pushed into his ever so willing hole. Receiving a wanton moan from the other he began a slow but powerful pace. Wrapping his arms and legs around Gilbert, Matthew started to press back against Gilbert pleading for more. Hand scratching Gilbert's back, and loud moans sounding throughout the room as Matthew begged Gilbert.

"Yes! Faster Gilbert, so close! Ah~" Silenced by the compliance of his mate and a sneaky hand that gripped his cock out of know where, Matthew opened his mouth in a silent scream. Spraying his cum all over Gilbert and himself. In return Gilbert let out a moan from the delicious tightening of his mates channel.

The oh so hot and tight grip around his cock was to much, Gilbert came filling up his mate with excess spilling out down onto the sheets. While he was ridding out his orgasm he heard Matthew sigh. Coming down from his high, Gilbert fell on top of Matthew. Gathering the other in his arms he settled down into the bed. Smirking down at Matthew Gilbert started to talk. " You sound like such a slut when I cum inside of you kseseseee! You are so awesome."

Face alight with red, Matthew fought to respond to him, only coming out with an intelligent "Gilbert!"

Being pulled against said man's chest, Matthew started to calm down. The rhythmic beating of his mate's heart lulling him to sleep. Right before he jumped on the dream polar bear Matthew thought "This just might work out."

The End

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